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Period Pain Relief Patches & Roll On

Period Pain Relief Patches & Roll On

Buy Period Pain Relief Patches and Roll Ons Online in India

Period pain is the icing atop the cake of PMS, heavy bleeding, mood swings, and hormonal fluctuations- all of which happen during periods! But, unlike the other symptoms, this is something that you can address. How? Simply use the Sirona period pain solutions- these include the period pain relief patch, period heating patch, and menstrual cramp relief roll-on oil. 

They are all discreet and easy-to-use methods to instantly eliminate period pain. No longer do you have to expose yourself to the side effects of pain pills or heat a hot water bag for an hour’s worth of relief. The convenience offered by the best pain relief patches in India and the period pain relief roll-on is second to none. Just order your period pain saviors online now, only from Sirona! 

What are Period Pain Relief Patches and how do they work?

Menstrual pain patches are an easy solution to manage period pain, even for menstruators when they are on the go. They can provide a cooling or heating effect onto the pain-afflicted zone to make cramps feel less miserable. 

The menstrual pain relief patch works with a cooling effect- owing to the presence of menthol which has a soothing effect on pain and eucalyptus oil which has proven medicinal properties to reduce period discomfort. The Sirona period pain patch comes in a herbal formulation made of 100% natural actives. They have no side effects, are non-invasive, chemical-free and are convenient to use. 

On the other hand, working on the principle of heat is the self-heating patch for period pain. The heat generation helps increase the blood flow to the area, thereby relaxing the muscles and relieving pain. These are heat patches suitable for back pain and period pain. 

What are Cramp Relief Roll Ons?

A cramp relief roll-on is a therapeutic oil-filled small roll-on device that can be used to manage period cramps. The cramp relief oil reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation without having to resort to painkillers with side effects or hot water bags which are inconvenient when out of the house.

The roll-on is great for period pain since it ensures a fuss-free application process that can be readministered once the effectiveness begins to wear out. Sirona’s period pain relief oil comes in a stain-free formulation filled with the goodness of essential oils. It’s made such that it gets absorbed almost immediately so that your pain-free periods don’t have to come at the cost of staining clothes with oil. This dermatologically tested period cramp roll-on has a pleasant and relaxing aroma too. 

How to use Period Pain Relief Patches?

Wondering how to use these menstrual cramp patches for instant relief from period pain? Well, there are two types of period patch for pain- a menstrual heat patch that gets self-heated and a menstrual cramp relief patch that provides a cooling effect. Let’s see below how to use each of these. 

Period pain relief cooling patch use 

Step 1: Select - Take out the Pain Relief Patch from the cover. Close the cover properly.

Step 2: Peel - From the cuts in the center, gently peel off the protective liner.  

Step 3: Stick - Place the Menstrual Pain Relief Patch over the affected area, for a pain-free period of up to 12 hours.

Step 4: Remove - Gently pull the patch to remove. For smooth removal, wet the patch before removing it.

Step 5: Dispose - Dispose of the used patch in the bin. 

Period heating patch use 

Step 1: Select - Take out a Pain Relief Patch from the cover.

Step 2: Stick - Stick it on the underwear. Do not stick it directly on the skin. The patch will start emitting heat automatically, once out of the pack.

Step 3: Remove - Gently pull the patch to remove. For smooth removal, wet the patch before removing it. Do not wear the patch for more than 8 hours.

Step 4: Dispose - Dispose of the used patch in the bin. 

How to use Cramp Relief Roll Ons?

Considering using a period pain roll-on for the added convenience and easier pain management process? Here’s how to do it. 

Step 1: Uncap - Remove the cap of the roll-on oil for period pain and cramp relief. 

Step 2: Apply - Using the roller ball tip, apply the medicated oil over the pain-afflicted area. Use the period pain relief essential oils twice a day for the best results. Strictly do not use more than 3 ml of the oil within a period of 12 hours. 

Step 3: Recap - After use, return the cap and secure it well. 

Different types of period pain relief patches

Pain relief patches for period pain come in two different variants based on the method of action- either heating or cooling. Based on the user’s preference of sensation, the experience may differ. A few people prefer the soothing warmth of slowly warming heating patches for cramps while others are partial towards the relaxing coolness provided by a herbal menstrual relief patch. 

Hot Period Pain Relief Patch

Some of us are familiar with the usage of heat patches for sports injuries or sprains. But have you heard of heat patches for period pain? They both work on the same concept to offer relief from pain. 

Sirona’s self-heating patch for period pain is an air-activated strip that can allow the user to feel the goodness of heat therapy to make those difficult cramps a lot easier. They are made using 100% natural actives and give instant relief that lasts for up to 8 hours at a stretch. Just stick this period heating patches on and go about your day, pain-free and stress-free. 

Cold Period Pain Relief Patch

Looking for a cooling period relief patch instead? Sirona has just the things for you! Made with 100% natural actives, this patch gives the soothing effect of menthol with the pain-relieving effect of eucalyptus oil. Needless to say, if aromatherapy is something you enjoy, don’t forget to give these period pain patches a try. If you want his effect minus having to stick something onto the painful area, then keep reading to learn more about period relief roll-on for cramp relief. 

Ease your Muscle pain with Period Pain Relief Patch and Roll-Ons 

We have all heard of the many advantages of using essential oils for cramping muscles and relieving periods (menstrual) cramps and stomach pain. The Sirona cramp-free menstrual cramp roll guarantees period relief with essential oils.

While these cramp relief essential oils are primarily used for period pain management, they can also be used to address minor muscle-related pain in other parts of the body. 


Slightly sprained your shoulder and experiencing discomfort? Apply a few small dots on the area that hurts and feel immediate relief. 


When you don’t sleep right or have carried something the wrong way, it’s common to feel muscle pain in your neck area. Now, you have a quick fix to feel better when this happens. 


Minor sprain and pain in your knee? Just apply a little of this magical oil for considerable relief from the ache. 


Experiencing back pain is common for most menstruators and this oil works like a charm to eliminate it. 

Lower Abdomen

The lower abdomen is generally where most menstruators experience period pains. Get stomach pain relief with these essential oils in a matter of minutes. 


Feel an ache in your thighs and legs due to periods? Use this roll-on oil for immediate pain relief. 

Menstrual Pain Relief Patches and Roll-Ons Benefits

What was your preferred way to manage period pains until now? Did you like popping painkillers every time the pain shoots up or filling up a hot water bag for the cramps? Sirona brings to you 3 solutions with multiple benefits, listed below. 

Period pain relief patch benefits 

Made of 100% natural actives 

No side effects 

Instant pain relief 

A single patch lasts for up to 8 hours 

Discreet & easy to use

Period heating patch benefits

Made of 100% natural actives 

Air-activated heat patches 

Instant pain relief 

A single patch lasts for up to 8 hours 

Discreet & easy to use

Menstrual cramp relief roll-on oil benefits 

All-natural formulation with essential oils 

Roll-on tip for smooth application 

Fragrant aromatherapeutic effect 

Palm-sized for on-the-go use

Best-Selling Pain Relief Patches and Roll-Ons Price List

Wondering what’s the cost of these menstrual cramp patches and the period pain relief roll-on price? It’s extremely affordable and can give you the chance to have pain-free periods every month! 

Here are the prices of these much-loved period essentials: 

Last Updated: 19th June 2024

Shop for the Best Pain Relief Patches and Roll Ons Online at Sirona

Sirona is the one-stop shop for all your period and sanitary needs. Until a few years ago, period flow management was the only issue that menstruators were believed to have. However, Sirona recognized that there’s so much more to be done to make the experience of periods more bearable. 

The pain relief patches- heating and cooling as well as the cramp relief roll-on are affordable and available on the Sirona website for the best prices. They are of high quality and are safe to use to combat period pain.

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Q: Can Sirona Feminine Cramp Relief Patches be used multiple times and in multiple areas at a time?

One patch is only meant for single use. It is advised not to use the patches in multiple areas at a time. 

Q: Are Period Pain Relief patches safe to use?

Yes, they are 100% safe to use as they are made of natural ingredients and have no side effects.

Q: How does a heat patch help with period pain?

Heat helps improve the blood flow to the area and reduces period pain. It also relaxes the muscles of the menstruating uterus.

Q: Do Period Pain Relief patches work on heavy cramps?

These patches are most effective for low to moderate cramps. In case of very heavy cramps, please visit an expert

Q: Which roll-on is best for period cramps?

Sirona cramp roll-on is the best for quick and effective period pain relief. 

Q: How do you use cramp roll-ons?

Cramp roll-ons just need to be uncapped, applied onto the area with pain (lower abdomen, back, and/or legs) and then the bottle needs to be recapped.

Q: How do you stop period pains fast?

Get instant pain relief by using period pain relief cooling patches, heat patches or the period cramp roll-on oil.