Sirona Stand & Pee Devices: Get Rid of Toilet Troubles

The most basic and natural thing in the world – going to the toilet – has become a hassle for you or a loved one. You never know if you will be able to reach an accessible bathroom or not. It could be miles away from your home, or worse – you could face intimidation just because you are a woman. This is happening even in this day and age! But, do things have to be like this? No! You don’t have to slow down your life because of your bladder problems, nor give up on anything! The answer lies with Sirona Pee! Ladies, Sirona pee can help. 

Sirona pee buddy is India’s first female urination device (FUD) that allows all women to pee while standing conveniently. Sirona pee wee for women helps them enjoy every aspect of their life without any inhibitions and go. Look at our range of stand pee devices online designed to help you with all aspects of intimate hygiene wherever you are, whatever you are doing. 

Buy Female Urine Devices For Every Woman's Needs

We have helped countless women worldwide with our various toilet hygiene products. Our disposable range of female pee devices is one of our star products designed for women from all walks of life.

PeeBuddy Female Urination Device is the first portable and disposable stand pee device that empowers women to pee standing up in public toilets. Made with water-resistant coated paper, this women's pee funnel is leakproof yet comfortable for use and ensures zero spillage. With a single handgrip design, women can easily use the PeeBuddy stand pee device in the comfort of their home too.

PeeBuddy Reusable Female Urination Device is the ideal pee wee for women and girls who do not want to squat or hover over a toilet or have difficulty sitting in a public restroom due to injury, pregnancy, or surgery. It is easy to use and clean and can be used with any clothing, including dresses, skirts, and bathing suits.

Our Travel & Toilet Essential Duo pack is explicitly designed to help you keep clean during your period while you are traveling. The pack consists of 2 separate items: “PeeBuddy Female Urination Device and PeeBuddy Odour & Germs Eliminating Before & After Toilet Spray.” Our travel and toilet hygiene combo is the perfect way to ensure you’re always ready for any situation. Use our ladies' pee device during your travel to keep your clothing free of unwanted stains and our toilet sprays for regular cleaning if using public restrooms. Never be caught unprepared!

You can also try other products such as “PeeBuddy Foldable Paper-Based Female Urination Device with Sirona Intimate Wipes” for maintaining proper hygiene. Also, you can get other intimate products online at Sirona as well. We have taken care of all the feminine hygiene products like menstrual cups, digital tampons, intimate wipes, lubricants, and many more. Our range of personal care products aims at providing you with the best period care and feminine hygiene.


1. What is the pee stand device?

It's a device that helps a woman urinate standing up.

2. What is the best female urination device?

“Sirona’s PeeBuddy Reusable Female Urination Device” is the best urination device for women.