Be a Glow-Getter: 5 things to do to get the best skin for your wedding day!
It would be an understatement to say that every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. She would want to stand out in the crowd with luminous skin, and perfect makeup.
Here are some ways to have that flawless skin on the day of your wedding.
1. Regular exercise and sleep routine: Work on your exercise routine and quality of sleep. Exercise gets fluids in the body moving, produces endorphins, the happy hormones and improves your blood flow, taking the pre-wedding stress away. Other than this, sleep has a major role to play on your overall
health and skin. Try sticking strictly to a healthy sleep routine- for most people seven to eight hours of sleep works. It can heal the body and make your skin look plump and young.
2. Take your vitamins: The intake of Vitamins is essential to look and feel healthy during your wedding planning days. Vitamin C helps boost your immunity and keep your energy levels high. Due to its antioxidant properties, it also helps make your skin look younger and glowing. Incorporate lots of citrus
fruits, bell peppers, guava etc. in your diet.
3. Drink Water: It is the simplest and repeated measure to attain a beautiful skin, but it is also the most effective one: Drink more water! To keep your skin hydrated, one must have at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day. It is essential that in the days leading up to your wedding, you ensure that the intake
of water is high and regular. Water will provide elasticity to the skin and give it a smooth and youthful look you desire.
4. Pamper yourself, de-stress: Indulge yourself in complete bridal treatment and make yourself feel great. Use products that are natural and therapeutic but do not experiment with new beauty routines or products. Around this time, even salon visits can give you stress. Don’t tire yourself out completely, as it
can affect your mental and physical health. Soothe your nerves with a short vacation. Book weekly body massages from the comfort of your home.
5. Don’t go hungry: Take care of your nutritional needs, particularly on your wedding day. In all the wedding rituals and festivities do not forget to stock up on healthy snacks which you could eat before and after the ceremony. A hungry bride will experience low energy levels, which would not make her feel and look great.
Amidst all the stress and the never-ending things that a wedding entails, you have to consider all the aforementioned points. This will help you take control of your health, making your D-day a truly happy and fun-filled experience.

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