PeeBuddy Foldable Paper-Based Female Urination Device with Sirona Intimate Wipes 10 Wipes - 10 Funnels

Device for Women with Intimate Wipes - 10 Wipes| Recyclable, Portable, Leak-proof Stand and Pee Funnels for Women, Girls

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Problem: No convenient, zero-touch and hygienic solutions to use public toilets.

Solution: Stay safe from UTIs and toilet germs with this convenient and easy-to-carry reusable urination funnel. A must-have device when using public toilets!

Key Features

• Unique design

• Reusable & hygienic

• Easy to carry

• Zero spillage

Made in India, PeeBuddy is India's 1st foldable, portable, disposable female urination device for women using which women can stand and urinate in all unfriendly public and common toilets.It is an award winning revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets while commuting (flights, train, highways, or metro stations), travelling (treks, marathons, road trips, or events), or for those with medical conditions (Arthritis, Joint Pains or Low Immunity) and Pregnant women.

Using foldable PeeBuddy you can simply STAND AND PEE and avoid all UTI's or infections and yucky experiences at dirty common toilets. It comes with a simple 'open-place-pee-throw' instruction and is super convenient to carry as it fits easily in your pocket.
Now carry Foldable PeeBuddy while stepping out and say bye to infections, UTIs, wiping filthy toilet seats, squatting or hovering over them and especially holding it in, which might lead to serious health issues like kidney stones or bacteria build up.

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