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Panty Liners

Buy Panty Liners Online in India

As a vulva owner, do you use a panty liner? If not, what’s been holding you back? For some, it may be the panty liner price, for others the concept of an underwear liner is lost on them and for many others, the hunt for the best panty liners in India is ongoing.

Here’s where Sirona could help with the best panty liners you can buy online in India. 

There could be a little overlap on when a panty liner pad and sanitary pads can be used, but panty liners are made for regular use, regardless of whether someone is on their periods or bleeding in the postpartum stage.

What are Panty Liners?

A panty liner pad is essentially a thinner and smaller version of sanitary pads which is meant to protect the underwear from vaginal discharge, minor urinary incontinence and even accidental period spotting. 

The best part is, these panty pads are made from premium materials for your comfort. They are available in small and large sizes to fit your underwear, as per your comfort. With super soft material and a breathable surface, Sirona panty liners are the most comfortable and best panty liners you can find online. It is designed to stay in place with quick absorption to give you a feeling of dry comfort.

What Are Panty Liners Used For?

If you’re a woman, then panty pads are a great addition to the list of your personal hygiene products. So here are a few meaningful uses of panty liner pads that you should know about:

Absorbs Light Urine Leaks

Heavy workouts such as long running, skipping rope etc. can lead to stress due to added pressure on the bladder. This results in light urine leaks. So panty liner pads help in absorbing such light leakage.

Important For Intimate Hygiene

Depending upon the stage of menstrual cycle, you may experience vaginal discharge leading to discomfort and wetness. To prevent this, panty liner pads come to the rescue. They absorb wetness and leave your vaginal area fresh and clean.

Absorbs Light Menstrual Bleeding

When you’re not bleeding as heavily during the last couple of days, these panty pads do a great job of absorbing your light flow and preventing staining.

Travel Friendly

When washing all your undergarments frequently is not an option, keeping a couple of panty pads will keep your undergarments clean.

Helps In Postpartum Bleeding

Postpartum bleeding can last anywhere between four to eight weeks. So when your period flow is light, panty liner pads can do the job of absorbing light flow.

Advance Protection Before Periods

If you can sense your period approaching, you can use panty pads in advance to prevent any surprise stains on your clothes. This is especially important if your period flow is not regular.

Added Protection With Menstrual Cups And tampons

If you’ve recently started using menstrual cups or tampons, pairing either of them with a panty liner pad is a good idea. This will help prevent any accidental leakage until you get used to using menstrual cups and tampons.

Difference Between Panty Liners and Sanitary Pads

The main difference between a panty liner and a sanitary pad is its size. A regular panty liner is extremely thin giving the user a ‘barely there’ feel whereas a pad is much larger in order to serve its purpose. On average, the length of a panty liner ranges in length from 155 mm (small) to 180 mm (large) whereas sanitary pads have a length of 250 mm to 320 mm to even 420 mm in the largest varieties.

Another clear differentiator is the purpose for which they are used. Sanitary pads have a heavier absorptive capacity making it the sanitary product of choice for flow management during heavy bleeding conditions like periods and postpartum discharge. Panty liners can only absorb and retain a limited amount of fluid.

The final difference is that panty liners are most commonly used on a regular basis whereas pads are used for comparatively shorter durations.

How to Use Panty Liners

The use of a panty liner is quite similar to how sanitary pads are used. Their smaller size makes them easier to place and wear, throughout the day. Follow these easy steps to make the most of your Sirona panty liners.

Step 1

Wash hands: Ensure that your hands are clean before you begin. 

Step 2

Unwrap: Remove the panty liner from its cover. 

Step 3

Secure: Secure the panty liner to the centre of your underwear with the sticky side down.

Step 4

Dispose: Peel off the used panty liner from the underwear, place it in a Sirona sanitary disposal bag and throw it in the bin. Do not flush.

Shop for Best Panty Liners Online at Sirona

Looking to buy panty liners online in India? Sirona, undoubtedly, has the best panty liners available in terms of quality and features. The Sirona panty liners come in two sizes and offer 8-hour protection to the user. These panty liners are ultra-soft with a breathable and quilted surface design. Being very thin, they are ideal for daily use to avoid the constant wet feeling between your legs. 

In addition to this, the Sirona panty liners are extremely pocket-friendly. Their affordability makes them a choice of most Indian women for day-to-day use.

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Like the panty liners, Sirona has an extensive range of other period care products available online. We have created an ecosystem of useful products across segments to make people feel comfortable and empowered. In addition to Sirona’s range of innovative products including menstrual cups, panty liners, sanitary disposal bags and many other solutions for menstruators, we also have services to make menstruators feel more confident in their choices. 

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Q: Is using panty liners every day safe?

Yes. Sirona panty liners are ultra-soft, comfortable and designed for everyday use.

Q: How often should you change panty liners?

It is recommended to change the panty liner once every 6 to 8 hours. Do not use any period product for over 8 hours.

Q: Can you use panty liners during pregnancy?

Yes, panty liners can be worn during pregnancy. It could be helpful for those experiencing mild urinary incontinence, perspiration, vaginal discharge and even loss of mucus plug in early labour.

Q: Can wearing panty liners cause UTIs?

Sirona panty liners are safe to use and do not lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), if one follows a good intimate hygiene routine.