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Menstruation is a healthy and natural process that women go through during their phases of life. Period talk, even in adulthood, can seem like a whispered 'women's-only' business, a taboo topic rather than an essential and cherished part of women's health. 

Be it tampons or menstrual cups, with the right period care products, managing menstrual hygiene gets a lot easier. From tackling period pain to waste disposal, Sirona offers a wide range of period kits to stay stress-free during that time of the month! 

Things to Have in Your Period Kit/Combo

Well, being on your period is never an easy job when you have to juggle so many things at a time! This is where a period kit comes in handy. It is important to choose menstrual packs that offer safe and toxic-free products. Sirona is a one-stop choice for all your period concerns, especially when you're looking for products that are super reliable and super comfy! 

Depending on the kind of menstrual hygiene products you use, Sirona gives you a choice of period kits to choose from. Keep your period stress free by planning those days with Sirona’s range of menstrual cups, menstrual cup sterilizers, pain patches, tampons, intimate cleansers, menstrual cup wash, period stain removers, lubricants, and PMS gummies

Menstrual Cup

Befriend this bell-shaped cup that goes with your flow and say goodbye to sanitary pads forever! These are durable, cost-effective, and sustainable products that collect the menstrual flow into the receptacle. Sirona’s menstrual cups tackle common period difficulties like rashes, dampness, skin infections, and leakages that may be seen with sanitary pads. Plan your period ahead with a Sirona Pro Reusable menstrual cup, an incredibly safe option in every period kit pack. 

Owing to its comfort and safety, more women are shifting to this reusable product made of 100% medical-grade silicone. What’s more? Run, jump, skip and do a whole lot of activities with no fear of leakage. 

Menstrual Lube 

Although a vagina has a natural fluid lubricant that keeps it moist, many women find it uncomfortable to slide a menstrual cup into the vagina. Vaginal dryness can be brought about by stress, anxiety, medications, or other bodily complications. Particularly among women who are first-time menstruators or are not sexually active, inserting a menstrual cup may be uncomfortable. In such cases, insertion is made easy by using a lubricant. 

Lubricants are sassy essentials in your period kit that make wearing menstrual cups so comfortable. All that you need to do is wash your hands, squeeze out a small amount of lubricant from the tube, slather the cup with the lubricant, fold the cup and slide it inside! 

While using a cup, a water-based lubricant is always a safe choice. A lubricant gives moisture to intimate tissues, creating a smooth glide. It reduces the possibility of unpleasant friction while inserting the menstrual cup. Menstrual cup lubricants make inserting a cup a lot easier and more relaxed. Check out Sirona’s water-based, natural lubricant that compliments your vagina’s feel. 

Menstrual Cup Sterilizer and Cleanser

With menstrual cups, tackling period hygiene is as easy as one, two, or three! Unlike sanitary pads, menstrual cups give you freedom from rashes, dampness, and skin infections. If you are a cup user, no period care kit is complete without a menstrual cup sterilizer and cup cleanser. 

When you need to empty the cup and reuse it, Sirona’s sterilizer aids in killing 99% of germs and is ready for use in 3 minutes. Once the cup is sterilized, this BPA-free electric device switches off automatically. Handling the device correctly helps to remove bacteria and hazardous substances that remain on the silicone.

Menstrual cup wash is an effective method to rinse off blood stains and eliminate odor from frequent use of cups. Made with mild and natural surfactants, Sirona’s menstrual cup wash is skin safe and the perfect cleanser in any menstrual pack. 

After all, your period care package needs to be clean and safe for future use. No more boiling water in the kitchen and no more worrying about period hygiene with menstrual cup sterilizers and cleansers


Compact, discrete, and made with organic cotton, Sirona’s biodegradable tampons are highly popular for their ease of use. Contrary to using sanitary pads, tampons make it possible to move without fear! This period care product can be inserted into the vagina without making a mess. Since this product cannot be reused, Sirona offers tampons that are made with ultra-soft, biodegradable fibers and high absorbent capacity. For easy removal, a string is left hanging from the tampon to facilitate pulling out the used product from the vagina. 

Based on the flow type, Sirona offers tampons for heavy-flow users as well as beginners. It is recommended that you change your tampon every 4-8 hours, depending on your flow. Sirona's ultra-absorbent tampons last longer and can be replaced according to your menstrual cycle. Furthermore, they are odorless and rash-free as they are made of FDA-approved natural fibers. From heavy to normal flow, Applicator and non-applicator tampons are must-haves in your period care kit. Shop your menstrual hygiene needs from Sirona’s range of period care products. 

Period Pain Relief Patches

The onset of periods can make cramps unbearable for many women. Why let agonizing pain get in your way of doing things you love? That is why Sirona has come up with wonderful remedies to stack in your period kit! Period pain relief patches provide instant relief for up to 8 hours, that too with no side effects. 

This is an all-natural remedy for menstruation and muscular pain. Enriched with the goodness of natural pain relievers like menthol and eucalyptus oil, it calms your muscles and provides cooling relief from period cramps within a few minutes of application. The patches come in a little package that fits easily into any pocket or bag. They are lightweight and can be easily disposed of after use. These ultra-thin patches are simple to use and can be gently applied to the affected areas for a relaxed and pain-free period. 

Period Stain Remover 

Period blood stains are a part and parcel of every menstruator, young or old. Maybe you miscalculated aunt Flo’s arrival or simply woke up in a blood pool below you, period stains are dreadful to think about, let alone get one on your favorite underwear. So why not prepare ahead and get yourself a period stain remover for your period kit? 

Sirona’s antibacterial period stain remover is a wonder that does four things all at once- removes tough stains (obviously!), removes odor, kills bacteria, and retains the fabric color. It works well for a variety of fabrics ranging from bed sheets to denim jeans. What’s more? This menstrual stain remover comes with a tiny brush that you can use to scrub those patches away. 

Sanitary Disposal Bags 

Disposing of harmful waste just got easier with Sirona’s sanitary disposal bags that are made with oxo-biodegradable material. Throwing away used sanitary pads, tampons, liners, etc in newspapers and plastic bags poses risks to the environment, especially when germs thrive on hard surfaces. These disposal bags are tamper-proof, making them safe from reaching stray animals and helping to protect against disease-causing microorganisms. When you choose Sirona’s sanitary disposal bags, you protect the environment and rag pickers from deadly diseases.

Sanitary Pads

Every menstruator has at some point come across a sanitary napkin or a pad that absorbs period blood. Sanitary pads are a simple and straightforward menstrual hygiene product that has existed for decades. An exhausting period can be overcome by using a good quality sanitary pad like Sirona’s range of reusable pads and biodegradable sanitary pads

Every emergency period kit has this menstrual hygiene product that offers a practical solution to prevent staining on clothes. Due to their convenience, menstrual pads are readily available at local stores and pharmacies. With a neat washroom, sanitary napkins can be changed as and when you wish. 

When you choose a sanitary pad, take into consideration the flow type and coverage. This can help to determine whether you need an extra-long pad with a wide hip-guard or a standard-sized pad. Sirona’s sanitary pads are biodegradable, antibacterial, rash-free, cottony soft and highly absorbent to suit any flow type- basically all the good stuff for your intimate needs! 

Best Selling Menstrual Care Kits Price List

Take good care of yourself during those days with the best-selling menstrual care kits at reasonable prices. Shop the best quality menstrual hygiene products at Sirona. 




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Shop Best Period Kits & Combo Online at Sirona

For all your period needs, shop from the best women’s hygiene brand available online at Sirona. From managing period cramps to disposing of used menstrual hygiene products, Sirona has your needs covered. Not to forget, Sirona makes your period days carefree! 

Buy Period Kits and other Period Products Online at Sirona

Sirona aims to provide a positive platform to address every vulva owner’s intimate needs. At Sirona, menstrual and intimate hygiene is prioritised in every manner. For essential period care kits, Sirona provides the best range of products with ease of use. 

Managing menstrual flow is easy with Sirona’s reusable menstrual cups, a safe and convenient method to manage periods. The menstrual cup steriliser can be used to clean the cups, ensuring a germ-free product. Other period products like tampons, panty liners, hot water bags, etc are also available on Sirona’s range of period care catalogue, to help menstruators choose what fits them best.

With expert-recommended information on Sirona’s YouTube channel and blog content on Intimately Yours, Sirona is a safe space to connect with like-minded individuals who share a common love for feminine hygiene. The menstrual hygiene app of this brand is a community for women to explore everything they need to know from puberty to menopause. Furthermore, it allows you to shop while also chatting and discussing your opinions and concerns with fellow vulva owners. 


1. What is a menstrual kit? 

A menstrual kit is a feminine hygiene pack that will contain the products that you will need during your monthly periods. A period or menstrual kit can contain a menstrual cup, tampons or sanitary pads to collect period blood, a menstrual cup cleanser, and steriliser, cup lubricant, pain relief patches, period stain remover, and disposal bags

2. What should be in a first-period kit?

If your daughter or sister just hit puberty, it is important to keep them prepared for a wonderful journey of womanhood. Gift them their first period kit with menstrual hygiene products like menstrual cups, tampons or sanitary pads (whatever you think is comfortable for them) along with period pain relief patches and intimate cleansers. If you choose to give a menstrual cup, keep a menstrual lube to aid in easy insertion and a menstrual cup sterilizer to keep the cup clean. For sanitary pads and tampons, make sure to keep biodegradable, disposal bags for discarding the used products. No kit is complete with a period stain remover! 

3. What should I buy for my daughter’s first period? 

Prepare your daughter with Sirona’s period kits and combos, a comprehensive range of menstrual hygiene products that range from menstrual cups to disposal bags and everything in between.

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