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Buy The Best Condoms In India Online At The Best Prices 

‘Condom’ is a big taboo term in India. Therefore, couples find it awkward to enter the medical store and purchase it. Though it is hard for everyone to understand its value in the sexual wellness world, we can still try to bring a change and create awareness. Today, a condom is one of the leading sexual wellness products in the sexual wellness market. It is a form of contraception that consists of a thin and flexible bag made from rubber or latex. Condoms are a great way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. 


So for everyone who practises or wants to practise safe sex, Sirona’s best condoms for men have got you covered. Available at the best condom prices, our condoms are 100% natural and vegan and contain no harsh chemicals like Parabens making them safe for both partners. With the best condoms in India, Sirona is ready to make you experience an enhanced pleasure. Scroll and check out the best condom range, order your favourite and get it delivered to your doorstep!


Types of Condoms

From dotted condoms to super-thin and extra-time condoms, there is a huge range you can choose from based on your skin type, concern and preference. Explore them and pick what suits you the best:

Textured Or Dotted Condoms:  These types of extra-dotted condoms for men have dots designed to provide more stimulation and enhanced sensation. They come in variety like dotted, extra-dotted, and ribbed to make the lovemaking experience for you and your partner more enjoyable. So if you prefer more friction during penetrative sex, try these variations in condoms and see what is preferable for you.

Flavoured Condoms: Flavoured condoms are oral sex condoms that contain specific tastes and scents as compared to regular condoms that smell and taste of latex. These condoms come in different flavours like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry etc. 

Female Condoms: A female condom is like a little pouch that women insert into their vagina to prevent contact with bodily fluids during sexual intercourse.

Extra-Thin & Thin Condoms: If you and your partner want to barely feel wearing anything down there and enjoy a pleasurable experience, thin and super thin condoms are for you. These ultra thin condoms are rare to break and are effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. They come in different sizes and you can purchase them with or without lubricant.

Long-Lasting Condoms: Due to the high quantity of lubricants in them, long-lasting condoms for men delay the climax making it ideal for those looking to increase their stamina and love-making capacity for a long time.

Reasons To Wear Condoms

Wearing a condom is a practical, accessible and affordable way for you and your partner to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So read on why you shouldn’t compromise on wearing one:

  • The only birth control options that can reliably stop the spread of STDs like gonorrhoea, chlamydia, Syphilis, and HIV are internal condoms or condoms.

  • Condoms have no major side effects. This is why most people wear it without any issue.

  • Today, condoms come in a variety of textures, flavours, dimensions, and forms to enhance the feelings of both partners.

  • You can get condoms anywhere easily. They are quite affordable and you can purchase them without any prescription or valid identity.

Best-Selling Condoms Price List

Sirona offers the best condom range with affordable condom prices without compromising on the quality at all. Our condoms are natural and free from any harsh chemicals that perfectly offer you safety, comfort and pleasure at one time. Explore our condoms from our platform and make the best pick!


Shop for Condoms Online and Make Your Sexual Journey Pleasurable

At Sirona, we believe in making and delivering the best to you which means all our products tick off all filters like safety and usage and the same is applied to our condom range. We offer a growing collection of the best condoms in India with skin-friendly ingredients free from any harsh chemicals. So without any further delay, check out our amazing variety of condoms with affordable prices in superior quality and pick the best for you and your partner!

Buy The Best Condoms And Other Sexual Wellness & Hygiene Products Online At Sirona

We believe in making your and your partner’s sexual intercourse pleasurable, safe and comfortable with a hint of fun to it. Our sexual wellness products as such condoms are certified vegan to ensure you have safe and enjoyable sex with your partner. Sirona is the best destination that not only offers the choicest condoms but other period and intimate care products too. We’re a safe and unbiased space for all vulva owners!


If you haven’t checked out our feminine hygiene app, do visit it as it is a place where users can browse and purchase from our e-commerce platform, interact with fellow vulva owners, and read informative and interesting blogs on the Intimately Yours blog page. Sirona’s YouTube channel is for those who want to read all things information pertinent to the lives of people of all ages. 


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Q: Are condoms 100% protection?

No type of condom gives 100% protection from pregnancy or any sexually transmitted disease. No matter how safe they are, they still have a slight chance of breaking, tearing or slipping off.

Q: Why do condoms have Flavour?

Condoms have flavour in them mainly for making oral sex more enjoyable. Using it eliminates the taste and smell of latex and makes the condom flavourful.

Q: Are condoms effective at blocking pregnancy?

A condom is a  practical and effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Although no condom type gives 100% surety of protection, they are an easy and affordable way to prevent both pregnancy and STDs and infections. It is very easy to buy and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Q: Do condoms help to protect against HIV infection?

Condoms are the most successful and best way to prevent STIs like HIV if you use them properly. They work effectively for oral and anal sex with a low failure rate. When exposed to any virus, regular condom users are less likely to catch any infections compared to inconsistent or non-users.

Q: Will condoms reduce the risk of STI transmission during anal sex?

It is a practical way to order condoms online as latex or polyurethane condoms reduce the chance of any infection every time you engage in any sort of intercourse. Also, male latex condoms reduce the spread of STDs when used correctly and consistently.

Q: Why are flavoured condoms dotted?

Flavoured condoms are dotted to provide extra stimulation during sexual intercourse. This makes sex more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Q: Why are condoms ribbed?

Ribbed condoms heighten sexual pleasure and elevate stimulation. The dots are placed in such a way as to give you and your partner the utmost satisfaction and enjoyment.

Q: Why do condoms have dots?

Condoms have dots to increase your and your partner’s excitement and create a sensation exactly where you want. These dots create extra friction and stimulation that increases a deeper response from both partners.