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Condom Disposable bags

Condom Disposable bags

Buy Condom Disposable Bags Online in India

We all have witnessed a used condom lying somewhere in the playground or on the streets for once in our lives. It shows how people love enjoying their sexy time but don’t know how to dispose of it. If you too have faced such an awkward moment, you should know how to dispose of a condom. Similarly, you shouldn’t dispose of your tampons like that as it’s not hygienic for you and the environment too. 


So, to help you with this, disposable trash bags come into the picture. Using condom-disposable bags is good for the environment, doesn’t spread bad odour, prevents sexually transmitted diseases or infections and creates a hygienic environment. One correct use of a condom disposable bag and we can save our and people’s health around us.


So no more searching for plastic bags or newspapers to throw your used tampons or condoms as we’ve got for you Sirona’s leak-proof and odour-free disposable bags. At Sirona, we strive to make your surroundings safe and hygienic with our oxo-biodegradable and easy-to-carry disposable bags. So without any delay, shop our condom disposable bags and get them delivered to your doorstep!

How To Use Condom Disposable Bags?

Using a disposable bag for your condoms, tampons or chewing gums in the correct way makes a lot of difference. Let’s get started and learn how to use a condom disposable bag:

  • Take out one disposable bag from your pack.

  • Then put the waste inside it and seal it by peeling off the adhesive cover.

  • After using it, throw it off into the dustbin. Please do not flush.

Features of Condom Disposable Bags

Disposable trash bags are a great alternative to black plastic bags or dirty newspapers. They are efficient in controlling odour and are very easy to use. Other than this, let’s find out what are the other amazing features of these condom disposable bags:

  • Condom disposable bags prevent leakage.

  • These disposable bags are mess-free, affordable, and easy to fit and carry.

  • Condom disposable bags conceal odour and save the health of people around and the environment. 

  • As compared to newspapers or direct disposal, these disposable bags are more convenient and hygienic.

Best-Selling Condom Disposable Bags Price List

Sirona’s condom disposable bags are oxo-biodegradable with extra durable plastic to hold your waste in without ending up with rips and tears. Our high-quality disposable bags are available at affordable prices in superior quality. Let’s check it out!


Product Name

Price (INR)

Condoms Disposable Bags

INR 149

Last Updated: 17th June 2024

Shop for Condom Disposable Bags Online

Sirona is the one-stop solution for all your period, intimate care and sexual needs. Till today, a part of society considers terms like condoms and tampons a taboo that affects the other half. Sirona understands this and makes sure to bring not only all sexual wellness products in one place but also disposable bags to dispose of them responsibly. 


These disposable trash bags are made of oxo-biodegradable material and extra-durable plastic.  You can use these to dispose of your condoms, tampons, and chewing gums easily and hygienically. Best part? These disposable trash bags are available at Sirona for the best price rates!

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Q: Are Condoms disposable bags durable?

Depends on the product and brand. Sirona’s disposable bags are amazing as they are made using extra-durable plastic. It has thick double seams to hold your waste in without ending up with any sort of tears or rips.

Q: Is it easy to use Condoms Disposable bags?

Yes, it is very easy to use these condoms disposable bags. All you need to do is put the waste inside your disposable bag and seal it by peeling off the adhesive covers. After use, throw it off in the dustbin and don’t flush.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Condoms Disposable bags?

The dimensions of the condom disposable bags vary. The dimensions of Sirona’s condom disposable bags are 4.5 inches x 3.5 inches, just the right size for what is intended to be disposed of.

Q: Can I dispose of condoms in this bag?

Yes, it is very easy and convenient to dispose of condoms in this bag.

Q: What materials are used in the Condoms disposal pouches?

Sirona’s condom disposal pouches are made of made of oxo-biodegradable material. It degrades in bits biologically and in powder form. Once it gets decomposed, it does not leave any fragments.

Q: How do these pouches ensure discreet disposal?

Sirona’s pouches come in blue packaging so you can’t see through them. So yes the packaging of it is discreet.

Q: What is the best way to dispose condoms?

The best way to dispose of condoms is to put the used condom in a good-quality disposable bag, seal it and put it in the dustbin.

Q: How do people dispose condoms in India?

People have different ways of disposing of condoms in India. Some do it responsibly and hygienically with the help of disposable nags while some dispose of them directly or wrap them in newspapers or black plastics. The best way to dispose of condoms is by using disposable bags and throwing them in the dustbin.

Q: Can condoms be disposed in flush?

No as a responsible citizen, you should never dispose of your condoms in flush as it can cause drainage blockage. Always dispose of condoms responsibly in a disposable bag and then throw it in the dustbin.