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Sexual Wellness Kit

Sexual Wellness Kit

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Discover a healthy way to pleasure things with Sirona’s comprehensive range of sexual wellness kits available in India. This range of sexual wellness products helps you to confidently maintain your sexual wellness routine! Sirona makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of pleasure products that are otherwise the ‘hush-hush’ topic among the conservative clan. 

From spicing things up with lubricants to toning your intimates with bum creams and serums, Sirona lets you enjoy all things sexy. Shopping for intimate needs never looked so easy! 

Things to Have in Your Sexual Wellness Kits and Combos

People with vaginas have been judged and misunderstood for raising concerns over their bodies and sexual needs, or for that matter, general sexual wellness. With products like menstrual cups to intimate toners, a sexual combo kit is every person’s right to their intimate well-being. So talk about sexual wellness and pleasure with no shame as this bold brand like Sirona attempts to change things for the better! 

Sexual Lubricant

Gentle, safe, and natural- words you’d love to hear about a lubricant that’ll awaken your pleasure points! These sexual lubricants can be used anywhere it needs to glide - for sexy time or inserting menstrual cups. Vaginal dryness and hormonal changes can cause friction during sexual activity and hence spoil those moments. These lube tubes in your sexual combo pack will help to lubricate intimate areas for a sensual experience and easier menstruation cup insertion. Lubricants prevent infections, regulate vaginal pH, and are safe for daily use. Keep it smooth, let it glide without friction! 



In India, the word 'Condom' is considered a taboo subject. As a result, many couples feel uncomfortable going to a medical store to buy one. Despite the difficulty in recognizing its importance in the realm of sexual wellness, we can still strive to make a difference and raise awareness. Nowadays, condoms are widely recognized as one of the top products in the sexual wellness market.

Why is a Sexual Wellness Kit important? 

Just like how it's important to wash our hands before we eat, intimate hygiene is an activity that shares essential concepts. Sexual hygiene is just as important! Maintaining good intimate hygiene reduces the risks of infections down there that can lead to more complications. Hence, building your own intimate kits proves to be a clean practice that your body will eventually thank you for. From choosing products to wash your privates to moisturising your intimate areas, Sirona has you covered. Make a wise choice by selecting a recognized brand like Sirona to start your body hygiene journey! 

Best Selling Sexual Wellness Kits Price List

Love yourself a little extra down there and practise good hygiene with Sirona’s range of intimate care kits. Take care of your sexual hygiene and choose the best products right here at Sirona. 

Sexual Wellness Kits Price


Pure Passion Duo

INR 890

Last Updated: 20th May 2024

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Sirona is a safe space to connect with open individuals who share a common love for feminine hygiene. It aims to provide a positive platform to address every vulva owner’s intimate needs. At Sirona, menstrual and intimate hygiene are given top priority in every manner. Sirona accomplishes this by providing products that address unmet feminine and hygiene issues as well as providing true information that enables buyers to make the best option. With expert-recommended information on Sirona’s YouTube channel and blog content on Intimately Yours, this menstrual hygiene app is a community for women to explore everything they need to know from puberty to menopause. Furthermore, it allows you to shop while also chatting and discussing your opinions and concerns with fellow body hygiene enthusiasts!

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Q: What is a Sexual wellness kit?

An intimacy kit is a collection of hygiene products that can be used for various purposes. ​​Sex, and lubrication can all alter the pH of your vagina, resulting in uncomfortable odors and chafing from skin-on-skin friction. Not any longer! With products like intimate washes, period pain patches, and lubricants, an intimacy kit is all you need to maintain sexual wellness!