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Intimate wipes

Intimate wipes

Buy Intimate Wipes for Women Online in India

Maintaining feminine hygiene is a challenge - in part due to the taboo faced in talking about issues related to it and also due to how much more difficult it is to maintain intimate hygiene when traveling. At Sirona, we believe in addressing unspoken body discomforts and answering women’s needs with effective and safe solutions. Intimate care is one of those segments that require a lot of discussion - and Sirona’s intimate wipes and intimate wash are lifesavers!

People of all genders can use these intimate cleansing wipes to clean up when they do not have water with them. While the main use case for intimate area wipes for women is to wipe the vagina, the Sirona intimate wipes can also be used to clean and refresh the underarms and breast areas which usually get very sweaty. 

While picking out intimate wipes, it is important to check that they are pH-balanced for the areas which they will be used for. Opt for the best intimate wipes with good-for-you ingredients that leave you feeling clean, smooth, and moisturised after every use. 

The Sirona wipes are the most helpful intimate wipes for women as maintaining feminine hygiene on the go is of utmost importance and extremely difficult when on the go. Choose from a few different variants of intimate wipes from Sirona to figure out what works best for you.

Choose from the multiple variants of intimate wipes for women, available only on Sirona. These intimate wet wipes are suitable for everyday use and are ideal to carry with you everywhere to maintain hygiene without any hassles, wherever you go. 

What are Intimate Wipes?

Discover the perfect solution for cleansing your sensitive skin and parts of the body with Sirona Intimate Wipes. The intimate wipes online are specially designed to be pH balanced to match intimate zones to leave it feeling fresher, without causing any harm. 

These intimate wet wipes contain no alcohol, which leaves you with a smooth and clean feeling after every use. They contain natural, good-for-you ingredients such as Aloe Vera extract and fruit and plant extracts which moisturise and leave your intimate skin soft and supple. 

Buy intimate wet wipes as they are suitable for use on an everyday basis for your private areas, such as your breast and underarms. The packs of Sirona intimate wet wipes online make them extremely easy to carry with you everywhere so that you can enjoy easy and problem-free refreshing, wherever you go.

The most popular intimate care product from Sirona is the intimate wet wipe. These are pH balanced ultra-smooth fibre wipes which are alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, specially formulated for the sensitive skin of the intimates like underarms, breast and bikini zones. It has a pleasant light fragrance of fruit and aloe vera extracts. The aloe vera in these intimate wipes ensures that the cleansed area is also left feeling moisturised once done. 

Second on the list is the Sirona pH Balanced Bamboo Intimate Wipes which are a must-have for those who have sensitive skin. If you are looking for a hassle-free intimate hygiene solution, this is it. The wipes are made of bamboo fibre and, thus, are gentle & ultra-soft on the skin. They are also infused with 100% natural goodness like Aloe Vera extracts, Tea Tree Oil, Neem and Lavender Oil to cleanse the area without drying it gently. In addition, being free of alcohol, these wet wipes for intimate hygiene clean the skin without drying it and maintain a naturally acidic skin pH that makes them perfect for use in the bikini area.

Another variant is the BodyGuard Baby Wet Wipes which take care of a baby's soft skin. This wipe is a must-have in your diaper bag with its moisturising ingredients. The biodegradable intimate care wet wipes are made from 98% DM water, designed with thick fabrics that are extra gentle against the baby's skin. These tissue wipes online contain aloe vera extracts that rightly moisturise your baby's skin and are specially made for your tiny angels for cleansing during diaper changes as well as for cleaning off different parts of their bodies.

Benefits of Using Intimate Wipes

Intimate wet wipes are a must-have for many reasons, especially in the life of a female on-the-go traveller or someone who may not have access to clean water for extended periods of time. Here are a few of the many benefits of opting for a pack of Sirona intimate wet wipes.


One of the main reasons that intimate wet wipes have been so popular is the convenience they offer over other forms of cleaning. They are incredibly time saving to wipe up areas to refresh them and leave the intimate zones feeling fresh. One swipe of the Sirona intimate wipes and you’re good to go! 

Easy to Carry 

The wet wipes for intimate hygiene come in portable packs essential in every carry bag. They can be used by people of all genders for intimate care on the go. The intimate wet wipes are handy during traveling or hiking to quickly refresh and clean. Baby wet wipes can be used for cleaning all parts of the baby’s body no matter where you are and are an integral part of all diaper bags.  

Made for sensitive skin

Are you worried about sensitive areas and how they would react to intimate wipes? That need not be a cause for concern anymore. The Sirona intimate wet wipes are pH balanced and made especially for sensitive areas of the body like the bikini area, underarms, and below the breast.  

Ideal for a quick refresh 

No access to clean water, no time for a shower or just want to eliminate the smell of sweat or stench from not cleaning private areas? This is the perfect time to reach out for a pack of intimate area wipes. Just a quick swipe and you’re done- smell great and feel fresh, all at once! 


While most wipes target just one area of the body- like face wipes, hand wipes or diaper wipes- these Sirona intimate wipes are suitable for multiple parts of the body like the bikini area, underarms and below the breast while also being safe for the face, hands and other body parts. 

How to Use Intimate Wipes?

Using this feminine intimate wipe is very simple and perfect for when you’re on the go without access to water to wash up. Here’s how to use these intimate wipes: 

Peel: Peel the front label of the pack of intimate wipes slowly. 

Use: Pull out wipes as needed. Use on the part of the body you want to clean. If using on the genital area, use in the front to back stroke. Use each wipe only once. 

Reseal: Reseal the label after use to prevent moisture loss. 

How To Choose Best Intimate Wipes?

When it comes to your skin and its sensitive areas, it is wise to choose the best intimate wipes. To pick out the safest intimate area wipes, ensure that they are pH balanced and natural intimate wipes made using good ingredients. 

Remember never to compromise on intimate care- and these intimate wet wipes make maintaining hygiene when on the go so much easier. 

Shop Sirona Intimate Hygiene Wipes at Best Price

Get yourself a few packs of these intimate wipes at prices that are affordable and worth the money. The competitive intimate wipe prices indicate their top-notch quality with natural ingredients. 

Buy Intimate Wet Wipes and other Intimate Care Products online at Sirona

Being a woman, menstruator and/or vulva owner is not always easy. 

From menstruation to personal hygiene and eventually reproductive health, you are left with a lot at such a young age. Thankfully, with the help of our intimate wet wipes available online from Sirona, you can feel better about your body and what it needs. 

Using these life-changing items from the Sirona intimate care range like the intimate wash and wipes to keep your intimate areas fresh and comfortable for anything that life throws your way. So, whether you need to freshen up after a long day at work or after exercise or just want to keep things clean in general, having convenient, intimate hygiene wipes for women makes it easy to do so. Another benefit here is that they are disposable and safe for anyone, whether they are a man or a woman! 

Sirona is also proud to offer a variety of other personal care products like intimate washes, menstrual cups, tampons and more! So, browse through our catalogue and buy wet wipes online and other intimate products as per your requirements.

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Q: Are Sirona intimate wipes biodegradable?

The Bamboo intimate wipes are biodegradable. However, not all variants of the Sirona intimate wipes are biodegradable.

Q: Are feminine intimate wipes good for you?

Yes. Feminine intimate wipes are safe to use to maintain hygiene, even on a daily basis.

Q: What is the use of intimate wipes?

Intimate wipes are used to clean sensitive areas without irritating them, eliminating odour and dryness.