Bodyguard Liquid Hand Sanitizer - 5 Ltrs

Alcohol Based Liquid Hand Sanitizer with Lavender Fragrance - 5 Ltr (5000 ml)

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BodyGuard hand sanitizer is an instant solution to achieving clean hands. It is alcohol- based, kills 99.9% germs & thus lowers the risk of contracting diseases.

Did you know?

Nearly 80% of sickness-causing germs spread via hands. While the sanitizer eliminates 99.9% of germs*, it is important to practice restraint in touching your surroundings & your face.
Alcohol content ranging from 60% to 95% makes sanitizers most effective on germs. BodyGuard sanitizercontains 71.0% alcohol.
Use an ample amount of sanitizer for it to work properly. Don't rinse or wipe it, but let it dry after application for best results.
Sanitizer, though easier to use than soap, doesn't replace the latter. Sanitizer should be used when soap & water are not available (travel, outdoors), or when you need to keep cleaning your hands very frequently (in the case of healthcare professionals).

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