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Ladies, here’s your quick solution to peeing comfortably in any toilet. With Sirona’s pee funnel designed for women, going to the toilet is no longer a tricky task. The PeeBuddy female urination device is the first portable and disposable stand and pee-device that allows women to pee while standing in public restrooms. 

This lady pee funnel is made of water-resistant coated paper and is leakproof. It's comfortable to use since women can use the stand and pee equipment in the comfort of a single hand grip design.

What are Female Urination Devices?

Female urination devices enable women to pee conveniently in a standing position. Sirona PeeBuddy is India's first stand-and-pee device that lets ladies use any washroom without worrying about dirty toilet seats and other discomforts. For toilet hygiene on the go, these pee funnel devices are just what you need. 

Different Types of Portable Pee Device for Women

Sirona has every woman’s toilet hygiene covered with urination devices that cater to their needs. With two kinds of stand and pee devices, PeeBuddy is your ultimate solution to avoiding toilet troubles! Look through our online range of stand and pee devices made to cater to your personal hygiene, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Disposable Device

PeeBuddy urination pee funnel is a convenient portable and disposable answer to washroom issues. It gives you the freedom to stand and pee, allowing you to travel stress free. 

Reusable Device

With this practical and easy-to-carry reusable pee funnel, you can avoid UTIs and toilet bacteria. A must-have item when using public restrooms! What’s better? These devices can be washed and reused for future use. 

Benefits of Using a Portable Pee Device

When you’re travelling or in a situation where you badly need to use a toilet, you think of all the things that could go wrong with hygiene. This is why you should consider portable urination devices like Sirona’s PeeBuddy stand and pee, giving the convenience and confidence to use a public toilet without panic. 

No More UTI 

Prevent the risk of UTIs that’s bound to happen from dirty toilets. These female urination devices are made for safety from germs and ensure complete hygiene without the mess. 

Leak Proof

There’s no need to be worried of leaky funnels with these ergonomically designed stand and pee devices! This women's urine funnel is made of water-resistant coated paper and is leakproof.  The reusable pee devices can be washed for future use. 

Easy to Carry 

Great for carrying around, Sirona’s stand and pee is ideal for women on the go! As a device made with convenience in mind, these pee funnels can be taken around everywhere. 

Female Reusable Device ideal for 

The PeeBuddy reusable female urination device is great for women and girls who do not want to squat or hover over dirty toilet seats! These devices are also ideal for those who have difficulties due to injury, during pregnancy, or surgery. It's simple to use and clean. 

Public Washroom

Don’t let the dirt and stench of public washrooms scare you, and ultimately leave you with a full bladder! Try Sirona’s stand and pee to combat the urge to pee safely, as well as comfortably. No more UTIs with this innovative female urination device. 


If you’re a travel buff, you need to check out these portable urine devices that work for all sorts of washrooms. No more leaks, no more infections and no more squatting! 

Arthritis & other Medical Conditions

Sirona understands the trouble of making a toilet visit when you have joint issues such as arthritis and other medical conditions, making toilet hygiene questionable. Designed ergonomically, these stand and pee devices are ideal for women who find it difficult to move around, especially when they need to use toilets. 

Pregnant Women

With a big bump and the urge to pee often, running to any washroom you find may sound impractical when you make multiple visits. That too, in unhygienic toilets. This is where you should consider switching to portable female urination devices such as Sirona’s PeeBuddy stand and pee, that lets you pee in peace and comfort! 

Best-Selling Female Urination Device Price List

Find the safest way to pee with these compact female urination devices made exclusively by Sirona. A cool combination of ergonomics with high quality, these pee funnels are a must have in your travel kits! 

Product Name


PeeBuddy Reusable Female Urination Device - 1 Unit

INR 196

PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 80 Funnel

INR 975

PeeBuddy Female Urination Device - 20 Funnel

INR 307

Peebuddy Female Urination Device with Sirona Intimate Wipes, 10 Wipes, 20 Funnels

INR 399

Travel & Toilet Essential Duo - 10 Funnels

INR 255

Last Updated: 4th February 2023

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With a brand like Sirona, your hygiene is given the topmost priority. Shop for the best quality toilet hygiene products online at the most reasonable prices. Be ready for any toilet situation with Sirona’s PeeBuddy range of female urination kits

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Just like you choose these female urination devices from Sirona for your toilet hygiene needs, this online menstrual hygiene shop offers a comprehensive range of other products that are beneficial to all vulva owners. At Sirona, we provide our customers the choice to access pragmatic body hygiene products with ease. 

At Sirona, we provide something for all body hygiene enthusiasts! Starting from menarche to menopause, our products are made with utmost care and quality. Just like these ergonomic stand and pee female urination devices, Sirona offers other toilet hygiene  products such as toilet seat covers and toilet seat sanitiser sprays. Other products that menstruators can benefit from Sirona are menstrual cups, menstrual cup sterilisers and other period care products that promise hygiene at its best. Our sanitary disposal bags come in handy when you need to safely eliminate used menstrual products.

Sirona's mission is to make all vulva owners' lives better. We have done everything we can to make a woman’s life so much easier! Share your thoughts and interact with fellow users of this menstrual hygiene app that caters to feminine and general topics. For interesting videos from experts, look out for Sirona’s Youtube channel, a trove of loaded information. Moreover, if you love reading blogs, Intimately Yours is where you can spend your free time. 


1. What are female urination devices?

Female urination devices are pee funnels that can be used by women to pee comfortably in a standing position when using public toilets. 

2. How does female urination device work?

Sirona’s PeeBuddy stand and pee can be used by placing the funnel between the legs, right below the flow area. Tilt the funnel downwards into the toilet, and pee comfortably. 

3. Which female urination device is best?

Sirona’s PeeBuddy stand and pee is the best female urination device available in India. It comes in two variants- reusable and disposable types. 

4. Can a female pee while standing?

While using a female urination device from Sirona, it is advised to stand while peeing. It prevents leakage and mess. 

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