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Tampons are a highly popular menstrual product amongst millennial womxn, mostly due to their ease of wearing over pads. As they are small and practically invisible once inserted into the vagina, tampons are the ideal choice when heading out for a swim or when you need something you can throw in your pocket. As they are not reusable, you might be wondering about their environmental impact. But Sirona’s biodegradable  tampons are perfect for you as well as the environment. These soft tampons are made with a compressed layer of highly absorbent fibres which can be easily inserted into the vagina during menstruation and absorb the flow. We also offer a variety of tampons on the basis of your flow. These Premium Applicator Tampons are the best tampons for beginners and can be inserted without any mess. Forget about jiggling around and fiddling to insert the tampon correctly when you have the super absorbent tampons from Sirona. Moreover, they are odour-free which makes them a more popular choice over pads. As they are made from natural fibres, they do not cause any rashes. These FDA-approved super soft tampons will keep you coming back for more!

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Sirona is the best place to buy women's hygiene products, starting from menstrual care to personal hygiene. Get the most convenient solution to period leakage and vaginal odour with digital tampons by Sirona. We also offer premium applicator tampons for your hassle-free period experience. You can go out for a swim, trek or do as your heart wishes while using these super soft and easy to insert tampons. The Sirona Menstrual Cups are also a great way to get rid of the leakage and plastic waste generated by pads. You only need to select your size and Sirona's easy to use menstrual cups will make your period safe and odour-free. Made with medical grade Silicone, these menstrual Cups can last upto 10 years! They are truly one of the most money-saving Feminine Hygiene Products you can use guilt-free. Check out our range of personal care products including face wash and serum for acne and pigmentation. Take care of your skin with a nourishing body lotion made with the very best natural ingredients that will make your skin glow. Explore our variety of feminine hygiene products that help womxn lead better lives every day!

Why Shop From Sirona?

Sirona is one of the leading Feminine Hygiene brands in India that aims to make women's life easier and more convenient with its products. We are committed to serving the environment with our biodegradable and sustainably created products for women. You can find a solution for all your problems, right from puberty to menopause from our advanced array of Intimate Care, Menstrual Hygiene, Personal Care and Toilet Hygiene related products. We are different from other brands thanks to our unwavering efforts to create discussions around feminine hygiene issues, especially among the underprivileged by providing them sources of education as well as supplying products. 


Can virgins wear tampons?

Tampons work just as well for virgins as for women who have had sex before. Though they may tend to occasionally tear or stretch the hymen, virgins can physically use tampons with ease.

How long does a tampon last?

It is advised to change your tampon as regularly as every 4-8 hours, depending on your flow. Sirona’s super absorbent tampons tend to last longer and can be changed as per your menstrual flow.

Which is better pads or tampons?

Tampons are a better option if you want to remain active during your period and use tampons for swimming, cycling, etc. This is because tampons are small and practically invisible once inserted in your vagina. There is also no chance of leakage if you change your tampon regularly, while pads can frequently lead to leaks.