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Maternity Breast Pads

Maternity Breast Pads

Buy Premium Disposable Maternity Breast Pads Online From Sirona 

The struggle of breastfeeding your baby and dealing with rashes, redness and soreness is real. New mothers often go through this problem, especially in places with high humidity. It is important to take proper care of these skin conditions to prevent the development of fungal diseases. These Maternity Breast Pads will help you maintain peace of mind during breastfeeding and save you from unexpected leakage. It is a godsend for new mothers who are lactating as it effectively soaks up the constant wetness that leads to rashes and infections.

These breast pads are super soft, safe even on sensitive skin and can absorb up to 80ml of milk drips to prevent the breasts from dampness and infections. Not only do these reusable breast pads feel soft and comfortable on the skin, they fit perfectly thanks to specialised 3D design and non-slip self adhesive tapes. They don’t change their shape even after absorbing the heaviest flows so you can freely wear them when heading out. Due to their thin and lightweight shape, they fit comfortably between your breast and bra. These are one of the best breast pads that are leak-proof and convenient to use.

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Q: What is a breast pad used for?

Breast pads are used to absorb milk from leaking breasts by a new mother who is lactating. They prevent your clothes from staining in public as well as from constant dampness and fungal infections.

Q: How long do you need breast pads?

Some women may need breast pads 24/7 while others may never even need them. It depends on your needs and whether the leakage is high or low.

Q: Can you use normal pads as breast pads?

You can use any soft, absorbent and breathable material as a temporary breast pad. However, for long term use, it is suggested to use breast pads as they are more comfortable and retain their shape even after absorbing heavy flow so you don’t look odd while stepping out.