Sirona Disposable Sanitary Bags – “Say NO to Polybags”

Disposing of sanitary napkins and diapers carelessly in polybags or newspapers may lead to health hazards, environmental issues, lack of discretion and various safety issues. Let Sirona save your money on using plastic bags for disposal by buying a pack of its unique sanitary pad disposal bags without compromising your health, environment, discretion, and overall safety. Its airtight seal does not produce any nasty odours that might escape from a polybag; hence, our product can be safely used to store your used intimate products. It helps you dispose of your feminine hygiene products safely while keeping the environment clean and free of plastic waste. Moreover, our pack of such disposal sanitary are available at affordable prices. So, use Sirona Sanitary Disposal Bags while you travel to protect the environment and your health.

Buy Sirona Sanitary  And Diapers Disposal Bags

Dignified disposal of sanitary waste is a very significant issue that helps you keep your city clean and ensures hygiene and safety. Sirona “Sanitary Disposal Bags online” are your answer for the safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary napkins and other intimate hygiene products. Its innovative design gives you double protection from infections and foul odours. Unlike any other plastic bin filler bag, Sirona's sanitary disposal bags cleverly conceal odours and leaks to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. Made with oxo-biodegradable layers, “Sirona Disposal Bag” is the best and most sustainable disposal option for all your hygiene products. So, grab your hands on the product and buy sanitary disposable bags online at Sirona.

Buy Sirona Condoms And Tampons Disposable Bags

New, stylish, sustainable and eco-friendly bags have never been so convenient! So, get rid of all those plastic trash bags. No more hunting for a newspaper or black plastic bag to store your used tampons, condoms, or pads as your search for the best sanitary disposal pads online comes to an end at Sirona. Instead, they will now be placed in eco-friendly sanitary bags for pads that make it easy to responsibly dispose of the used products. Sirona's eco-friendly “Tampons & Condom disposal bags” offer an easy, convenient way to bag your stuff. It is an ideal solution for the woman on the go who needs a practical way to dispose of her sanitary products safely, without risking damage to them or disposing of them in the wrong places. 

Why Choose Sirona?

Sirona has got the best environment-friendly sanitary napkin disposal bags online. You can also browse our categories to find the feminine hygiene products that best suit your lifestyle and provide you with the best personal care. We offer a range of personal care products like menstrual cups, tampons, intimate wipes, and many others. In addition, we focus on providing the best intimate products online to maintain healthy feminine hygiene in the environment.


1. How do I dispose of sanitary pads at home?

After using a sanitary pad or a tampon, wrap it in newspaper and throw it in the trash. Never flush a pad down the toilet because it can clog the drain and cause a flood.

2. What is a sanitary bag used for?

These bags are suitable for throwing feminine hygiene products, such as pads, panty liners and tampons.

3. How do you use disposal bags?

To dispose of used feminine products, pull off the adhesive flap, place the product inside and seal the disposal bag.