Sirona’s Intimate Care Products Ensure Proper Intimate Hygiene

While many women talk about personal care and beauty, the discussion rarely revolves around intimate hygiene, which is also an important part of feminine hygiene. Taking care of your intimate area is probably the most essential part of your everyday routine, which shields you from vaginal infections, itching, bad odour and other problems. Sirona has a wide range of intimate hygiene products to maintain intimate hygiene, be it at work or while travelling. Check out the ultimate Intimate Care Combo that comes with a balanced pH intimate wash, intimate wet wipes, anti-chafing rash cream and period pain relief patches. It is the all-in-one solution to your intimate hygiene problems. The intimate wash is one of the best intimate care products that maintains the pH of your vaginal area and restores the skin’s acidic mantle with its unique skin purifier. The anti-chafing cream safely treats rashes and soreness in intimate areas due to pads or excessive rubbing of skin. Sirona’s Intimate Wet Wipes are ideal for carrying with you while travelling, when you can’t wash your intimate area. Check out our range of products for Intimate Care that will soothe, rejuvenate and refresh your skin, while healing it at the same time.

Buy Feminine Hygiene Products Online From Sirona

Sirona is not only your go-to platform for intimate products online, but also a solution for all your problems right from Toilet Hygiene to Periods. Our innovative products are meant to make womxn’s lives easier and more convenient. Just look at the Stand and Pee Device for females who are unable to squat or frequently face dirty public toilets. Our bestselling Period Care products include menstrual cups made with medical grade silicone, that last for a long time and give you leakage-free periods. Our range of feminine hygiene products also includes biodegradable digital tampons that are easy to insert and super absorbent. These small and efficient tampons can be used while out for hiking, swimming or cycling too. Never compromise on your favourite activities while you are on your period thanks to these soft tampons! You can also check out our collection of Personal Care Products that are effective in taking care of your skin and face and are convenient for hair removal. The Natural Back and Bum Cream is a life saver that moisturizes and smoothes your back and butt, while reducing acne spots. Explore Sirona’s vast collection of womxn’s hygiene products and make your life easier with our innovative solutions!

Why Shop For Feminine Hygiene Products From Sirona?

Sirona is not only one of the top femine hygiene brands that curates problem- specific products for women, we are also committed to making these problems normal for the rest of the women. We aim to create dialogue about the myths and taboos related to feminine hygiene and spread this among womxn with insufficient facilities to obtain such products. We create environment-friendly products that can be easily disposed of without leaving a carbon footprint. You can relax and shop from our high quality products made for improving women’s lives at every step of their way.


How can a woman keep her hygiene private parts?

Hygiene in your intimate areas can be maintained by using a good quality intimate wash that maintains the pH of your intimate area. Wash only the outside of your privates at least once a day as well as before and after sexual intercourse. Use wipes when you can’t find a bathroom to wash your intimate area.

What is women intimate care?

Women’s intimate care, as the name suggests, involves maintaining the hygiene of your intimate areas, including your vagina. You need to follow good hygiene practices daily to ensure proper health of these parts and protection from any infections.

How do I choose an intimate wash?

Look for an intimate wash that is pH balanced, so that it does not disrupt the acidic pH of your vagina. After that, go for a wash that is made up of natural or plant-based ingredients and absolutely avoid any chemical, artificial or synthetic ingredients. Avoid any wash with glycerin as it is a breeding ground for yeast infections!