5 gifts for your daughter during her first period

Menstruation comes as a sudden and stark change in every woman’s life, mostly during her early teens, when she is at a tender age and afraid to ask too much. Periods can be a confusing and unexpected battle to cruise across, especially when your little doll feels shy in seeking your guidance or is left unaware about what to expect during this time.

Be your daughter’s friend and guide!

It is very important that you must hold her hand and make her feel comfortable during this uneasy time, so that she does not feel intimidated about the whole process. Making her understand that this is nothing but a natural phase of her life, will help her understand and feel more open about her queasy doubts. You can do this by giving her some gifts on her first period, which will relax her and help in the transition to a new phase of her life. Here are some excellent gifting ideas for this purpose. Find them all at www.thesirona.com


  1. Pain relief options: Many women tend to use aspirins or other form of medication to combat period pain. However, we all know that it is not the best cure to the pain. Why not gift items like pain relief patches, such as Sirona period pain patches! These ergonomic patches give you the best pain relief in no time. They just need to be stuck on a dry patch of skin.

Gift your daughter a variety of teabags. Hot Green Tea without milk can be calming. And yes, don’t miss the hot water bag. Her tummy would need that heat to beat the beast.

  1. Intimate wipes: As a woman, it is easy to understand that periods are a messy affair. When you are about and moving, wipes can serve a great purpose of cleaning up in urgent situations. Besides, intimate wipes are a clean and easy way to feel fresh even during these painful times. As a first timer, your daughter will find immense use of these wipes.

  1. Disposal bags: Again, a very handy and useful item, compact disposal bags are a need during the period time. They serve a huge purpose, especially during the time when your daughter is going to school or activities. She can easily discard her used pads, tampons or panty liners in a discrete manner, without making her feel embarrassed or queasy.

  1. Underarm sweat pads: First period can bring a host of changes and developments in a girl’s body, which she might be unaware of. In most cases, menstruation brings a change in the rate of perspiration of the body as well. Your daughter might come to despise this time of the month because of sweaty armpits that leave stains. Why not get her some under arm sweat pads! This will give her more confidence to dress up the way she likes and move around happily.

  1. Pads and tampons: As a mother, it is your job to introduce the variety of pads and tampons available in the market, to your daughter. With experience and time, she will probably come to learn what suits her best on her own but at least during her first period, you should make her feel more comfortable by giving her ample options.

First periods are always uncomfortable and confusing. They make us feel and wish that we never had to go through that phase. However, if you stand by your daughter’s side and help her with her first period, she will find it easier to welcome this natural change in her life.

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