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One of the biggest concerns in a menstruator’s life is managing period flow. For a few days every month, there needs to be an effective way to absorb or collect menstrual flow without causing any discomfort or leakage. This is where Sirona’s amazing period care range with options to manage period flow comes in. 

Whether you prefer using a menstrual cup, sanitary pads, or tampons for heavy flow, regular flow or low flow days, it’s all a matter of your choice. No matter what your pick is for menstrual flow management, Sirona most likely has solutions for you! Buy them right here on the Sirona website. 

Shop a Wide Range of Period Products to Prevent Leakage & Manage Period Flow Hassle Free

If you use a sanitary pad, you’re familiar with all its types- the long pads for heavy periods and the extra long pads for heavy periods, the reusable pads to reduce environmental harm, and the disposable as well as reusable period panties

There’s usually a solution for every pad problem faced and Sirona is stocked up with all these solutions! Sanitary pad leakage- use leakproof period panties. Pad rashes- use rash-free sanitary pads. Extra-heavy flow during periods, overnight or postpartum- use the maternity pads. Don’t want to use pads at all? Consider using a tampon or a menstrual cup, then. Many people make the switch to the Sirona best menstrual cup for leakage issues and then, it becomes their preferred period flow product of choice! We can confidently claim this since Sirona has sold over 10 lakh menstrual cups and counting. The odds of leakage of a menstrual cup are close to zero when it is of the correct size and is inserted in the correct way. In the West, tampons are usually what is preferred. Sirona has the best tampons to prevent leaking available in all sizes to manage all levels of flow. There are applicator and non-applicator tampons to choose from, so get your leak protection tampon from Sirona today!

No matter what period flow management tool you need, Sirona has the best quality options for all menstruators. 

Menstrual Cup

Sirona has been at the center of the menstrual cup revolution and it remains one of our most popular and best-selling products. Sirona has 3 sizes of cups and undoubtedly, it is the best menstrual period cup for heavy flow. It is made of medical-grade silicone and is easy to maintain. It is also environmentally friendly and cost-effective as a single menstrual cup can easily last for up to 10 years when maintained well. 

Sanitary Pads

Unsure of which ones are the best pads for heavy flow? The best sanitary pads for heavy period flow are available on Sirona. The maternity pads are in an XXXL size of 420 mm and have an increased absorbency without compromising on comfort. These are undoubtedly the best pads for extra heavy flow during postpartum or for excessive bleeding. There are also other rash-free heavy sanitary pads in XL+ and XL sizes for period protection without having to worry about rashes in the intimate area. Reusable sanitary pads are another option to explore if use-and-throw pads make you feel environmentally irresponsible. 


Sirona has the best tampons for heavy period flow. Many people have a concern of tampons leaking for extra heavy flow but when placed right, Sirona tampons allow you to have a period without restrictions! Choose from applicator tampons (ideal for beginners) and non-applicator tampons with different absorbing capacities to see what suits you and your period. 

Period Panty

The period panty has truly revolutionized the sustainable period- it’s as simple as using, washing, and reusing. It is a great tool to manage period flow by itself owing to its superior absorbing capacity of 60 ml- or can be used in tandem with the cup, tampons, or pads in order to prevent leakages.

Best-Selling Menstrual Flow and Period Leakage Products Price List

Select from the bestselling menstrual flow products here at Sirona in the best quality, available at competitive rates. 



Reusable Menstrual Cup

INR 399

Reusable Menstrual Disc 

INR 699

Applicator Tampons - Normal Flow - 16 tampons

INR 630

Applicator Tampons - Mix Pack (4 regular + 4 heavy)

INR 350

100% Organic Cotton Tampons - 18 tampons

INR 399

Non-applicator Tampons - Heavy Flow - 20 tampons 

INR 315

Non-applicator Tampons - Regular Flow - 20 tampons 

INR 295

Rash-free Sanitary Pads - Pack of 30

INR 419

Sirona Reusable Sanitary Pads - Pack of 4 

INR 499

Sirona Natural Ultra Soft Maternity Pads - 8 pads

INR 289

Shop for Best Period Flow Products at Sirona

You don’t have to compromise on quality when it comes to managing period flow. Only get the best period products for flow management from Sirona. 

Choose from your preferred options of pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and discs to fit you and your lifestyle. 

Shop Menstrual Flow Products and other Wide Range of Period Products Online at Sirona

Like the innovative and all-encompassing period flow management range, Sirona also has an extensive range of other products to solve problems for vulva owners available online. We have created an ecosystem of useful products across segments to make people feel comfortable and empowered. 

Sirona’s range of innovative products includes period cups, sanitary disposal bags, and many other solutions for menstruators, we also have services to make menstruators feel more confident in their choices. The intimate care range helps our users feel more confident and clean- in the personal pockets of their daily lives. The toilet care range lends comfort to washroom woes while the personal care products help address common health concerns. Sirona also has an excellent hair removal range to manage unwanted hair. 

The feminine hygiene app is a space where users can shop from our e-commerce platform, interact with the Sisterhood community, and read informative blogs on the Intimately Yours blog page. Sirona’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information on various topics pertinent to the lives of people of all ages. 


1. What Products can I use to manage menstruation flow?

Based on your preference, you can choose to use reusable period products like the menstrual cup, menstrual disc, period panty or reusable pads. If not, you could opt to use disposable products for single use like sanitary pads and tampons. 

2. Are tampons good for heavy flow?

Yes, tampons come in various sizes and there are heavy flow and super plus heavy flow variants available at Sirona. They help with leakproof protection without any restrictions during period days. 

3. Which pad is best for heavy flow periods?

For extremely heavy flow during postpartum or for overnight period management, a maternity pad could be used. However, Sirona also has a rash-free pad in the XL+ size which can be used for heavy periods. 

4. Is a menstrual cup good for heavy flow?

Yes. Choose the size of the cup to match the heavy flow and enjoy leakproof extended-period protection.

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