Buy These Ultra-Thin Panty Liners And Stay Fresh All Day

A panty liner is essentially a thin version of pads that is meant to protect the underwear from vaginal discharge, and even accidental period spotting. Sometimes, excess vaginal discharge can lead to smelly underwear and an uncomfortable, damp feeling throughout the day. Stay fresh, dry and clean all day using these Panty Liner Pads by Sirona. If you experience slight urine incontinence, white discharge and vaginal perspiration, these are a lifesaver for you. They are thinner and lighter than pads and can be used when you are anticipating your periods or even during your last day if you have minimal spotting. Sirona offers the best panty liners that provide an extra layer of protection if you are a beginner using tampons or menstrual cups for the first time. The best part is, these panty liners are made from premium materials for your comfort. They are available in a small and large size as per your comfort. With super soft material and a breathable surface, this is the most comfortable and best panty liner online you can find. It is designed to stay in place with quick absorption to give you a feeling of dry comfort. 

Sirona Is Your Go-To Choice For Period Care Products

Sirona offers a wide range of quality products to help soothe you and manage your monthly cycle. Our collection of Period Care consists of innovative products and combos to provide you relief during your periods. Sirona’s Menstrual Cup online is a convenient way to collect period blood whether you have heavy, medium or light flow.  These sustainable cups last for upto 10 years and can be cleaned and reused by simply heating or placing it in the Menstrual Cup Sterilizer. You can also try our super absorbent and soft Non-Applicator Biodegradable Tampons that can easily be inserted into the vagina and ensure leak-free periods. These biodegradable tampons are FDA approved and allow for all your favourite activities like swimming, trekking, etc. The most popular and convenient option for managing periods are sanitary pads. But regular sanitary pads made of plastic cause horrible rashes and produce heaps of garbage every year. Go for the eco-friendly option and pick Sirona’s Biodegradable Sanitary Pads that are ultra-thin, soft and easy to use. You can relax and purchase these pads guilt-free and manage your periods in the most sustainable manner. Find absolute comfort from your period cramps with these Pain-Relief Patches made from 100% herbal ingredients like menthol extracts and eucalyptus oil that ease menstrual pain and relax the muscles.

Why Shop From Sirona?

As you may have observed, the team at Sirona likes to do things a bit differently when it comes to spreading awareness and busting taboos about menstrual hygiene. We believe wholeheartedly in making people more open and normal to feminine hygiene issues to make womxn’s lives easier.  Our products are made with innovation and thought to solve all your problems from puberty to menopause and everything in between. You can trust Sirona to make high quality products from sustainable sources and give you the smooth and hassle-free hygiene you deserve!


What is the purpose of panty liners?

Panty liners are meant to be attached to your underwear and soak up vaginal discharge, urinary incontinence and occasional period spotting. They prevent you from feeling uncomfortable dampness from discharge all day.

Is it normal to wear a panty liner everyday?

Overusing panty liners can also be bad, but you can use them whenever the need arises, like when you have excess white discharge or period spotting.

Are panty liners and pads the same?

Panty liners are a thin and light version of pads, and are meant to absorb everything from slight vaginal discharge to period spotting, in fewer amounts than pads.