Modern times illusion of equality: Fitting the mould of the 21st century woman. 

Aaaaaaaa! Where is my freedom?!

(by Anonypotamus)

At an age when I was whining about my assignments and homework, at a distance of a few centuries in the past, girls would be bearing children and tending to their families to fit the mould of the ideal woman of ancient times. (Sadly for many, that’s a reality, even today)
Remembering what I read and heard about the women’s lifestyle in historical times, I’d blush feeling sinfully privileged and try to focus better on my studies. They’d tell me to study to “grow up and come shoulder to shoulder with men” professionally. Today girls my age and I are working day and night to fit the mould of the successful woman of the 21st century
We have the freedom to socialize, to eat and wear what we want yet, not the time and the space to do so. Still it’s nice to know that we have the freedom.
Growing old in the 9-5 (6,7,8...) office rut, I realize, in a few years if I fall into marriage like most people, I’d have to do all the cooking and cleaning for my husband and child(ren)! Merlin’s Beard! Basically I, a modern woman, could end up with a lot more work and headache than the ancient woman? I see it happening with my “settled” friends. Oh no. While trying to fit the mould of a modern woman, did I just fool myself? Well, at least it’s nice to know that I have the freedom and voting rights too. Huh.

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