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Underarm Deodorant Roll Ons

Underarm Deodorant Roll Ons

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Staying fresh throughout the day is hard to imagine, especially when you’re constantly on the go. The choice of deodorants that you use is a part of your hygiene routine that keeps you confident too. Underarm roll-on deodorants are designed with ease of use and can be carried around for personal hygiene convenience. 

With Sirona’s Underarm roll on, keep your day as fresh as a daisy! A perfect formulation with the best ingredients, these deo roll-ons will keep your intimate areas clean, cool, and bright! 

Benefits of Using Underarm Roll-ons for Women

With freshness being guaranteed, underarm roll-ons are practically the best tiny things you can carry around to keep underarm odour at bay. The best part is that it only takes a few seconds to apply your favourite roll-on! Keep your skin smelling good for 48 hours long, with no bacterial attack! 

Using Sirona’s intimate care deodorants helps to reduce underarm problems that can be brought on by factors such as body odour, friction from clothing, dark skin patches, chemical irritants in certain skin products or even shaving abrasions. 

Controls Body Odour

Sirona’s 2-in-1 underarm deodorant roll-on is made with prebiotics that lets your underarm breathe! Say hello to the good bacteria and steer clear of the bad ones with this special formulation. Roll-on deodorants balance the skin ecosystem, eliminating the odour that can spoil your confidence. Treat your underarms with the best roll-on deodorants and keep your day going in power! 

Reduce Pigmentation

Looking for a way to lighten your underarms? Shaving, frequent itching, skin conditions and even genetics can make your underarms look dark. Darker skin tones are more susceptible to developing underarm hyperpigmentation. Sirona’s quick absorbing deodorant roll-ons reduce skin pigmentation and prevent dryness of the skin, with no negative impacts on intimate skin. 

Fights with Bad Bacteria

It is important to take care of your underarms just as you consider the rest of your body. Go forth your day with a fragrant freshness that keeps the bad bacteria away with these compact deo roll-ons. Armpit bacteria can cause an unpleasant odour. If smelly armpits cause you problems, a prebiotic product like Sirona’s deo roll-on may help keep your skin healthy by supporting the growth of good bacteria, which helps to minimise odour.

48-hour Fragrance Retention

Enjoy the power of feeling fresh even if your day drags on! Sirona’s underarm rollers keep you feeling good and dry throughout the day.  With a roll-on so good, there’s no better way to boost your self-esteem. Packed with subtle yet striking fragrances, these roll-ons can last for up to 48 hours. 

Stay Fresh & Cool

Go confident with your favourite sleeveless clothes and flaunt your underarms with this underarm roll-on for ladies! Stay clean, confident and cool with this wonderful intimate care product. Moreover, see brighter underarms with regular use of this deo roll-on. 


Made with mild ingredients and zero alcohol, Sirona’s deo roll takes care of your delicate underarm skin. For long-lasting freshness and gentle care, choose this alcohol free roll on for your skin! 


Looking for an aluminium-free roll-on to keep you fresh all day long? Then Sirona has the best option for you to keep your intimate skin chemical free and cool. This underarm deo roll-on is just what it takes to care for the delicate skin of your body. 

How to Use Under Arm Roll On

Applying a roll on deodorant is as easy as 1,2,3! Once you learn how to apply it well, it quickly becomes a part of your hygiene routine. To get the most out of your deo roll-on, follow these steps:

Step one: Shake the roll-on bottle before applying. 

Step two: Clean your underarms with water and pat the skin dry. 

Step three: Apply the roll-on gently to clean the underarms. 

Key Ingredients to look for in Underarm Roll-On

When you choose to care for your underarm skin, always select products that are gentle on intimate skin. With underarms being delicate, look for ingredients such as prebiotics, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to ensure product genuinity. Make sure to look for deo roll-ons that are free of alcohol and aluminium. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

Sirona’s underarm deo roll-on for ladies has hyaluronic acid that helps to lighten dark underarm skin. It reduces skin pigmentation and prevents drying of the underarms. 


Improve the appearance of your underarms with these deo roll-ons that are enriched with niacinamide, or vitamin B3. Niacinamide helps to keep the skin away from external stressors. Because of its safety, this ingredient is a key ingredient in many skin products. 


Not just food, but prebiotics are a great addition to your underarm roller too! The odour from sweat comes from the bad bacteria on the skin, leaving the underarm ecosystem unbalanced. The prebiotic content in Sirona’s underarm deo roll-ons is a great way to give your skin the balance of good bacteria. Good bacteria eliminate bad bacteria, resulting in cleaner, less-odorous perspiration.

Best-Selling Underarm Roll-Ons Price List

Give your underarms the gentle care it deserves with Sirona’s underarm deo roll-on for ladies! Enriched with the goodness of subtle ingredients, your delicate skin deserves to stay cool and fresh. 

Shop for the best Underarm Roll Ons Online at Sirona

When you’re looking for skin products that actually care, make sure to think of a genuine brand like Sirona that offers the best intimate care products to compliment your delicate skin. Sirona’s underarm deo roll-ons are available at the best prices online. Give it a try and you’ll keep coming back for more. 

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Q: Does underarm roll-on remove pigmentation?

Yes, Sirona’s underarm roll-on helps to lighten pigmentation as it has hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient. 

Q: Is it good to use roll-on every day?

Absolutely! Roll-on deodorants give you a fresh feeling even on the most hectic days. For personal hygiene and well-being, you can and should use a deo roll-on on a regular basis. 

Q: What is the best time to apply roll-on deodorant?

Whenever you need it, but preferably after a shower. Sirona recommends cleaning your underarms before applying a deo roll- on as it can help you feel fresh throughout the day. 

Q: Does underarm roll-on stop sweating?

Even though it is not possible to stop yourself from sweating, Sirona’s deo roll-ons can prevent body odour from sweating.