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Sanitary Pads

Buy Best Sanitary Pads & Napkins Online in India

Every woman can attest to the fact that periods are challenging to manage. Your health suffers when you have cramps, physical aches, and mood swings during your periods. It becomes dreadful to go about daily tasks and work in this disarray. But, these dreadful days can become a lot better if you use good quality products, especially sanitary napkin pads and this is what Sirona has to offer; you can buy the best sanitary pads here, including biodegradable and reusable ones. Not only sanitary napkin pads, Sirona offers a wide range of period care products that make your periods easy to handle and also allow you to dispose of sanitation pads hygienically.

Benefits Of Using Pads

Sanitary napkin pads are the oldest form of period care products, and they come in various sizes and styles depending on their absorption levels, from thin pads to XL pads, from wings to without wings; you name them, and they are there. Some sanitary napkins are odour-concealing, and some are biodegradable, allowing you to choose one for your convenience. Sirona offers a wide variety of menstrual pads for women that are not only biodegradable but are also skin friendly! So, what are you waiting for? Order the best sanitary pads online in India right away!

Simple to Use

Women for the past many years have preferred using good sanitary pads because they are simple to use, and discarding them is a lot easier. Moreover, ladies pads are a practical and straightforward answer for people who are new to the world of menstruation.

Simple to Find

Contrary to other incontinence supplies, sanitary pads are readily available in almost any pharmacy, retailer, and grocery store. In addition, the products are widely accessible and can be bought without a prescription.


Sanitary napkins are the most widely used products among metropolitan women and are easy to use. You don't need to put anything in them to wear overnight; you can keep these night pads in your handbag for use while you're on the run. Also, because sanitary napkins absorb more and can be changed anywhere (all you need is a good washroom), they are safer to use during periods. 


Menses pads come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, levels of absorption, and other features, so you have a lot of alternatives when deciding which is best for you.

What Is the Best Way to Deal With Period Rashes?

Period pain is bad and what makes it even worse is when periods cause rashes on the skin. There could be many reasons behind period rashes. One of the major reasons why period rash happens is because of bad-quality sanitary pads. This leads to chafing, dampness, itchy thighs, and redness. Along with using rash-free sanitary pads, other treatments that can help you deal with period rashes from pads are:

  • Wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes: Wearing cotton underwear allows your skin to breathe and prevents sweating. To ensure proper airflow, consider wearing loose-fitting clothes during periods.

  • Choose good-quality sanitary pads: A bad-quality sanitary pad can cause vaginal itching, chafing and dampness. So it is best to wear good-quality sanitary pads suitable for your flow and skin type. Try switching to organic rash-free sanitary pads to allow your skin to breathe better.

  • Use soothing creams: Creams made with natural ingredients help to soothe the period rashes. These creams reduce itching, pain and any sort of discomfort. But before you get your hands on any soothing cream, we advise you to consult your doctor first.

  • Use menstrual cups: You can also try opting for menstrual cups as they tend to hold more blood as compared to pads and tampons. Menstrual cups are extremely helpful in preventing period rashes.

  • Keep your vaginal area clean and dry: The normal pH level of your vagina should be between 3-5. If you have a normal pH level, it acts as a defence against bacterial growth around your vagina.

  • Change sanitary pads frequently: Make sure you change your sanitary pad at regular intervals to prevent period rash.

How to Choose the Right Sanitary Pad Napkins For You

Every menstruator is different, including how their body experiences menstruation. This is one of the explanations behind the wide variety of reusable feminine pad options available online that will also aid in managing period flow.

Your preference is particular to you because it is influenced by your skin type, body shape, and flow. The relative importance of these aspects influences a woman's decision to select sanitation pads. Which sanitary napkin will adequately cover a menstruation period depends on the individual; therefore, the decision is wholly subjective.

Important considerations while selecting the best sanitary napkins in India.

Understand Your Periods

Understanding your biology and periods before picking the proper pad that matches your menstrual cycle is essential to getting the desired results. Every menstruator’s period is unique in terms of flow, duration, or symptoms. So be aware of the period pad varieties you require.

Tip# Finding the optimum sanitary pad coverage will ensure leak-free periods.

Good Absorbency 

The sanitary pad's absorption ability enables you to choose between using a conventional pad and an additional absorbent pad. Without any backflow, the menstrual pad should absorb the blood. If you have heavy flow opt for XL or XL+ menstrual pads that will absorb the flow easily and keep you comfortable throughout the day. 

Tip# If your flow is heavy, choose longer pads, and vice versa. 

Length and Flow

Choose the appropriate sanitary napkin based on your style. Whether you need an extra-long pad with a wide hip guard or a conventional one depends on the shape and flow of your body.

Tip# For days with excessive bleeding, use long-slim menstrual pads instead of standard pads.

There are two types of pads

Reusable sanitary napkins and cotton period pads. What you want to use depends on your preferences and skin type. If you have a sensitivity issue, try rash-free pads as they are meant for sensitive skin.

Tip# To prevent rashes, it is suggested to choose cotton menstrual pads during the final days of your period.


Wear sanitary napkin pads for the everyday activities you engage in or those that coincide with the days of your period.

Use wing slim sanitary pads if your school requires exercise class and more absorbent pads if you participate in extracurricular activities.

Shop for Different Types of Period Pads at Sirona

Sirona offers a comprehensive range of sanitary pads in India, from reusable to biodegradable, from natural and eco-friendly to rash-free; you name it, and we have it. Moreover, these reusable feminine pads are thoughtfully made after considering many things and factors. So let's learn a bit more about them.

Biodegradable pads

Biodegradable pads are chlorine-free and pH-compatible; they have a high porous non-plastic top layer and are free of chemicals and allergens. These biodegradable sanitary pads are also fragrant-free, which means they are perfectly well for people with sensitive skin. What's best? Apart from keeping you healthy and safe, these biodegradable sanitary pads are great for the environment as they don't end up in a landfill. 

Reusable Pads

These Reusable pads are the ideal sanitary product because conventional sanitary pads could include plastics, synthetic perfumes, adhesives, and chemical gels—things you don't want close to one of your body's most delicate areas! However, because menstrual reusable pads don't contain irritants, you won't have to expose your body to the synthetic components of disposable period products. Reusable sanitary pads are also safe in the pocket as they last a lot longer than the conventional ones, and last but not least, they don't leak, so what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Maternity Pads

Maternity pads are also known as post-pregnancy pads that absorb heavier bleeding while keeping you comfortable and secure after delivery. These maternity pads tend to be thicker, longer, and more absorbent holding heavier bleeding than a typical menstrual pad. They are known for their comfort-giving quality if you’ve had stitches, postpartum perineal pain, and during general pain or discomfort.

Overnight Sanitary Pads

Who likes to wake up in the middle of the night and change the pad? Overnight pads solve this problem for you! Overnight pads are specially made with technology to give you leakage protection all night long. All you should make sure of while buying an overnight pad is to get the one based on your flow and fit. 

Rash-free sanitary pads

Happy periods are when you experience them rash-free. And this can only happen when you opt for rash free pads! These rash-free sanitary pads are usually free from plastic and more comfortable than regular sanitary pads. Rash-free pads lock wetness and keep you feeling dry.

Natural and Eco-Friendly

All the sanitary pads available at Sirona are natural & eco-friendly. At Sirona, we believe in giving back to the planet in every way we can, which means that all our good sanitary pads are natural and eco-friendly, and guess what? We also offer sanitary disposal bags that will help you consciously dispose of the sanitary disposal. With Sirona, you don’t have to worry about anything; all the products are made thoughtfully. 

Best-Selling Sanitary Pads Price List

Do you know the best part of buying Sirona Sanitary pads, besides being biodegradable and cottony soft? These menstrual pads are very light on the pocket! So you will get the best of the best pads for periods at very pocket-friendly prices. 

Last Updated: 20th May 2024

Shop for The Best Sanitary Pads & Napkins Online at Sirona

Reasons which confirm that Sirona offers the best sanitary pads online:

Protects the Body

Contrary to the former times, when women used to wear worn-out clothing that could cause skin rashes and irritation, period pads are quite gentle on people's skin. So you may work while wearing them comfortably, just like any other day.


These menstrual pads are made of biodegradable materials that are gentle on the environment because they are free of plastics and dangerous chemicals.

Leakage-Free and Stain-Free

Do you avoid wearing white and other light colours while you are menstruating? Now is the time to stop this "leaking anxiety." These days, sanitary pads can be immersed in liquids for longer, sparing you the anxiety and time spent thinking about the stains.

Wide Coverage and Simple Disposal

The top sanitary napkins in India offer extensive coverage to contain leaks. Additionally, they are simple to discard, which will save you some time when changing four to five pads in a day.

Buy Pads, Sanitary Napkins and Other Period Care Products Online at Sirona

Sirona’s goal is to improve the lives of vulva owners through their products like period pads, intimate care products etc. To this end, we provide solutions that address unresolved feminine hygiene problems and offer unbiased information that enables customers to make informed decisions. Sirona is making continuous progress to make the lives of vulva owners easier. From a blog to a youtube channel, from a period calculator to a female hygiene app, we have covered every medium and manner of communication. Additionally, the Sirona app enables you to purchase, chat, and share your concerns and views with other vulva owners.

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Q: How to use sanitary pads?

Using sanitary pads is very easy;

  • Utilising the adhesive strip on the back, put the pad inside your underpants. Some reusable pads are secured in place using snaps or the underwear elastic.

  • Replace your pad once every few hours or when it becomes drenched in blood.

  • Throw away used pads by putting them in the sirona disposable bags. Make sure you don’t flush them in the toilet

Q: How to dispose of sanitary pads?

Disposing of Sanitary pads is very easy; remove the pads after five to six hours, fold them, put them in the Sirona Sanitary Disposal Bag, and throw them in the dustbin. Sanitary pads can be disposed of quite simply by removing them after five to six hours, folding them, placing them in a Sirona Sanitary Disposal Bag, and throwing them in the trash.

Q: How long to wear sanitary pads?

The ideal time frame to wear sanitary pads is four to six hours; post that, you need to change the napkin as it may lead to infections.

Q: Is it safe to use sanitary pads during pregnancy?

Yes, you can wear sanitary pads during pregnancy; just make sure the pads are fragrance-free. But! Good news! All sanitary napkins by Sirona are fragrance-free. 

Q: Can pads cause infection?

Yes, sanitary pads can cause infection if you don’t change them frequently. Itching, oedema, and a typical vaginal discharge are signs of an infection brought on by infrequent sanitary pad changes.

Q: Which sanitary pad is the best for beginners?

All Sanitary pads available at Sirona are beginner-friendly; you can opt for any of them, and you’d have a comfortable period.

Q: Which sanitary pad is best for rash free experience?

Sirona's biodegradable black sanitary pad is the best rash-free sanitary pad. This period pad is anti-bacterial, breathable, and biodegradable. It is made with the best natural sustainable resources without any harmful toxin and chemicals like chlorine, paraben, or artificial colours. The sustainable natural resources in this rash-free sanitary pad are Corn, Sugarcane, Cassava, straw bale, etc. This menses pad is quite gentle on the skin and gives complete rash-free protection. Unlike other period pads, it is soft on the skin ensuring a breathable surface. Above all these things, it is an ultra-thin pad that is super-absorbent giving you complete protection and peace of mind too.