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PeeBuddy 100ml Odour & Germs Eliminating Toilet Spray: It is an instant, on the go toilet seat deodoriser and disinfectant that freshens up the toilet and breaks the vicious cycle of germ transfer from others to you to others to you... It eliminates the stink and makes the toilet safe for use, thus rescuing you and others from stink, embarrassment and infection!

Finally a reason to stop holding your breath and your pee!

  • Deodorises | To eliminate stink & embarrassment
  • Fresh & happy toilet experience
  • Disinfects | For your & the next person’s safety
  • No wiping & squatting | No UTIs
  • Kills 99.99% Germs

PeeBuddy Female Urination Device: India’s 1st portable and disposable urination device for women who are always on the go and frequently encounter dirty toilets in flights, train, metro stations or on highways. Made with water-resistant coated paper, it is leak-proof and ensures zero spillage. Its design with the feature of Single Hand Grip makes it even more convenient to use.

  • No wiping or squats 
  • No holding it in 
  • No UTIs

Sirona Sanitary and Diaper Disposal Bags: Disposing your sanitary napkin and other intimate products like condoms, PeeBuddy, tampons etc. carelessly in polybags or newspaper has many implications on the environment. Sirona brings to you disposable sanitary bags, which are oxo-biodegradable as well as tamper-proof. These keep the garbage out of reach of stray animals and help maintain a protective barrier against the spread of disease-causing micro-organisms. This in turn saves the environment and thousands of lives, particularly those of rag-pickers from catching infection. Thus they are the best and most sustainable disposal option for all your intimate hygiene products.

PeeBuddy Waterproof Toilet Seat Cover: These toilet seat covers are a must-have for women and men who frequently come across unfriendly toilets while travelling. These present the best way to avoid direct contact with dirty toilet seat and UTI. Paper-based, they are easy to carry, and make travelling more viable than ever. Being 100% biodegradable and flushable, these covers make managing intimate hygiene easy as well as eco-friendly.  

Sirona pH Balanced Bamboo Intimate Wipes: These wipes are hypoallergenic and don’t disrupt skin’s natural pH balance in the intimate area. They are bamboo-based, biodegradable and offer a hassle-free intimate hygiene solution.

  • Ultra-soft: These wipes are made of bamboo fiber and thus, are gentle & ultra-soft on your skin
  • Natural: The wipes are infused with natural goodness of Aloe Vera extracts, Tea Tree Oil, Neem and Lavender Oil
  • Alcohol-free: Being free of alcohol, they cleanse the skin without drying it
  • pH balanced: The wipes maintain natural pH level of intimate area (3.5), which makes them perfect for use in the bikini area.
  • Hypoallergenic: These wipes are made of ingredients best suited for intimate area and so do not cause any allergies.

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