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Presenting a smart move to manage facial hair and eyebrow shaping from Sirona! The Eyebrow and face razors from Sirona provide a fine shave whilst preventing nicks and cuts. It's fine-edged stainless-steel blade eliminates even the shortest facial hairs with precision, and its rubberized anti-slip handle gives you excellent control over this grooming tool. 

What are Face & Eyebrow Razors?

Dreaming of perfectly shaped eyebrows and a photo finish face?  Here’s a salon-like solution to manage facial hair and eyebrow trimming. It is now possible with Sirona face razors and eyebrow trimming razors. Unlike waxing and threading, these face and eyebrow razors leave no cuts or nicks on the skin. No more pain, no more mess. 

The fine-edged stainless-steel blade eliminates even the smallest facial hairs with accuracy, and the rubberized anti-slip grip provides you excellent control over this grooming tool. Buy the best face razors for women only at Sirona! 

How to Use Face & Eyebrow Razors for Women

Before using face and eyebrow razors, it is important to have a clean and hydrated face. 

To remove the unwanted or excess hair, pull the skin taut and softly glide the razor downwards in short strokes.

Make sure to wash and dry the blade for future use.

To soothe freshly shaven skin, apply Sirona Post Wax & Shave Gel.

Sirona Face and Eyebrow razors are recommended for

Anyone looking to trim their eyebrows or remove unwanted facial hair! Any excess hair on the upper lip, forehead, peach fuzz, chin or sideburns can be removed with Sirona’s face and eyebrow razor. Get your hands on the best dermaplaning tool available online.


Give your eyebrows the finish it needs with Sirona face and eyebrow razors. Saves you the pain from a threading session as well as the time to make a salon visit! 

Upper Lip

No, upper lip hair is not so sexy when you have a dapper lip colour to flaunt! Get rid of it with a simple tool. Say goodbye to upper lip hair and say hello to smooth skin with these smart face razors for women from Sirona.


Bothered by that little fuzz of hair right below your chin? Blame it on the hormones, but you can use a face razor to manage this hair growth. 


Just like you use an eyebrow razor to trim and shape your brows, excess hair on the  forehead can be removed using Sirona’s face and eyebrow razors designed to remove the tiniest facial hairs. 

Peach Fuzz

Peach fuzz is shorter, softer, and lighter in colour than other hair on your body. While it may not usually be visible, you may choose to remove it if you want a smoother face and better makeup application. Use a face razor to remove that peach fuzz!

Benefits of Using Face and Eyebrow Shaper

From being a painless hair removal method to avoiding cuts on skin, using a face and eyebrow razor can leave you with well contoured eyebrows as well as smooth skin. With these face razors, precise shaving is a given! 

Rust-free stainless steel blade

Sirona’s face and eyebrow razor blades are high-tempered and have an exceptional edge retention with rust resistance. Hence, these blades are easy to maintain. 

Anti-grip handle

Designed ergonomically with an anti grip handle, these are the best face razors for women to experience a smooth shave without worrying about cuts or nicks! 

Fine-tooth protection guard net

With a fine tooth protection guard net, Sirona’s face and eyebrow razors prevent cuts from happening, thus making it a safe grooming tool. 

Protective cap for safe use

After use, you can safely store the razor by covering it with a protective cap that comes along with the razor. 

Best-Selling Face Razors and Eyebrow Shapers Price List

Choose this painless hair removal method by Sirona’s smart face and eyebrow razors. No nicks, no cuts and absolutely no mess! Remove the short hairs with precision, and fear no injury to skin. Get used to the smoothness after! 

Product Name


Blink and Glow Facial Razor - Pack of 3

INR 243

Blink and Glow Facial Razor - Pack of 1

INR 99

Facial Hair Removal Kit - 3 in 1

INR 452

Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

INR 445

Tweezers - Pack of 3

INR 249

Last Updated: 31st January 2023

Shop for Facial and Eyebrow Razors at Sirona

When you shop for grooming products, make sure you choose the right brand, especially one that sells the best quality skin care products. Sirona has a wide range of hair removal products like these facial and eyebrow razors that come in ergonomic as well as safe designs. Avail them at reasonable prices online. 

Buy Face and Eyebrow Razors and Other Hair Removal Products Online at Sirona

Just like you choose the best quality skin grooming products like these face and eyebrow razors, Sirona has other top notch products that serve the purpose. Take a look at Sirona hair removal cream, post wax and shave gel, electric eyebrow trimmer and bikini line razors

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1. Is it good to shave your face?

Shaving facial hair eliminates ingrown hairs while also exfoliating dead skin cells, resulting in radiant and smooth skin. It's a painless technique to achieve soft skin at home. Although, you need to be careful of shaving with acne, break outs or inflamed skin. 

2. Is shaving your face good for females?

Shaving is a personal choice. To get rid of unwanted facial hair, shaving with a good face razor like Sirona’s can help. 

3. Can I shave my upper lip with a Sirona face razor?

Yes, you can use Sirona’s face razor to remove excess upper lip hair. 

4. Is it safe to use a face razor?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use a face razor provided you do not have acne, break outs or inflamed skin. 

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