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Sirona: Feminine Hygiene Made Simple

The feminine hygiene industry has seen significant development and innovations in the last couple of years. In India, menstruation education combined with increased awareness of women’s health issues has positively changed mindset towards menstruation and other feminine talks. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for safe and hygienic products that answer the problems associated with feminine hygiene. Here at Sirona, we believe that every woman has the right to live life on her terms, free from obstacles and challenges. This led us to create an innovative range of products that will not just address your menstrual and personal hygiene issues but take them to the next level. This right to freedom is manifested in our vision, ‘to break the stigma around feminine hygiene. And we follow through by offering products that solve unaddressed problems related to growing up and menstruation while sharing information that empowers you to make the best decision regarding your health.

Buy Sirona’s Best Sellers Products Online

At Sirona, we are committed to consumer well-being, and our mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing top-quality healthcare products. We offer a range of products varying from period care, intimate care, toilet hygiene products online, personal care to family protection. These products are designed for consumers' comfort and health. Our best sellers include Sirona Naturals Cream Back and Bum Cream for women. It is a blend of highly nourishing ingredients that work on your bum skin to moisturise and hydrate it for a supple and softer feel. Another one on the queue is the Sirona Menstrual Cup With Pouch- Duo Pack, which is made of 100% medical grade silicone and collects 15ml+ of blood while maintaining the natural vaginal pH. It protects you against rashes, itches and odour. It also gives you 8 hours of leak-free protection while you're out enjoying sports, travel and other activities. Then we have our Skin Nourishing Depigmentation Duo. This combination of a face wash and serum has been specifically formulated to address the needs of sensitive skin that has lost its natural pigmentation.

Also, Sirona's range of specially formulated Stretch Marks Body Butter gives you the highest concentration of Vitamin A that can help rebuild collagen to fade the appearance of stretch marks for long-term relief from stretch marks. Another unique item is Sirona Antibacterial Period Stain Remover that contains a blend of bio-enzymes, naturally derived ingredients and essential oils designed to target and eliminate blood stains from fabrics. In addition, it is entirely free from bleach and thus does not cause fabric discolouration. Likewise, we have an array of options that you can consider as per your requirements and make choices from.

Why choose Sirona?

Sirona is a one-stop store for all your feminine hygiene, sanitary products, menstrual products and intimate products online. We are an online store that strives to provide affordable yet superior quality digital tampons and personal care products. Our objective is to reach every woman in India and help them lead healthier, more confident lives through better education on their body, menstruation, and affordability of alternatives. We have been serving our bestseller intimate hygiene products for women for years. With passing time, we aim to go beyond the boundaries of modesty and assist women in leading healthier lives! So contact Sirona today and avail of these fantastic benefits! We are sure that your search for the best personal hygiene products for females will come to an end after browsing our online store.


1. What are the best female hygiene products?

PeeBuddy Toilet Seat Cover & Spray Combo, Sirona Cup with Pouch - Duo Pack and Cleanse & Moisturise Intimate Duo are some of the best women hygiene products. You can get all these products at affordable prices at Sirona.

2. What are feminine hygiene products?

Feminine hygiene products include:

3. What is the safest feminine hygiene?

Sirona’s personal care products are the safest items for the safest feminine hygiene. Get our intimate wipes and menstrual cups to follow the basic hygiene regime.