Try a Sirona Menstrual Cup Online and Embrace Stain-Free Periods!

Menstrual cups are a budget friendly and sustainable solution to heavy blood flow that will make you forget the hassle of changing pads.  A menstrual cup is a reusable feminine hygiene product that collects blood once inserted into your vagina and lasts upto 10 years! They can catch more blood as compared to other alternatives like pads or tampons, which is why they are a popular choice among womxn. Sirona’s collection of menstrual cups not only prevent these common period problems, but also deal with the constant dampness, rashes and skin infections caused by regular use of pads. The Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup is made with medical grade silicone, and is toxin and allergy free for your safety. You can indulge in all kinds of physical activities like sports, swimming, travelling, etc while wearing these leak-proof cups. The Sirona Duo pack comes with two menstrual cups, a size medium and a size large. You can use them as per your degree of bleeding. The Large Sirona Menstrual Cup can be considered as the best menstrual cup for heavy flow, with highly flexible material that fits perfectly to protect you from any leaks and a capacity to collect blood for upto 8 hours. You can clean it easily by boiling it in water or using our Menstrual Cup Sterilizer that kills 99% germs in 3 minutes. It is a convenient and time saving option if you are a regular menstrual cup user. Another reason why Sirona produces the best menstrual cup for beginners is because it is easy to use and insert. Being soft and flexible, it will cause you no trouble to insert it in your vagina and thanks to the unique design, the cup creates a vacuum seal around your vaginal walls, ensuring leak-free periods for upto 12 hours. 

Pick Sirona For The Most User-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Products Online

Sirona India is home to a wide range of hygiene products for women that address the problems women face everyday. Starting from puberty right until menopause, we have all the right products that will guide you along your journey of womanhood. We offer an exclusive range of Intimate Care Products like the Sirona Intimate Wipes which keep you fresh and odour free even while travelling. Using period products like pads also tends to cause skin rashes, which can be relieved by an Anti-Chafing Rash Cream made with healing natural ingredients. You can also check out our line of Personal Care Products including Skin Nourishing Depigmentation Duo which reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots with its exfoliating face wash and face serum. It is made with the goodness of Tasmanian pepper fruit, Apricot seed extract, Flax seed extract, and other organic ingredients which provide an anti-ageing and antioxidant formula. Our bestselling products are present in the Period Care collection, which consists of all the supplies you need for a healthy and stress-free period. Say goodbye to rashes and environmental pollution with these biodegradable pads that are extremely soft and breathable. Experience ultimate comfort while travelling by using these Panty Liners by Sirona, that absorb quickly and keep you fresh and dry. Sirona’s Premium Digital Tampons are also an easy alternative to pads that soak up blood efficiently without leaving stains. They are FDA approved, naturally biodegradable and specially designed to be easily inserted into the vagina. Get complete freedom of movement and do all your favourite things worry-free while wearing these highly absorbent tampons.

Why Choose Sirona?

Sirona is an Indian feminine hygiene brand that is starkly different from others. We aim to open up dialogue about feminine problems like period cramps, vaginal dryness, and rashes in the intimate area which are not spoken about as freely as womxn would like. There are many serious myths and taboos related to menstruation and female hygiene in general that we aim to bust with the help of our solution-based products and awareness. We not only create products for women that are highly convenient and address their problems right from puberty to menopause, we also provide facts about menstruation to the underprivileged by offering our products and knowledge. Our commitment to the environment also enables us to make our products sustainable and eco-friendly for your use. So you can relax and shop from our website, which has nothing but a positive approach towards feminine hygiene and the best quality products in store for you!