Thinking of getting a Bikini Wax? Here are 5 things to know
The hair on vulva is different from the hair elsewhere on the body. Being thicker and on sensitive intimate skin, they require a different type of wax and extra care when it comes to waxing. Although bikini waxing is not a new concept, it has recently witnessed an increase in both demand and better service in the Indian market. Whether it’s for the beach season, a special date night or even for an appointment with the gynaecologist, more women are open to the idea of a Brazilian wax. Before heading to your favourite salon to get bikini hair waxed, here are a few things to keep in mind.
  1. Always ask your salon which wax they plan to use for your session. Since the process involves applying wax close to the intimate area, it’s best to choose a professional salon with the highest level of hygiene and trained staff.

  2. The spatula used for a bikini wax is smaller in size than a regular spatula. Ensure that the professional is using a clean sterile spatula for you. Many salons prefer to use disposable wooden spatulas. Ask if your salon has these. Needless to mention that the wax strip should be single-use disposable kind as well.

  3. Always clean the intimate area, both before and after the session with an intimate wash. Avoid using soap as the pH of soap does not match that of the vulva.

  4. Many salons today carry a personalized bikini wax kit that carries all the essentials you will need for the process. Ask your salon if they have the option of this customized kit available to enhance your experience with the additional advantage of extra hygiene.

  5. Even though you might be used to the regular waxing pain, bikini wax might hurt a bit more. Nevertheless, the results are worth the discomfort and the body gets accustomed to it after a few sessions.

Once you have the beach body ready, don’t forget to pair it with Sirona’s anti-chafing cream to add to your comfort. Feel free to share your bikini wax experience and stories with us.

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