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Self Defence Using Body Parts

Using Everyday Objects for Self-Defence

Staying Safe in Small Spaces

Staying Safe in Public Transport

Understanding Choke, Locks and Strikes for Self-Defence

Q: Is the use of pepper spray legal in India?

A: Yes, it is legal to use pepper spray for self-defence.

Q: Where can you use pepper spray?

A: It is only recommended to use pepper spray in open outdoor spaces. Stick to other methods of self defence targeting the vital body parts of the attacker when in closed spaces.

Q: How to carry pepper spray?

  • In a pocket
  • On a keyring
  • Attached to your belt
  • In an open pocket of your bag

All of these positions must be easy to access to use the pepper spray in moments of danger.

Q: What to do if the cab driver is taking an incorrect route?

A: When travelling alone, sit right behind the driver seat. Remain alert and keep an eye out on the route being taken. If the cab driver is taking an incorrect route, use your purse string or a scarf to strangle the driver from behind, forcing them to a stop giving you time to escape.

Q: What to do if someone is trying to get close to you?

A: Identify the zone (red, orange or green), quickly identify the type of attack to respond immediately and escape. This video may help.

Q: What to do if someone is following you?

  • Stay alert
    The most important thing to do if you suspect someone is following you is to remain alert. Take off your earphones to hear better and look forward as you walk to appear more confident.
  • Do not go home
    Remain in a crowded space, if possible. Take a few diversions to confirm if you're still being followed. If yes, get a good look to describe the person to the authorities, if need be. Look for a security guardor police officer to describe the situation. Whatever you do, do not go home.
  • Let someone know
    With the advent of live tracking, be sure to let someone know about this situation along with a pin of where you are. If you feel extremely threatened, call the police immediately.