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Fashion Tape

Fashion Tape

Buy Fashion Tape Online in India

Struggling to wear your favorite dresses, tees, or tops for special occasions? For a chic fashionista like you, your clothes deserve attention! With Sirona’s cool fashion tapes, you can now flaunt your style with no fear. 

Easy, no mess, and super comfortable, these double-sided tapes for clothes are just what your wardrobe needs! 

What Are Fashion Tapes?

Fashion tapes or dress tapes are double-sided adhesive tape used to secure the edges of strapless clothes to the cleavage or the side of the breasts, or on shoulders to keep straps from slipping. To keep the clothing in place and to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, these fashion tapes are very useful. From gaping armholes to plunging necklines, there’s no better place than Sirona to buy body dress tapes online! 

Benefits Of Using Sirona’s Fashion Tape

With a world that moves ahead in style every day, clothing hacks are just as popular. Make a bold statement and flaunt your favorite garment combos with these fashion tapes for clothes! 

Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions

Backless, low-cut, or difficult hemlines- you name it, there’s a definitive solution from Sirona. Keep wardrobe malfunctions at bay with these super fashion tapes. 

Manage Fashion Emergency 

If your outfit calls for a brunch date or a wild party night, you’d love to keep your outfits sexy yet secure right? Fear no embarrassing  ‘oops’ or annoying necklines that keep you alarmed. Never miss a chance to show off those curves with this double-sided tape for clothes.  

Fabric & Skin Friendly

Sirona’s fashion tapes are amazing when it comes to blending with the fabric and your skin. These tapes can be used on any fabric without causing damage and are absolutely skin friendly! 

Superior Adhesiveness

These double-sided tapes for clothes come with high-quality adhesives that keep your clothes in place. Stick to Sirona’s fashion tapes to make a style statement! 


With these sleek fashion tapes, catch someone admiring you and wondering how you keep it all in place! These tapes are transparent and show off nothing that you don’t want people to know about! 

Double-Side Adhesive

Now it's easier to hold outfits and accessories in place with these high-quality fashion tapes that come with double-sided adhesives. Keep those bra straps from slipping and low-cut tops effortless by using these double-sided boob tapes. 

How to use Fashion Tape?

New to this cutting-edge fashion hack? Welcome to a whole new level of parading your love for clothes! Using a fashion tape is quite simple, all you need is to be prepared to love what you see! 

Step 1: Keep your skin clean before sticking the tape. 

Step 2: To reveal the adhesive side of the tape, remove the two pieces of paper from the transparent plastic on one side of the tape.

Step 3: Stick this piece of tape to wherever you want your garment to be attached. 

Step 4: When the tape is stuck, peel off the white sheets on the other side of the tape and stick your garment to the fashion tape. Gently rub the piece of clothing against the tape with your fingertips to ensure it is secure. 

Where to use fashion tape on clothes

This genius fashion hack can be used for different purposes to secure clothes or even firm up your breast when you need to look extra hot! You can keep your bra straps in place, close gaps on button-down shirts, attach sleeves to upper arms for a great look, or even stick accessories if you like! Basically, these garment tapes are fashion saviors that come to your wardrobe rescue when you need them! Get your fashion tapes online today! 

Securing Neckline

Keep your low-cut tops and strapless dresses in check with these dress tapes from Sirona. Secure the neckline by keeping the garment in place to prevent slips and slides around your chest. 

Holding Straps in Place

These durable fashion tapes with double-sided adhesives, keep straps from slipping and making you uncomfortable. These tapes are meant to prevent such malfunctions, especially when those straps have a tendency to move around. 

Secure Off-Shoulder Tops

Flip the fabric over and apply fashion tape to keep shoulder straps in place. Keep the piece of tape concealed between the fabric of the shirt, then apply pressure with your finger onto your shoulder skin. 

Gaping Arm Holes 

With these cool lingerie tapes from Sirona, there’s absolutely no chance that your armholes will show when you don't need them to! Such are these tapes that are skin and fabric friendly with a discrete appearance that can be practically used for all sorts of fashion emergencies. 

Button-Down Gaps

Love the shirt, but don’t love those gaps? Sirona’s fashion hack has you covered. Check out these handy fashion tapes that let you fix those gaps on your favorite shirts. 

Shop for the Best Fashion Tape Online at Sirona

Fashion solutions come in small sizes with these uber-cool fashion tapes from Sirona! Have you got a chance to try these budget-friendly products that can be your wardrobe’s bestie? If not, check it out already and get your hands on these body dress tapes available online. With a brand that tops quality and affordability, Sirona is the #1 choice for your feminine needs! 

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Q: What is fashion tape used for?

Fashion tapes are double-sided adhesive tapes that are used to secure the borders of a strapless dress or top to the skin, or used on clothes to protect garments from slipping, and to keep the clothing in place.

Q: Does Sirona fashion tape work on the skin?

Yes, Sirona’s fashion tapes are skin friendly as well as fabric friendly, which can be used for fashion emergencies and hacks.

Q: How do you tape your dress to your skin?

Use Sirona’s fashion tapes to secure your clothes from slipping or maintaining them in place.