Buy Affordable and Sustainable Period Care Products Online from Sirona

Periods are part and parcel of being a woman, and along with them comes the risk of infection, rashes, and many other problems caused by improper period hygiene. But don’t you worry, Sirona has a clean and simple solution to all your period issues, be it rashes from pads, period odour, or high blood flow that doesn’t allow you to do what you love. Check out the Sirona Reusable MenstrualCup, which also comes with a cute menstrual cup pouch to hold your cup. Skip the hassle of wearing pads and the risk of infection due to constant dampness. Menstrual cups are a safe and sustainable alternative for period care that your body and the environment will thank you for. With a single cup lasting 10 years, you can finally get leakage-free and odour free periods with our medical-grade liquid silicone menstrual cup. You can clean the cup yourself by heating or just buy the Menstrual Cup Sterilizer period care kit that kills 99% germs in 3 minutes. If you need to use pads, go for these Biodegradable Black Sanitary Pads online that do no harm to the environment and give you a rash-free period! Sirona offers the most efficient and easy-to-use feminine hygiene products in India for your safety and care. 


Sirona’s Period Care Kit and Products Are The Best For You

Sirona is the one-stop shop for all your feminine hygiene products, whether intimate care, period hygiene, toilet hygiene, or personal care products. Have a look at the Sirona Intimate Wash and Rash Cream Combo that takes all-around care of your intimate area. The apple cider vinegar intimate wash gently cleanses and aids the growth of good bacteria while maintaining the natural acidity of the area. If you have problems with chafing and rashes due to pads, the rash cream made from all-natural products treats all types of skin rashes. Refreshing Intimate Wash by Sirona prevents bad odour, itching, and irritation common to the intimate area. It gently cleanses and maintains the pH of vaginal flora to make you feel fresh and odour-free. Choose from the many toilet hygiene products by Sirona, including the PeeBuddy Female Urination device, which allows you to pee standing up to avoid the pain of squatting in dirty public toilets or during pregnancy. If you frequently encounter unhygienic toilets while traveling, use a Toilet Seat Cover and Spray Combo to pee safely constantly. We also offer an exclusive range of Personal Care products to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Say goodbye to acne with our Exfoliating Face Wash made from 5 magical natural herbs. Get smooth and nourished skin with our fabulous collection of Personal care products suitable for all skin types and made from 100% natural ingredients.

Why Choose Sirona for Feminine Hygiene?

We at Sirona are committed to making feminine hygiene simple, efficient, and affordable for all women. Our products, created with innovation and care, aim to solve all the problems women face in their everyday life, from personal skincare problems to more intimate period care issues. From puberty to menopause, you will find efficient Sirona products that specifically target the problems comprehensive pertaining to your age and body type. Apart from making 100% natural products for your safety and the environment, we are trying to create a discussion around menstrual health and hygiene by providing the underprivileged with feminine hygiene products and education. So while we don’t shake off our responsibility, you can relax and shop from our wide range of products that contribute to ending period poverty!