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Using a public washroom or a shared toilet can cause you to think everything is unhygienic! From the stench to the fear of infections, you’ll mostly find yourself squatting or holding your breath till you get the job done. Here’s the good news- Sirona’s toilet spray gives you the confidence to use a toilet more comfortably! Fear no germs or infection scares with these toilet seat sprays that come with pleasing fragrances. 

Thinking of taking a toilet seat sanitizer spray for travel? Then, this disinfectant spray is your travel kit’s new favourite item. 

What is a Toilet Seat Sanitizer?

Sirona Pee Buddy’s toilet spray is an immediate solution of on-the-go toilet seat deodorizer and disinfectant that cleans the toilet seat. It prevents the germ transfer cycle from spreading to many people. It eliminates that strong odour and keeps the seat hygienic, saving you and others from a multitude of toilet hygiene problems!

Why Use Toilet Seat Spray?

When you want to keep your toilet fresh and free from all sorts of germs, Sirona’s toilet spray comes as a boon. Not only does it disinfect the seat, but it also eliminates the usual stinky odour. Give yourself and anyone who visits your house a clean experience! 

Disinfectant & deodoriser

A toilet seat spray that’s so good that it does two important things all at the same time! Sirona’s toilet spray acts as a disinfectant as well as a deodoriser with a pleasant fragrance. 

Kills 99.9% germs 

With active ingredients in the formulation, this toilet spray is meant to kill 99.9% germs that cause infections and disinfects the toilet seat for safe use. 

Vanilla fragrance 

Say goodbye to stinky washrooms and holding your breath when you need to use the toilet! Sirona’s toilet seat sanitiser gives out a vanilla fragrance that masks the bad odour inside the toilet. 

Fresh & happy toilet experience

Give yourself a comfortable and fresh experience by using this toilet spray wherever you go! It can be easily carried around and used in any toilet, making it convenient for you and the next person using the toilet. 

How to Use Toilet Sanitiser Spray?

Using this toilet seat spray is very easy! To give yourself and others a fresh experience, follow these steps and you’re good to go. 

Shake: Shake the bottle before use. 

Spray: Spray the nozzle towards the seat before using it.

Deodorise: After use, reapply the spray to deodorise for the next user.

Best-Selling Toilet Sanitiser Spray Price List

Getting toilet seat spray online is now very simple with Sirona’s range of toilet hygiene products that are available at the best prices in India. Take a look at some of Sirona’s best selling stuff right here. 

Product Name


Peebudddy Odour & Germs Eliminating Before & After Toilet Spray - 100Ml

165 INR

Peebuddy Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray - Lavender Spritz - 70 Ml

169 INR

Peebuddy Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray - Citrus - 70 Ml

169 INR

Toilet Hygiene Combo

399 INR

Peebuddy Toilet Seat Sanitizer Duo

378 INR

Last Updated: 23rd March 2023

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When you need to buy the best quality toilet hygiene products, opt for Sirona’s range of toilet spray that are available at affordable prices online. With fresh fragrances and powerful disinfectant properties, toilet seat sprays are just what you need for a clean experience. 

Buy Best Toilet Sanitiser Spray and Other Toilet Hygiene Products Online at Sirona

Like these toilet sprays, Sirona has other toilet hygiene products available online. We've built an ecosystem of beneficial products from several segments to make consumers feel at ease. In addition to these products, Sirona has reusable female urination devices, disposable female urination devices, and sanitary disposable bags available online. 

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1. How do you disinfect a toilet seat?

You can disinfect your toilet seat with Sirona’s toilet seat spray that kills 99.9% infection-causing germs. 

2. How do you use a toilet sanitiser?

To use the toilet sanitiser, shake the bottle first, then spray on to the toilet seat before use. You can also spray after using to deodorise the seat for the next person. 

3. What to do after using a public toilet?

You should use a toilet deodoriser like Sirona’s toilet spray when using a public toilet. 

4. How do you deodorise a toilet?

You can deodorise a toilet by using Sirona’s toilet seat spray which will help kill germs and ensure a fresh toilet experience. 

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