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Flowtime Duo Pack

Flowtime Duo Pack

100% Medical Grade Silicone | No Leakage | Protection for Up to 8-10 Hours | FDA Approved | Microwave Friendly | Kills 99% of Germs | 5 Magical Herbs, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Jojoba Oil, Prevents Bad Odour, Itching & Irritation

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Flowtime Duo Pack

Flowtime Duo Pack ₹358₹598


In a world where women are constantly looking for safe options and sustainability, menstrual cups at Sirona have emerged as a revolutionary solution. They offer different sizes.

Understanding Variable Sizing

The size of a menstrual cup differs from person to person. Sirona understands this and therefore brings to you a great range of sizes. Let us break down the options for you:

1. Small Size Menstrual Cups

Sirona’s small-size menstrual cups are good for beginners or first-time users who’ve just entered the world of menstrual cups. If you’re a teenager who’s having her first menstruation, these small-size menstrual cups will give you full-on comfort and safety. Also, these are perfect fit sizes for women under 25 years of age who haven’t given birth.

2. Medium Size Menstrual Cups

Medium-size menstrual cups cater to a broader user base. They are considered a good fit size for women who have given birth and are over 25 years of age. Women falling under this category find this size of a menstrual cup more comfortable and accommodating.

3. Large Size Menstrual Cups

In the last, for women who require a larger capacity, Sirona offers large-size menstrual cups to them. This size is most suitable for women with a heavy flow during their periods.

The Safety Aspect

Along with a great range of Sirona’s menstrual cup sizes, these cups are safe and quite a reliable choice for women.

Medical-Grade Silicone

Sirona’s menstrual cups are reusable, toxin-free, odourless and ideal for different flow days. They use 100% medical-grade silicone to make their menstrual cups.

Gentle cleansing

Hygiene maintenance is really important during menstruation. Sirona offers mini bottles of Menstrual Cup Wash and Intimate Wash ensuring that customers can clean their menstrual cups safely and conveniently. All their products are made with good ingredients for gentle use on the body.


Sirona’s menstrual cups are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.

Latex-Free and BPA-Free

Sirona’s menstrual cups are BPA-free and latex-free both. And because of this, it minimises any potential risks associated with menstrual products.

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good nyc product

30th May, 2023

very good experience 👍

29th May, 2023

tension free periods

28th Mar, 2023

better than pads... should try

17th Mar, 2023

i am very happy

Poonam Siwach
19th Nov, 2022


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