Take Care of Toilet Hygiene With Practical Sirona Products

A toilet is a place that puts you at great risk of getting an infection, and these also tend to get notoriously dirty. While you cannot keep every toilet you visit clean, you can use some personal toilet hygiene products that keep you safe from diseases spread through unhygienic toilets. Sirona has come up with easy to use and practical products that you can use even when you are on the go. Take, for example, our Odour and Germs Eliminating Toilet Spray that is a handy product to carry while travelling. This hygiene spray toilet is an instant before-and-after toilet seat deodorizer and disinfectant that makes the toilet seat free of odour and germs for you and the next person.

The disposable toilet seat covers are a godsend for those who hate squatting on a dirty public toilet. You can relax and use unfriendly toilets without worrying about getting infections like UTI. Sirona offers many such toilet seat hygiene products that make toilets easier and safer to use. If you are tired of encountering dirty toilets while travelling or cannot squat on toilets due to medical difficulties, this revolutionary reusable Female Urination Device allows you to stand and pee in all public and common toilets! It is a very convenient option that is easy to use and clean, with no spills. So whether you’re travelling through unknown areas where there is limited availability of washrooms or you are simply a careful person, our hygienic toilet seat cover, toilet sanitizer spray and other hygiene products will be a life saver for you!

Sirona is Your One Stop Shop for Female Hygiene Products

Now that you have discovered our commitment to uphold toilet hygiene for women, we can tell you about some other useful feminine hygiene products that will make your life easier. We specialize in intimate products online that includes products for taking care of your intimate areas like a Refreshing Intimate Wash which prevents bad odour, itching and irritation. This intimate wash is efficient in treating the sensitive skin of intimate areas very gently with therapeutic natural ingredients and oils. When you are on the go and cannot wash yourself periodically, Sirona’s Intimate Wipes infused with Aloe Vera extracts do the trick and keep you fresh all day. These are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol, and help maintain the natural pH of the skin.

You can also find a wide range of Period and Personal Care Products on our website like menstrual cups, digital tampons, and intimate care products . Whether your problem is acne on the face and back, dry skin, face pigmentation, hair removal or underarm sweat, you can deal with these easily with our collection of personal care products. The Sirona Underarm Sweat Pads are ideal for use while travelling and save you from excess sweat stains and odour. Our Menstrual Hygiene products like Menstrual cups and Biodegradable pads are highly popular options for sustainable and stain-free periods. Say goodbye to gruesome period cramps with Herbal Period Pain Patches infused with natural pain relievers and muscle relaxants like menthol and Eucalyptus oil. Sirona formulates the best and most easy-to-use womxn hygiene products for your safety.

Why Shop For Toilet Hygiene Products From Sirona

Sirona is an Indian female hygiene brand that aims to shed light on some of the unspoken problems relating to hygiene and menstruation. Be it dealing with period pain, dirty toilets, rashes on the intimate area, myths about menstruation or period flow management, Sirona offers practical and convenient solutions that can be used by anyone on the spectrum of womanhood. We believe that nothing should make you compromise on your hygiene and create high quality products that eliminate these problems. We are also involved in spreading awareness, education and products relating to menstrual and female hygiene among the underprivileged. We try to minimize the environmental impact of our products by making them more sustainable. All these are what makes us different and a better option for the community.