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Underarm Sweat Pads

Underarm Sweat Pads

Buy Underarm Sweat Pads Online in India

Hot and humid climates can be a bummer when it comes to wearing clothes that expose body sweat. Seeing sweat stains on your favourite outfits is painful to imagine! This is where underarm sweat pads come to the rescue. 

The trouble of sweaty underarms comes with the problems like foul odour, yellow stains, and bacterial build-up. Step out confidently with Sirona’s sweat pads that can be used by everyone looking for a way to manage sweaty armpits! These intimate care underarm liners are available online at the best prices in India. 

What are Underarm Sweat Pads?

Underarm sweat pads are garment liners that prevent embarrassing sweat stains and foul odour caused by the same, leaving you feeling more confident in the outfits you wear! Sirona’s sweat pads help in absorbing excess sweat and protecting your clothes. These self-adhesive pads can be worn by both men and women and are suited for all types of clothes.

How to Use Armpit Shields?

These ultra-thin armpit pads are useful for everyone, despite their gender. If you’re particular about staying fresh all through the day, these underarm pads are simply great! Let your underarms breathe free and spare your clothes. Using these sweat pads is simple as it requires minimal effort. 

Step 1: Peel off the release paper from the pad. 

Step 2: Stick and press the pad into the inner corners of the garment sleeve.

Step 3: Change it twice a day, or as needed. After use, dispose of it in the trash.

Benefits of Using Underarm Sweat Pads

Sirona’s underarm pads work as great garment liners, especially protecting you from uncomfortable damp fabric in the underarm areas. Whatever gender you identify as these sweat pads are great if you love the feeling of staying fresh throughout a busy day!

Optimum comfort & no rashes

These sweat pads offer comfort to your underarms and you need not worry about rashes at all! The product is suitable for all fabric types. 

Soft and rash free

These sweat pads are created with sensitive underarm skin in mind. Hence,  they are composed of an extremely soft material that leaves no rashes but maximum comfort! 


This ultra-thin, anti-stain sweat pads are made to be easily placed between your underarm and garment at discretion with no discomfort.

Odour concealing

With Sirona’s sweat pads, there’s no need to worry about smelling ‘bad’! The composition of pad material is made of non-woven and dust-free paper offering a super absorbent capacity! As a result, the pads efficiently lock sweat, masking the unpleasant odour. 

Suitable for both men & women

Who said underarm pads are made just for women?! You stand corrected- these are designed for men, women or any gender you identify as. From shirts to blouses, these soft pads classify as a wardrobe must-have! 


Sirona’s sweat pads can be easily disposed of after use. Since it is super absorbent and locks away odour, it is best to change pads after one use. 

Works on all Fabric

Worried that these underarm pads won’t stick to your clothes? Well, Sirona’s underarm sweat pads work effortlessly well on all sorts of fabrics and protect you from damp underarms! 

Shop for the Best Underarm Sweat Pads Online at Sirona

Underarm sweat may be an embarrassing problem for anyone sweating excessively in a public or professional setting. And yes, it feels even worse when all eyes are on you! Underarm sweat pads are a great way to tackle this problem and Sirona has great quality intimate care products like their underarm sweat pads. 

The sweat armpit pads are totally comfortable, super absorbent and stay in place! With these sweat pads, you'll be more comfortable and confident all day. When you’re looking for the best underarm sweat pads online, check out Sirona’s breathable armpit sweat shields. 

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Q: How can I hide my excessive armpit sweat?

You can use Sirona’s underarm sweat pads on your clothes to combat sweat stains and the foul odour caused by them. 

Q: How do you use armpit sweat pads?

Stick a sweat pad to the underarm area of your clothes to use it.

Q: Can we reuse Sirona sweat pads?

No, Sirona’s underarm sweat pads are disposable, hence you will need to remove the pad and dispose of it after a single use.

Q: How can I hide my excessive sweat using an underarm sweat pad?

You can use Sirona’s armpit sweat shields to manage excessive sweat that dampens your clothes. These sweat pads are comfortable to use and cause no rashes on the skin.