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Buy Tampons Online in India at Best Price

Tampons are a menstrual hygiene product designed to absorb menstrual blood in a compact way. With super absorbent tampons from Sirona, managing period flow is so easy! Made available for women with varying flow types, these vaginal tampons are composed of ultrasoft fibers. 

Tampon online shopping is now made super easy with Sirona’s range of disposable menstrual hygiene products. These cylindrical-shaped small plugs fit snugly into the vagina and absorb the menstrual flow. Due to its discreet appearance and convenience of use, many women choose tampons over sanitary pads.

What Are Tampons?

A period product that is shaped like a small-sized cylinder that is capable of absorbing menstrual blood when inserted into the vagina is a tampon. With Sirona’s range of period tampons, you can engage in all activities that you love without the fear of those embarrassing leaks!

At Sirona, you can choose your type according to the flow as well as get it at the best tampon prices available online. Some menstrual tampons include an applicator to help you insert the tampon. Tampons feature a string at the end of the cotton plug that allows you to pull them out easily. 

Benefits of using Tampons

When you’re an active person with many things going about your day, tampons are practically useful during menstruation. Period tampons are small making them convenient to carry around, and even discrete when inserted into the vagina. Since tampons absorb menstrual blood, there are no restrictions for activities like swimming, running, dancing or anything that involves you moving! 

How to Use/Insert Tampons?

Sirona’s applicator tampons are the best choice for first-time tampon users. However, be careful to not use one tampon for more than 8 hours for hygienic reasons. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to insert a period tampon comfortably.  

Step one: Stand or sit in the toilet comfortably before you use the product. Use clean hands to hold the applicator with your thumb and middle finger. 

Step two: Unwind the cord from around the tampon. Locate your vagina, relax and insert the tampon into the vagina at an angle pointing towards your tailbone with your index finger.

Step three: To remove the tampon, slowly pull the string diagonally downwards. Place in a Sirona Tampon Disposal Bag and discard the used product. 

How you should Choose a Tampon 

Choosing to buy the best tampons online for managing your period flow is essential. Depending on the type of your flow, you should decide what could work for your menstrual flow. Unlike menstrual cups, the size of your vagina does not matter, but your period flow matters! 

Regular Flow

Ideally, a regular flow tampon should last for about 6-8 hours if the blood flow is manageable. They give leak-proof and rash-free protection for up to 8 hours because they are incredibly absorbent and ultra-soft. 

Heavy Flow

Made with compressed layers of highly absorbent fibres, heavy flow tampons are designed to absorb more menstrual blood. This makes it reliable and convenient for days when you expect heavy flow. 

Super Heavy Flow

Worried about leakage during heavy period days? With Sirona’s super plus heavy flow tampons, keep away those worries for good. Non-messy, non-toxic and smooth, this is what you do when a heavy Aunt Flo visits!

Shop Different Types of Period Tampons Online with Sirona

Trying to choose what disposable period product to choose? Shop the best tampons online in India from Sirona’s range of period care products. Understanding your flow and using the proper tampon sizes are equally important during period days.  

Applicator Tampon

Sirona Premium Applicator Tampons are a non-messy way to manage the menstrual flow.  With a product so convenient, the insertion of menstrual tampons is made safe with a BPA-free premium applicator. The tampons come with extra grooves for more absorbency of the flow. 

Non-Applicator Tampon

Constant dampness and restricted movements with your regular period products? Try Sirona’s non applicator tampons for easy period days and comfort all day long. For easy insertion, all you need are clean hands! 

Organic Tampon

Many commercial period care products come with harsh chemicals that may harm your intimate regions. Make a wise choice of purchasing a toxic-free brand like Sirona for your period tampon needs. Sirona 100% organic tampons are created from organic farmed cotton fibres. 

Biodegradable Tampon

Sirona’s menstrual tampons are crafted with biodegradable material, free from chemicals to prevent the chances of infection. The 8-channel absorption mechanism makes it safe for 6-8 hours of comfortable use. 

Tampon Hygiene Rules To Follow

Whether you're a first-time tampon user or you've been using them for years without understanding the science behind this menstrual care product, you should know how to maintain Intimate hygiene and know what you're putting into your vagina.

Make sure to change vaginal tampons every 6-8 hours for maintaining the cleanliness of the vagina. 


Always wash your hands before inserting tampons. 

Tips You Must Know About Tampons

For first-time tampon users, it's best to empty the bladder before inserting this menstrual care product. 

Always choose the right tampon size based on your menstrual flow. 

If your vagina feels dry before inserting a tampon, use a safe menstrual lubricant to make the insertion easier. 

Find a neat spot or washroom to insert or change your tampons. Most importantly, relax while you insert the tampon. 

To take out the tampon, gently pull it out using the string attached to the end of the tampon. 

Best-Selling Tampon Price List

Tampons are a popular way to deal with menstrual flow. Buying the best tampons online in India is now possible with Sirona’s range designed for various flow types. These ultrasoft products are toxic-free and are good for the environment too! These biodegradable tampons make it comfortable for you to enjoy all activities stress-free during period days. 

Shop for Best Tampons Online at Sirona

When it comes to period hygiene, menstruators have more options than ever before. Get your hands on superior brands of period products like vaginal tampons at the best prices available online. When you switch to organic and biodegradable tampons from a brand like Sirona, your vagina will thank you for keeping it safe from harsh chemicals! 

Buy Best Tampon and Other Period Products at Sirona

Just like you choose a wise brand like Sirona for period tampons, this online menstrual hygiene shop offers a comprehensive range of period care products that considers a menstruator’s needs during that time of the month. At Sirona, we provide our customers the choice to access pragmatic body hygiene products with ease. 

At Sirona, there’s something for all vulva owners! Starting from menarche to menopause, our products are made with utmost care and quality. Just like these organic tampons, Sirona offers other period care products such as sanitary pads and menstrual cups. When menstrual hygiene is a top priority, we aim to provide intimate wash products that stay on par with our period care products. Our sanitary disposal bags come in handy when you need to safely eliminate used menstrual products.

The feminine hygiene app is a one-stop destination for all vulva owners to engage in meaningful conversations, read thoughtful posts on Intimately yours, and shop for all things that define womanhood. If you haven't checked it out already, Sirona’s Youtube channel offers informative content on comprehensive topics related to women’s wellness. 

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Q: Are tampons better than pads?

If you are a menstruator, the choice is yours for you to decide. Sirona offers organic tampons as well as sanitary pads.

Q: Do tampons lose your virginity?

No, Vaginal tampons are equally effective for virgins as for girls who have had sexual intercourse. Using a tampon may cause a girl's hymen to stretch or tear on occasion, but it does not cause a female to lose her virginity.

Q: Can you sleep with a tampon in?

While it's normally safe to sleep with a tampon if you're sleeping for less than eight hours, changing tampons every 6-8 hours is critical to avoid complications such as toxic shock syndrome.

Q: How do I know when my tampon is full?

The best way to tell if your tampon needs to be changed is to lightly tug on the tampon string; if it begins to pull out easily, it's time to change; if not, you may wait a little longer. Remember to change menstrual tampons every 6-8 hours.

Q: Can you swim with a tampon?

Absolutely! It is okay to swim during your period as long as you wear a tampon or menstrual cup.

Q: Which tampon is best for beginners?

Sirona’s organic applicator tampons are the best choice for girls who have just begun their menstrual journey.

Q: Why does my tampon leak after two hours?

Typically, a leaky tampon indicates that you have kept your tampon in for too long or that you are using the incorrect absorbency. Replace your vaginal tampons every 4-6 hours. Check out Sirona’s range of tampons for varying menstrual flow types.

Q: How often should you change your tampon?

As a rule of thumb, you should change your tampons every 6-8 hours to maintain good period hygiene.