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The best part of going on a road trip is usually everything- except the toilets! The origins of Peebuddy were also from one such road trip- where all the women refused to drink water to avoid the terrible toilets. Enter the best toilet care products in India!

The Peebuddy toilet hygiene products in India were then introduced, starting with the truly revolutionary Peebuddy Female Urination Device. This Peebuddy Female Urination Device allows women to stand and pee wherever they are. Use the stand and pee device to pee comfortably in all unfriendly toilets be it in restaurants, malls, airports, railway stations, or even when hiking. Address all your toilet hygiene concerns with this device- no longer do you have to squat and hover over the toilet seat. It is particularly helpful for older women, people suffering from arthritis, and pregnant women. Peebuddy helps you finally ‘take a stand’ against dirty toilets. 

Along with the stand and pee device, Peebuddy also has a range of toilet hygiene products like Toilet Seat Covers and Toilet Sanitiser Spray. No longer do you have to suffer in silence- reclaim your freedom with these three toilet care must-haves. 

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Looking for the best toilet care products? Look no further than the entire Sirona toilet hygiene care range. Head out on the experience without any fear of the dirty toilets you may encounter on the way. 

Peebuddy Female Urination Device

The Peebuddy female urination device is a unique innovation introduced to India for the first time allowing vulva owners to stand and pee. It has become one of the travel essentials in toilet hygiene products to offer unparalleled comfort and the freedom to go wherever one wants to! Opt from disposable or reusable variants based on your preference. 

Toilet Seat Cover

Need to sit down but terrified of the millions of disease-causing germs on the toilet seat? Peebuddy toilet seat covers are just what you need to offer a zero-contact experience with the toilet seat. Best of all, just flush this handy toilet care product once you’re done- so no touching is required. 

Toilet Sanitiser Spray

There are two things that could hamper a toilet experience- the smell and the germs. Tackle both of them with a single spray with the Peebuddy toilet sanitiser spray. It can be used at home in shared washrooms as well as function as a great toilet hygiene product when outside. It deodorizes and sanitizes all of the surfaces of the toilet that you may potentially touch. 

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Using a toilet, either shared or in public spaces, may give vulva owners toilet hygiene nightmares! The thought of millions of disease-causing germs, the terrible odor, and the terrifying thought of sitting on a dirty toilet- get rid of all of these with the toilet care must-haves from Sirona. 

Dirty Washrooms, UTIs, or Infections

Get absolute freedom from all toilet hygiene concerns like UTIs and infections due to dirty washrooms with the best toilet care products in India. Combat all toilet care fears with Sirona's innovative products.

Odor and Germs

Stinky washrooms have you scrunching up your nose? The fear of germs makes you not want to drink more water. The best toilet care products from Sirona, especially the toilet sanitizer spray, help in eliminating both germs and odor

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Get the best toilet care products for economical prices, right here on Sirona. Don’t compromise on convenience and quality- only avail the best toilet hygiene solutions from Sirona. 

Last Updated: 30th November 2023

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Like the innovative and all-encompassing toilet hygiene and care range, Sirona also has an extensive range of other products to solve problems for vulva owners available online. We have created an ecosystem of useful products across segments to make people feel comfortable and empowered. 

Sirona’s range of innovative products includes menstrual cups, sanitary disposal bags, and many other solutions for menstruators, we also have services to make menstruators feel more confident in their choices. The intimate care range helps our users feel more confident and clean- in the personal pockets of their daily lives. The toilet care range lends comfort to washroom woes while the personal care products help address common health concerns. Sirona also has an excellent hair removal range to manage unwanted hair. 

The Feminine Hygiene app is a space where users can shop from our e-commerce platform, interact with the Sisterhood community, and read informative blogs on the Intimately Yours blog page. Sirona’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information on various topics pertinent to the lives of people of all ages. 


1. How do I prevent toilet infection?

Maintaining good toilet hygiene helps prevent all infections. Clean all commonly touched areas with the toilet sanitizer spray to maintain surface hygiene, deodorize and even sanitize the seat before placing the Peebuddy toilet seat covers. For women who want to pee without having to sit on the toilet seat, using a Peebuddy female urination device is recommended. 

2. How to use a Public washroom without getting dirty?

Carry along a toilet spray, no matter where you go to deodorize as well as sanitize washrooms. Stand and pee for added comfort using a female urination device. However, if you have to sit, use a flushable toilet seat cover

3. How do I make my toilet smell fresh?

Using a toilet spray for its deodorizing effect is the most foolproof way to ensure that the toilet smells fresh. It can be used either before or after using the toilet- in both shared washrooms at home or public toilets outside.

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