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While many people talk about personal care and beauty, the discussion around intimate care and hygiene is frequently overlooked. Intimate hygiene with the use of specially-crafted intimate care products is an essential aspect of a daily routine. When the best intimate care products are incorporated into everyday use, it helps protect and prevent infections, itching, bad odour, skin problems and other issues. Feminine intimate care products, especially the intimate wash, are usually made to match the pH of the area. It is meant to be used to ensure a state of balance and protection from infection or itching. 

Sirona has an extensive range of intimate care products suitable for daily use to maintain hygiene and wellness of the widely unspoken areas with feminine intimate care products. The wide spectrum of intimate hygiene products includes hygiene intimate washes, wipes, bum cream, maternity breast pads, underarm sweat pads, intimate oil, toner and serum, sexual lubricants, pregnancy test kits and even condom or tampon disposal bags. 

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Looking for the best in intimate care products? When it comes to intimate care, it is always important to look for a brand you trust. Sirona has solutions for all intimate hygiene concerns. All the intimate care products from Sirona are safe to use, pH balanced and free of harmful chemicals which could end up doing more harm than good.

Underarm Sweat Pads

Wearing your favourite light-coloured dress and ending the day with sweat leaving yellow stains? No longer do you need to feel the embarrassment associated with large sweat patches staining and discolouring your clothes- just use our bestselling underarm sweat pads

You need to try the Sirona underarm sweat pads that are perfect for people of all genders. These ultra-thin and super absorbent sweat pads help to lock in the excess sweat to prevent staining and dampening of your amazing outfits. They adhere to all fabrics, do not leave rashes on your skin and are discreet. 

Maternity Breast Pads

Manage breastfeeding-related leakages with Sirona maternity breast pads which are ultra-soft and contoured for a 3-Dimensional fit. Pregnant and nursing mothers may have to deal with leakage and these maternity breast pads help restore comfort and confidence, in such situations. These pads are specially made with a distinct 3D shape for a superior fit. They’re breathable and ultra-thin, feeling soft against the skin and do not leak, which all make them a popular choice amongst new mothers. 

Rash Cream

For those who are fed up of getting those annoying rashes between their thighs or in the intimate areas due to chafing, sweat or pads, the Sirona rash cream comes as a saviour. The anti-chafing cream safely treats rashes and soreness in intimate areas due to pads or excessive skin rubbing. This rash cream heals, soothes and calms with its power-packed herbal ingredients, free of chemical preservatives, parabens, sulphates and mineral oils. 

Intimate Wash

The hygiene intimate wash is one of the best intimate care products available in the market today that maintains the pH of your vaginal area and restores the skin’s acid mantle with its unique skin purifier, making Intimate wash perfect for daily use. The intimate area is very sensitive; the harsh cleansing shower gels and soaps that are used on the rest of the body may not be ideal for the intimates. However, don’t let your intimate hygiene and care take a backseat- just get a pH-balanced feminine hygiene intimate wash from Sirona. 

The variants of intimate washes available at Sirona can range from a refreshing gel-like formulation to a foaming formulation with the goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar. The use of these washes helps control itching and irritation as well as prevent infections. 

Intimate Wipes

Maintaining hygiene while travelling is not easy- but intimate hygiene maintenance is even more challenging. Sirona’s Intimate wet wipes are ideal for carrying with you while travelling when you can’t wash your intimate area. Regular wipes may be too harsh for sensitive zones but these intimate wipes made of ultra-smooth fibre with fruit and aloe vera extracts are pH balanced to keep you safe and healthy. Sirona intimate wipes are perfect for cleaning underarms, breast and bikini areas. 

Intimate Serum

Do you find yourself wishing that your intimate areas were of a more even skin tone, owing to the pigmentation caused by repeated friction and dryness? Does the external genitalia feel dry? Then, this Sirona intimate serum is sure to help. It has gentle ingredients which restore the healthy intimate pH levels while evening out the skin tone and leaving the skin down there feeling moisturised. 

Intimate Oil and Toner

Check out our range of products for your Intimate Care like the Intimate Oil, Toner and Serum that will soothe, rejuvenate and refresh your skin, while healing it at the same time. After all, you deserve a CTM routine for your intimate area too!

Absolute essentials in your intimate skin care armamentarium are Sirona’s intimate oil and toner- both made to be refreshing, soothing and preventing dryness with good-for-you ingredients. Add the intimate oil and toner to your daily hygiene routine. Buy them now to feel the difference. 

Bum Cream & Scrubs

The Bum Cream helps bring back the attention to a largely ignored part of the body and gives it some much-needed nourishment and love! Sirona’s Back and Bum Cream is a power-packed product loved by all! It can be used by people of all genders and is specially made for the indulgent moisturisation of the ignored, rough and dry skin of the back and the bum. It has a 4-in-1 action of nourishment, hydration, moisturisation and evening out the skin tone. 

It is of a pleasant fragrance and a smooth consistency that gets absorbed into the skin which also works great on the back, bum and thick-skinned areas like elbows and knees too. 

Get it as part of a routine- use the Sirona bum cream and scrub for a good exfoliation and follow it up with this cream to get the best results. 

Fashion Tape

Wardrobe malfunctions are an issue that most people face but are rarely spoken about. Your secret to avoiding everyday wardrobe malfunctions is here- Sirona fashion tape! It works well for low necklines, button down shirts, gaping armholes, falling straps, off-shoulder dresses, keeping accessories in place- the list goes on..

Sexual Lubricants

Looking for a lubricant that can complement your body’s natural lubrication to up the ante during sensual massage or sexual activity? Sirona’s range of water-based lube tubes are just what you need. They feel natural, do not stain and wash off easily once the deed is done! 

Pregnancy Test Kit

If you’re sexually active, a delayed period could raise all sorts of bells (either of excitement or alarm)! It’s always best to remain aware of a pregnancy at the earliest and PeeBuddy has an innovative way to test pregnancy

This one-of-a-kind test kit does not require collecting urine in a cup or creating a mess of any sort- all you need to do is stand and pee. 

Condom and Tampon Disposal Bags

Discreet disposal of sanitary items like condoms and tampons may be challenging but these nifty little self-adhesive bags from Sirona do the job well! They are oxo-biodegradable and lock the odours into these tamper-proof sachets. Disposing of sanitary wastes in a responsible manner cannot get easier than this. 

Intimate and Sexual Kits

Looking for a mix of items for intimate care and sexual wellness at a better price? Sirona puts together well thought out intimate and sexual kits for your convenience. Buy an intimate kit or a sexual kit from Sirona as a gift for someone or for yourself today!

Buy Best Intimate Hygiene Products Online for your Intimate Problems at Sirona

No matter what intimate care and hygiene concerns you face, Sirona probably has effective solutions for them. We delve deep into the unchartered waters of unanswered problems- and find great solutions for all of them to make everyone’s lives a whole lot easier.  

Vulva And Bum Care

Down there problems could range from itching, irritation, dryness to even pigmentation. Believe it or not, Sirona has a solution for each and every one of these issues. Opt for the best-quality products for vulva and bum care to boost your hygiene and confidence. 

Intimate Area Rashes

There’s nothing quite as annoying as getting rashes in the intimate areas or between the thighs. Whether it is caused due to weight, sweat, pads or high activity, this is surely a well-documented problem all around the world. But, there is a solution to prevent, soothe and heal these- the robust formulation of the Sirona rash cream. 

Vaginal Discharge

That wet and uneasy feeling down there can get annoying- especially when it stains your favourite underwear. Don’t let vaginal discharge get the better of you- invest in good quality Sirona pantyliners that keep you comfortably dry and happy!

Underarm Sweat

Ready for the party with a light coloured blouse or shirt and that sweat stain starts making its appearance? For the pit perspirators, Sirona has ultra-thin underarm sweat pads that adhere to the inner seams of the sleeve to prevent embarrassment due to discoloration and patches caused by sweat. It is a must-have for all your looks! 

Underarm Lightening

There is a tendency for the underarms to be slightly darker than the skin of the rest of the body. Many reasons for this- including use of harsh chemical-laden deodorants, shaving or use of hair removal creams, excessive sweating and the building up of dead skin cells. Address this issue with Sirona underarm sweat pads and depigmentation serum- watch your underarms revert to its original skin tone

Vaginal Lubricant

Lubricant is a must-have if vaginal dryness is an issue you face. It is useful for supplemental natural lubrication during sexual activity including intercourse. Lubricant can also be used for a more seamless insertion of the menstrual cup, especially for beginners. 

Post Sex Hygiene

The deed is done- and now, comes the most important part. No, we’re not talking about the cuddles! It’s time to maintain post-sex hygiene. A few people swear by peeing followed by cleaning up the intimates with an Intimate Wash. However, if you don’t want to take too much of an effort, cleaning the intimate area with Intimate Wipes may work just as well!

Vaginal Dryness 

Vaginal dryness can be a result of hormonal changes. With varying degrees of dryness in the vaginal canal, it is common to feel pain or discomfort during intercourse. Addressing the issue of vaginal dryness is as simple as getting some lube so slip right back into action!

Best-Selling Intimate Care Products Price List

There’s no hush-hush when it comes to the intimate care and hygiene products on Sirona. These products are mostly budget-friendly and a great addition to your intimate routines. Here are our best-selling intimate care products and their price list:

Last Updated: 20th May 2024

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Like the innovative intimate care and hygiene products, Sirona has an extensive range of other products to solve problems for vulva owners available online. We have created an ecosystem of useful products across segments to make people feel comfortable and empowered. 

In addition to Sirona’s range of innovative products including the menstrual cup, sanitary disposal bags and many other solutions for menstruators, we also have services to make menstruators feel more confident in their choices. The intimate care range helps our users feel more confident and clean- in the personal pockets of their daily lives. 

The Feminine Hygiene app is a space where users can shop from our e-commerce platform, interact with the Sisterhood community and read informative blogs on the Intimately Yours blog page. Sirona’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information on various topics pertinent to the lives of people of all ages. 

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Q: Which product is best for the intimate area?

When choosing products for the intimate area, it is important to search for something that is pH-balanced and has gentle ingredients which will not affect this sensitive area. Sirona has a range of intimate care products which are effective but also maintain a healthy ecosystem of the intimate zone.

Q: How do you do intimate care?

Intimate care, much like skin care, has the aspects of cleanse-tone-moisturise. This would mean that you could invest in an intimate wash to cleanse, an intimate toner to tone and an intimate oil to moisturise. Based on your goals from intimate care, you could also add an intimate serum for depigmentation.

Q: What is intimate washing?

The use of an intimate wash along with water to clean the external genitalia is called intimate washing.

Q: Why is intimate care important?

Maintaining intimate hygiene should become part of one’s daily routine as it helps in keeping these areas clean and comfortable. The use of Sirona intimate care products help in preventing itching, irritation, infections and dryness.