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Bum Scrub & Cream

Bum Scrub & Cream

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If the rest of your body can look flawless and fine, your back deserves beauty too! Stretch marks, pimples, red spots, and discoloration may leave you thinking if it can actually be fixed. Fret not, Sirona’s range of the best back scrubs is available at great prices. 

Moisturise, hydrate and smoothen your posteriors with Sirona’s natural bum scrub and cream to give it that extra oomph! Level up your intimate care needs by choosing the best back scrubs available in India. Simply polish your booty the luxurious way. 

Benefits of Using Butt Scrub & Cream

If you ever thought ignoring your butt was ok, we hate to tell you you’re wrong. Just like how body scrubs treat your skin so well, your back needs that love too. You’ll agree with us when you read these amazing things a bum scrub can do to your booty!

It reduces tan naturally and brightens up your back skin. Additionally, your back feels supple too! It soothes and heals your booty of skin damage and dullness with natural ingredients. The moisturising properties and antioxidants of this natural scrub aid in the regeneration of damaged skin cells and can be used to treat acne.

Reduce Acne Spots

Surprisingly, your buttocks have hair follicles too! And since you're always sitting on your back, these follicles are more prone to clogging. The moisturising properties and antioxidants of this natural back scrub aid in the regeneration of damaged skin cells and can be used to treat acne. By using Sirona’s bum scrub on a regular basis, you may clear your pores and avoid bumps and rashes.

Reduces Pigmentation and Dullness

Using intimate care products like a back scrub can reduce the appearance of pigmentations and dull skin. The glycolic acid helps get rid of dead cells, leaving it sparkly soft. Additionally, your back feels supple too! 

Heals and Soothes Skin Damage

The use of a butt scrub stimulates collagen formation. This helps to tighten loose skin and promote skin suppleness. The Tasmanian pepper fruit in this scrub is a remedy to heal skin diseases due to its high antioxidant content. Soothe your back the natural way with Sirona’s back and bum scrub!

How to Use Bum Scrub & Cream

1. Wet the back or desired area with water.

2. Squeeze out two coin-sized amounts of the scrub. 

3. Apply the scrub and gently massage the area in a circular motion for 5 minutes. 

4. Rinse off the scrub with water and pat dry. 

Follow up with Sirona’s back and bum cream to give it the ultimate smoothness! 

Sirona Bum Scrub and Cream Can be Used on… 

Skin that needs exfoliation! Be careful to not use it on delicate areas like the face and intimate areas. Not just your bum, but this scrub can be used to remove dead cells from the neck area, knees, and back skin. Regular exfoliation and aftercare are recommended for maintaining fresh skin. 


Bring sexy back with Sirona’s back and bum care range! Let your back enjoy the natural power of moisturising and supple hydration. 


With all-natural exfoliants, butts can look cooler with Sirona’s butt scrubs. With ingredients like glycolic acid and natural coffee granules, reduce the tan lines and show off your beach bum!


The neck is an area that we often miss, and it tends to get clogged with sweat and dirt. Using a natural scrub like Sirona’s back and butt range is a mighty game changer! Use it once and see how your neck glows like the rest of your face! 


Tough luck with those dry patchy knees? Rub some natural back and bum scrub to exfoliate away dead skin. Sirona’s back and bum scrub works perfectly well for knees too!

Best Ingredients to look for in bum scrubs & creams

Love all things ‘natural’ in your skincare products? Well, Sirona’s bum cream and scrubs contain key natural elements such as Tasmanian pepper fruit, honey, pumpkin seeds, aloe vera extract, Shea butter, and hemp seed oil, that work together to restore the suppleness of your back and make it pigment-free! Sirona hates the nasties - parabens, mineral oils, formaldehyde, and alcohol, making these products completely safe! 

The goodness of Tasmanian Pepper Fruit 

The anti-inflammatory characteristics of Tasmanian pepper fruit in the cream soften the skin, while pumpkin seed oil repairs and firms it. ​

Best-Selling Bum Scrub & Cream Price List

When it comes to your booty, don’t hate, just exfoliate! Just as a regular skincare routine is required to keep skin moisturized and blemish-free, your back deserves the treatment too. Shop the best quality back and bum care products right here at Sirona. 

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Q: What does the bum cream do?

Sirona bum cream helps to revitalize your back skin with regular use. It has anti-inflammatory, hydrating properties and helps to minimise the occurrence of butt acne. 

Q: How long does it take bum cream to work?

With Sirona’s natural ingredient creams, smooth butts are a result of regular use! Use the bum cream and massage it into your back skin on a daily basis to replenish moisture and hydration.

Q: Which cream is best for dark spots on the butt?

Sirona’s natural back and bum cream is a safe and natural product to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolouration of the back skin.