Adopt a silicone baby for complete period hygiene and happiness
For a lot of our biological concerns, we have discovered new possibilities and devised better solutions, as with time our consciousness keeps on evolving. Take the process of menstruation, sensibilities around which have been changing: Earlier it was all about containing menstrual flow, while now it is much
more. Against the backdrop of fast-paced life, periods are also about dealing with added physical and mental stress and discomfort, hygiene concerns and environmental degradation.
As the primacy of our intimate health and hygiene, and environmental sustainability is dawning upon us, we are turning towards healthier solutions. A lot of us, who have already parted with sanitary pads and adopted silicon babies, are experiencing the difference in terms of menstrual and ecological hygiene and wellness.

Contrary to the popular anxieties around silicon babies, adopting one can revolutionize periods for you. To ride the wave of this revolution, the first thing you should do is shed the fixed perspectives around vagina and the possibilities involving it. A vagina has the power of pushing out a whole fetus, wouldn’t it
have the capacity to hold a tiny silicone baby, then? Of course it has. Also, all the virginity fears around putting silicon babies inside you are totally baseless.
With ultra soft touch and flexible feel, silicon baby is the best thing that can happen to you in the context of your periods. It fits perfectly against the walls of your vagina, collecting blood, instead of absorbing it. A silicon baby can liberate you form almost all the period issues which sanitary pads otherwise give. It will ensure that you don’t get rashes, leakage, skin infections and discomfort. A silicon baby, unlike other menstrual products, is not bleached and thus helps maintain natural vaginal pH and flora.
Not only this, a silicon baby is reusable and will stay by your side for nearly a decade (though it’s recommended to replace one every 3-5 years depending on the water quality of your area). Being a loving mother to it, and for your own menstrual hygiene, you have to ensure that it remains clean and
happy always. Within your period cycle, you must bathe it with soap and water, and sterilize it between two cycles. For the ease of maintaining optimum hygiene, Sirona offers Menstrual Cup Wash and Sterilizer.
When you care for your silicon baby properly, it gives you complete period hygiene and happiness for years together. Moreover, it goes a long way in saving the environment by significantly minimizing waste creation. See if you can adopt a silicon baby. If you can’t find it by that name, it’s also called a
menstrual cup.
Sirona is spreading awareness and allaying such fears among vulnerable women and school girls through its CSR programs like AAN (for trafficked sex workers, jail inmates, homeless women), ADYA (for adolescent girls) and School Health Program. In the past, Sirona has donated around 5000+ menstrual
cups among women from marginalized sections of the society. This year, amidst the pandemic, it has launched a fundraiser campaign to reach thousands of women who have no access to hygienic sanitary supplies.

Sirona continues to work with thousands of women from marginalised background to teach the important of menstrual hygiene. Their programs have taken place in remote villages of Rajasthan to West Bengal and all the way to Nepal.

In consumer world, over 2,00,000 women have opted for Sirona cups thereby taking tonnes of non degradable waste off landfills and at the same time leading a mess / rash free life

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