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Electric Hot Water Bag

Electric Hot Water Bag

Buy Electric Hot Water Bags Online in India

When in pain or discomfort, there’s nothing quite as comparable to the comfort and relief brought on by the warmth of an electric hot water bottle. Electric hot water bags have all the benefits of a regular hot water bottle and the added benefits of convenience and safety. 

For conventional hot water bags, one needs to manually heat the water either on the stove or in a kettle and transfer it into the narrow inlet of the bag without spills and with utmost safety to prevent burn injuries. This process can be time-consuming and irritating. It is recommended to spend a little extra and opt for the best electric hot water bottle from Sirona instead, for its convenience and ease. 

You may find it hard to believe that the electric hot water bag price is not exorbitantly higher than the regular variety of these bags. When you consider the electric hot water bottle price against its many benefits, you may come to realise that it is the best decision to be made in the long run.

Using the electric hot water bottle for pain, period cramps or muscle aches is a quick and easy solution for pain management. The electric water bottle from Sirona just takes 7 minutes to charge after which you can disconnect this rechargeable hot water bottle and get warmth for over 2 hours due to its extended heat retention abilities. Don’t worry about burns and electric mishaps, this electric hot bag also comes with the safety feature of automatic heat control. 

What are Electric Hot Water Bags?

The electric warm water bottle is an upgrade to the regular hot water bags that we have grown up using. It is manufactured to be a safer and more effective alternative. Essentially speaking, it is an electric gel warm bag with a pre-filled substance which converts electric energy after connecting its plug into the socket into heat. As it is pre-filled, it is 100% leakproof and safe to use.

The rechargeable electric hot water bottle can be used anywhere one is comfortable doing so- at home, at work or even while travelling. Sirona hot bottle bag electric is a wonderful solution for period cramps, arthritis aches, muscle cramps, sports injuries, sore neck and back or even hypothermia in winter.

Wondering how this electric water bag works? Sirona electric water bottle heater is a leakproof pre-filled bag filled with gel. This means that you do not have to keep removing and refilling the contents of the rechargeable hot water bag. The electric hot bottle has water and a galvanothermy energy conversion agent which is responsible for the conversion of electricity into heat.

This is not a USB hot water bottle, it can be recharged using any plug point at home or at work with ease when one is in pain. Sirona electric hot gel bag offers immediate pain relief as it improves blood circulation to the area where it is used and can also eliminate muscle fatigue.

How to Use an Electric Warm Water Bag?

It’s not every day that you hear about an electric bottle for hot water. However, this electric heating bottle is a much-needed solution for pain management. The hot bag electric price is not monumentally higher than regular hot water bag variants, therefore it is a must-have!

Don’t have any doubts about how to use an electric water bottle- just keep reading to find the recommended instructions on how to use this electric hot water bag. Keep reading for details on the electric hot water bag and how to use it.

Prepare the electric water heater bag: Rotate the cap above the water heater bag electric before you begin.

Charging hot water bag: Plug in the electric rechargeable hot water bag for pain relief- a light will turn on when it starts charging.

Unplug: Once the light switches off, unplug the cord of the water heater bag electric.

Place: Position the water bag electric onto the area with pain for immediate relief.

Benefits of Using Electric Hot Water Bag for Pain Relief

Is the hot water bag electric price holding you back from making a purchase? It really shouldn’t! The charging hot water bottle is a saviour for pain relief- and the benefits of the hot gel bag electric truly make it worth its slightly higher warm gel bag price.

Here are some of the many benefits of the best electric hot bag available online- the Sirona electric warm gel bag!

Helps in Period Pain

Period pain is usually the first use case for all hot water bags, be it the best electric gel bag available online or a USB rechargeable hot water bottle. The main reason for this is that period pain comes every month, lasts a few days and then disappears. While the use of painkillers may be essential in a few instances, the warm water bag electric is usually more helpful and has fewer side effects.

During the bleeding phase of the menstrual cycle, muscles seem to tense up causing the pain associated with cramping. What a hot water electric bottle does is that it relaxes the cramping uterine muscles and increases the amount of blood flow both of which contribute to the sensation of the pain and cramps easing.

Sirona the most popular brand in India for all-encompassing feminine hygiene needs has the best electric hot water bag for period pain.

Helps in Arthritis Aches

Those suffering from arthritis are all too familiar with the chronic feeling of stiff joints and pain. The gel electric warm bag is a good option to manage these pains without having to consume medications long-term or undergo any expensive treatments. With the best electric hot gel bag, one can use it as a hot compress for immediate relief.

For arthritis, it is often recommended to alternate heat therapies with cooling methodologies to avail maximum comfort. An electric warm water bag helps loosen arthritic joints that feel stiff and relieve the ache experienced with muscle pain. Using an electric hot bottle bag to deliver heat to sore joints suffering from arthritis initiates the process of vasodilation wherein the blood vessels get larger to supply more blood, oxygen and other nutrients to the heated areas. With this improved circulation, the electric hot water bag is effective for pain relief.

Helps in Muscle Cramps

Experiencing unbearable muscle cramps and want a quick remedy? Buy an electric hot water bottle online to experience a difference immediately! Getting an electric hot gel bag for pain relief after muscle cramps works on the same principle as using an electric hot bag for period pain relief.

You may be tempted to use your electric bag for pain relief for a long period- just because of how good it feels. However, keep in mind that even the best electric water bags are not suitable for overnight use or for an extended time. The overuse of an electric gel bag for pain relief can worsen pain due to overdilation and thereby, inflammation. Therefore, you could consider alternating the use of the electric hot gel bag purchased online with a cold compress.

Helps in Sports Injuries

It is relatively common to see the use of electric hot bags for pain relief in sports injuries. It is well documented- in research and anecdotally- that a rechargeable hot water bottle can contribute to quicker healing and aid in a better recovery following a sport-related injury. The use of hot water bags for pain relief electric also helps address the stiffness commonly felt in the area after a sports injury. Given the use for quicker recovery from a sports injury, the electric water bottle price is reasonable, making it a must-have in the first-aid kit. Buy the Sirona electric hot bottle online to keep it handy for any unexpected sports injuries.

Helps in Sore Neck & Back

Most people have experienced that annoying feeling of a sore neck or back after sleeping the wrong way or straining due to work, lifting something heavy or exercising. The onset of this pain is usually immediately followed up with a Google search of ‘the best brand for electric hot water bags’ to find a quick-fix solution. Buy your electric hot water bag from Sirona to give immediate relief from a sore neck or back. Without a doubt, this is the best electric hot water bag for pain relief!

Helps for Hypothermia in Winters

A limited few also use electric water bags online to manage hypothermia during winters. The use of the best hot water bag electric can give a feeling of overall warmth as the temperatures outside drop. It is very useful in areas where the temperature becomes very low and the cold is unmanageable. The price of an electric hot bag is reasonable too and can be used for winters for a few years.

Why Use Electric Warm Bag

Given the reasonable electric water bag price for the quality it offers, it is an absolute must-have. Enjoy the convenience of buying an electric hot water bottle/bag while online shopping in India to help address cramps, aches and pains- whether they are expected like periods or a result of unexpected injuries.

Use an automatic hot water bottle for the instant pain relief it offers due to the improvement of blood circulation to the affected area which helps reduce the sensation of pain and eliminates muscle fatigue. This rechargeable hot bag is also safer to use as it is leakproof and has an automatic heat control feature.

Buy your Sirona hot electric water bottle today to experience the difference over conventional rubber hot water bags.

Instant Pain Relief

The Sirona automatic hot water bag offers instant relief from pain caused due to periods, cramps, arthritis, sports injuries and even hypothermia during colder seasons. While painkillers take a while to kick in and regular hot water bags require you to heat water and fill the bag, this is a quicker solution. This is why the slightly higher price of an electric hot water bag is justified. Get the best rechargeable hot water bottle from Sirona, today.

Improves Blood Circulation

Wondering how that electric hot bag online is so effective in pain relief? The main reason is how these hot water bags with electric gel work. The electricity on connecting it to a plug point runs into the rechargeable electric hot water bag which converts it to heat. This improves blood circulation in the area where the heat is applied which is a contributing factor to experiencing lesser pain.

Eliminates muscle fatigue

Feeling soreness in your muscle for whatever reason? The Sirona hot water bag is electronic and rechargeable- perfect to give a feeling of relief and relaxation. Buy your Sirona electric hot water bag online to put an end to muscle aches.


Don’t raise alarm bells of leaking liquids from the electric hot gel bottle! These bottles come with a sealed stopper to prevent any leakage of the gel (a mixture of water and galvanothermy energy conversion agent) to the outside of the electric water bottles.


The Sirona water bottle is electric- which means it runs completely on electricity. However, this electric water bag heater does not derive its electricity from batteries but is rechargeable with the provided power cord. This increases the life of this electric hot gel bottle. It takes just 7 minutes to charge and can easily retain heat for a period of up to 2 hours.

Automatic Heat Control

If safety is a priority to you, just buy this electric hot water bag online, right away! It comes with an automatic heat control which helps prevent overheating to prevent accidental burns and injuries. It’s time to buy online- electric hot water bags!

Shop for Best Electric Hot Water Bag Online at Sirona

Looking for the best electric hot water bag online? Sirona has the best electric hot water bottles at the lowest prices too! It is of excellent quality and made using PVC fabric with groovy colours and designs. The affordable price point makes it accessible to menstruators and people who experience pain, all over India.

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Q: Which is the best electric hot water bag?

Sirona has the best electric hot water bag as it is effective, has quick charging with extended heat retention and with safety features like automatic heat control and a sealed stopper.

Q: What liquid is inside an electric hot water bag?

Usually, conventional hot water bags are only filled with water. The Sirona electric hot water bag, on the other hand, comes pre-filled with a mix of water and a galvanothermy energy conversion agent which helps convert electricity into heat. Hence, these bags do not need to be refilled for every use.

Q: Is it good to use a hot water bag?

Yes, it is good to use a hot water bag for pain management. However, avoid using the hot water bottle overnight or on high heat for extended periods to prevent the incidence of getting burns.

Q: Is using an electric hot water bag safe?

Yes, using electric hot water bags with safety features like a sealed stopper and automatic heat control are safe.

Q: Is a hot water bag good for stomach pain?

Yes, hot water bags are safe to use for muscular stomach pains or cramps. However, they will not be effective on digestive pain.