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Toilet Seat Cover

Toilet Seat Cover

Buy Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Online in India

We’ve all been in that situation when we encounter a dirty washroom and all those toilet hygiene red flags come cropping up! Brush your dirty washroom woes aside and use the best toilet hygiene product- a toilet seat protector. 

These handy disposable travel toilet seat covers fit into a small travel bag or even the back pocket. The public toilet seat covers ensure that you have zero contact with the toilet seat in a dirty washroom! 

Don’t leave the house without a pack of these soft toilet seat covers. After use, just flush down the disposable toilet seat covers so that you don’t have to touch it at all to place it into a bin. Get your travel essential disposable toilet seat cover, right here on Sirona!

What are disposable toilet seat covers?

These toilet covers are disposable thin sheets of paper which help achieve stress-free toilet hygiene when using public dirty washrooms. Peebuddy’s disposable toilet seat cover Is quick to remove from its travel-friendly pack and placed onto the toilet seat so that women can sit down and relieve themselves, even in dirty washrooms. Best of all, these sheets are biodegradable and break down without leaving behind any toxic residues. 

The concept of disposable toilet seat covers in India is relatively new, but widely accepted due to its dire necessity in public toilets! Buy disposable toilet seat covers right here on Sirona and experience the difference of toilet seat liners by using the Peebuddy disposable toilet seat paper! 

The toilet seat protector covers can be used by people of all ages, from children above 4 years of age to adults. Using disposable toilet seat covers are especially helpful for frequent travellers, pregnant women, people prone to UTIs and generally people who like maintaining high levels of toilet hygiene. 

How to Use Disposable Toilet Seat Covers?

Using these effective toilet seat covers paper is super simple. The toilet seat paper allows you to take a seat in dirty washrooms with cleanliness and confidence! Here’s how to use the toilet cover paper in a few simple steps! 

Pull a disposable toilet seat cover: Take out a toilet seat cover from the pack and place it on the toilet seat. 

Place: Tear the centre flap (from the sides and the top only) such that it hangs on the inside in the front. 

Use the toilet seat protector cover: Use the toilet seat cover conveniently as you relieve yourself. 

Dispose: After use, throw it off in the big. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after disposal. 

Benefits of Using Toilet Seat Liners

Thinking of investing in a paper toilet seat cover, but not sure what good it will be? 

Rest assured, the Peebuddy toilet seat cover is a truly simple and easy way to clean a toilet seat without tissue, while ensuring a hygienic way of relieving yourself. 

No Direct Contact with Unhygienic Seats

The best part about using a Peebuddy toilet seat cover is that there is zero direct contact of any part of your body with the toilet seat. Dirty washrooms can have millions of disease-causing microorganisms and therefore, it is essential to minimise contact with these areas which receive contact from multiple people. 

Easy to Carry

Heading out? Then the disposable toilet seat covers are one of those things that you shouldn’t forget to add to your packing list. They are easy and compact to carry and improve your toilet hygiene and experience significantly. 

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Ideal For

Wondering if it makes sense for toilet seat paper liners to be purchased by you? The paper for toilet seats are a wise investment for most people- for all women to urinate or defecate, for men when they defecate and for children above the age of 4 in order to maintain good toilet hygiene. They are absolute must-haves if you fall into the following categories. 

Frequently Travellers

The biggest issue faced by travellers of all genders is how to maintain good toilet hygiene in public washrooms. Pack along an extra dose of confidence to use even dirty washrooms by simply carrying along disposable toilet seat covers. 

Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a lot of people face anxiety using public washrooms worried about the consequences of disease-causing organisms and the likelihood of developing a UTI. Also, a few people may find it tough to hover over a toilet seat like their pre-pregnancy selves so a toilet seat cover is sure to come in handy. 

People Prone to UTI

There is a small category of people who feel like they develop UTIs every time they use a public toilet that is dirty. While there is no direct link between a UTI and a dirty washroom, holding in your pee to prevent using a toilet can cause a UTI. So, it is wise to keep PeeBuddy disposable toilet seat covers handy so there will never be a need to hold it in. 

Hygiene Lovers

Is toilet hygiene and general hygiene big on your agenda? Choose from Peebuddy’s range of must-have essentials like disposable toilet seat covers, toilet spray and the female urination device to stand and pee for better toilet experiences for hygiene lovers! 

Best-Selling Toilet Seat Covers Price List

Thinking of keeping a pack of travel toilet seat covers in your travel carry bag? That is a great option- a toilet seat protector always comes in handy. Best of all, these soft public toilet seat covers are comfortable to use and come at a very reasonable price! Read on to find out how much they cost. 

Last Updated: 19th June 2024

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Looking for the best quality of disposable toilet seat covers in India available at the best prices? Look no further than the Sirona website for the entire Peebuddy toilet hygiene range! 

Get your armamentarium ready to be mentally and physically prepared for your next visit to a dirty washroom!

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Q: What are toilet seat liners for?

The purpose of using a disposable toilet seat liner is to make the user feel more confident of being protected from the disease causing germs, in all public, dirty washrooms.

Q: How do you use a disposable toilet seat cover?

They are very easy to use. Just tear the centre flap (from the sides and the top only) such that it hangs on the inside in the front and place the toilet seat cover. After use, just throw it into a dustbin.

Q: Are Sirona’s toilet seat covers disposable?

Yes. All the toilet seat covers are only meant for single use.

Q: What different types of toilet seat covers are available at Sirona?

There are two types of toilet seat covers available- one is entirely paper based while the other is waterproof. They are both disposable and meant for single-use only.

Q: What is the purpose of toilet seat covers?

The toilet seat cover helps one use the washroom with zero contact to the toilet seats without the need to squat and hover. They offer both comfort and convenience.