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Electric Razors

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Whether it is to get ready for a pool party or to maintain personal hygiene, the need to remove unwanted hair in women is unsaid. Usually, the hair removal mostly happens to be a salon affair, but you can also do it in the comfort of your home. Amongst the multiple ways to remove unwanted hair, an electric razor is considered the most popular and convenient option nowadays. Unlike traditional razor shavers for women, a ladies' electric trimmer doesn’t require water, shaving cream or any other product making it an ideal choice for quick touch-ups or on-the-go use.  


So if you’re looking for travel-friendly mini electric razors for women in India, you can trust Sirona with your eyes shut. At Sirona, our portable and easy-to-use electric trimmers for women remove the shortest of hair, offer a painless experience, cause no bumps or irritation and give you a salon-like experience without any mess. So trim, shape and groom with Sirona’s built-in light mini electric razors for women!


Best Features Of Electric Razors For Women

Electric shaving razors are the ‘new normal’ for hair removal. These razors come with a range of convenient features such as trimming eyebrows,  removing the shortest of hair, and efficiently removing hair from your face and body. So let us take you through some of the best features of Sirona’s electric razors!


  • Sirona has the best ladies' electric razors that are travel-friendly and convenient to use.

  • These mini electric razors are battery-operated and last for years.

  • Sirona’s electric razors are ergonomically designed and offer a firm grip.

  • These mini electric razors ensure a 360-degree precision trim that removes the shortest of hair.

  • Sirona’s electric razor shavers for women are built-in lightly and spot the finest of hair.

  • The best part about Sirona’s electric razors is that they are gentle on all skin types and cause no bumps, redness or irritation.

Types of Electric Razors for Women

With a lot of electric razor shavers for women available in the market, it can get overwhelming for you to choose the right one for your face and body. But we won’t let you take this load on your head alone as we’ll help you with the best types of electric razors for women Sirona has got for you. Let‘s get started!

Eyebrow mini electric razor: 

Sirona’s travel-friendly eyebrow electric razor promises to give you a painless eyebrow grooming experience. This electric razor is battery-operated and helps you groom your eyebrows efficiently and painlessly. Not only this, it also removes the shortest of hair and leaves no bumps, redness or irritation.

6-in-1 electric razor:

Sirona’s 6-in-1 mini electric razor painlessly removes hair from eyebrows, upper lip, chin, peach fuzz, underarms and bikini area. It is battery-operated, has a 45-minute run time, and uses stainless steel blades for skin that shaves without cuts. So this 6-in-1 razor doesn’t cause any discomfort!

Electric facial razor:

Sirona’s facial electric razor is small in size and battery-operated which painlessly removes your facial hair smoothly. This built-in light face hair removal razor is convenient to use and does not cause any damage to the skin surrounding it. Just remember to not use it on your hands and legs as it is only meant for your facial hair.

Best-Selling Electric Razors Price List

Sirona has the best mini electric razors that painlessly remove your hair without causing any damage to your skin. Here’s our range of electric razors with prices that’ll help you make the best pick!

Electric Razor for Women

Price (Rs.)

6 In 1 Electric Razor for Women

₹ 1,999

Electric Eyebrow Trimmer for Women

₹ 599

Electric Facial Razor for Women

₹ 999

Last Updated: 17th June 2024

Buy The Best Electric Razors and Other Hair Removal Products Online at Sirona

If you want to experience salon-like hair removal experience at the best quality and prices, Sirona has got you covered.  Our hair removal products such as electric razors with high-quality blades ensure safe and easy hair removal. From period care, and intimate care to toilet hygiene and sexual wellness, Sirona is a one-stop destination for everything possible you need in the comfort of your home as a woman. We proudly call ourselves a safe space and unbiased space for women!


Don’t forget to download our feminine hygiene app where you can browse and purchase from our e-commerce platform, talk with fellow vulva owners and read articles on the Intimately Yours blog page. Do subscribe to Sirona’s YouTube channel as it is a place for everyone who wants to know all the information on various topics pertinent to the lives of people of all ages. 

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Q: Do electric razors work well for women?

Yes, Sirona’s electric razors work well for women. They’re easy to use, convenient, portable, safe to use, and remove hair gently and painlessly. Electric razors for women are especially good for on-the-go touch-ups!

Q: What is a good brand of women's electric razor?

A good brand for buying women’s electric razors is Sirona.

Q: Is it better to shave with a razor or electric?

It is better, easier and more convenient to shave with an electric razor. The best part about Sirona’s electric razor is it painlessly removes your hair!

Q: Can a woman shave her legs with an electric razor?

No, you cannot shave your legs with Sirona’s electric razor.

Q: Can I shave pubic hair with electric razor?

You can shave your intimate area with Sirona’s 6-in-1 electric razor.

Q: Can you use electric shaver everyday?

Yes, you can use an electric razor every day.

Q: How long do electric razors last?

If you use Sirona’s electric razors properly, they can last for years since they are battery-operated.