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Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy Test Kit

Buy Pregnancy Test Kit Online in India

Forget about the hassle of peeing on a stick or collecting urine in a cup to get a pregnancy test done. Sirona has a top-notch solution to avoiding all the messy procedures to get your answers immediately! Say hello to PeeBuddy PregRx, the world's first hCG-integrated funnel for testing pregnancy at home without fuss. 

Imagine the convenience of using a disposable funnel as a pregnancy kit, isn’t it just wonderful? With these nifty funnels, Sirona has changed the way you look at pregnancy test strips

Why choose Sirona’s Pregnancy Test Kit

In all ways, getting your pregnancy test checked is a defining moment. And you wish it didn't take so long! This is why Sirona’s PeeBuddy PregRx is just what you need ready in your intimate kits. Just pee to see those results in less than 5 minutes! With the best pregnancy kit prices online, you’d wish you knew this pee-to-see funnel before! 

Easy to Use

These pregnancy kits are made for ease and convenience to the user. Forget about the different procedures that keep you distracted. 


No more cups to pee, no more dropping pee, and no more mess whatsoever! Sirona’s pregnancy test kit just needs you to pee and it lets you see those results without worrying about creating a mess in the space. 

Quick Result

Nope, with Sirona’s pregnancy kits online, getting those results will not feel like ‘forever’. It's quick and easy, so just pee and see! 


These innovative pregnancy kits are kind to the environment. Sirona PeeBuddy PregRx is biodegradable and available at the best prices online. 

UV Sterilised 

Being a component of the filtration system, these test strips are UV sterilised. It is made absolutely safe for use. 

How to use Pregnancy Test Strips/Kit 

PeeBuddy PregRx is made as easy as 1-2-3 with the simplest of steps to take the test. Just follow these instructions and get your ‘good news within so little time!

Open: Open the funnel before use. 

Place: Place the funnel between your legs

Pee: Relax and pee into the funnel. 

See: Look for the result in 90 seconds. 

Dispose: After use, make sure to dispose of the test funnels for hygienic purposes. 

Shop for the Best Pregnancy Test Kit Online at Sirona

Sirona’s pregnancy kit has cutting-edge midstream technology, which lets you pee on the absorbent strip rather than using containers and cups. These pregnancy strip tests are available at the best prices online, with no compromise on quality. Get your good news with PeeBuddy PregRx! 

Buy Pregnancy Test Kits and Other Feminine Hygiene Products at Sirona

Like this super easy pregnancy test kit, Sirona has an extensive range of other intimate hygiene products available online that make life comfortable for all vulva owners. Sirona has created a world of empowering products across segments to make people feel comfortable and important in their daily lives. 

In addition to Sirona’s range of innovative products including the menstrual cup, sexual lubricants, sanitary disposal bags, and many other products for menstruators, we also have services to make our community feel more confident in their choices. The intimate care range helps our users feel more confident and clean- in the personal pockets of their daily lives. 

The feminine hygiene app is a space where users can shop from our e-commerce platform, interact with fellow vulva owners, and read informative blogs on the Intimately Yours blog page. Sirona’s YouTube channel is your go-to place for all-things-information on various topics pertinent to the lives of people of all ages. 


1. How do I know if I'm pregnant with a test kit?

Sirona’s pregnancy kit will show two pink lines on the funnel for a positive result, and one line if it is a negative result. 

2. Can a pregnancy test kit show the wrong result?

Although Sirona’s pregnancy kit shows accurate results, if you suffered a pregnancy loss soon after the fertilised egg connected to the uterine lining, a false-positive result could occur. The test kit can show an invalid result when it is not used properly. 

3. How to test pregnancy at home with a kit?

Using Sirona’s pregnancy test kit is an easy way to check if you are pregnant or not. All you need to do is pee into the funnel and see the results on the strip. 

4. How does a pregnancy test kit work?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which begins to be created around 6 days after fertilisation, is detected by all pregnancy tests. Sirona PeeBuddy PregRx is a funnel-shaped test kit that can read hCG through urine. 

5. Can I reuse a pregnancy test kit?

Sirona’s pregnancy kit cannot be reused as it is a disposable type of pregnancy test strip. 

6. How to read a pregnancy test kit?

If there is only one colored line on the test strip, the test is negative and you are not pregnant. If two contrasting lines appear, the test is positive, indicating that you are pregnant. If only one line appears on the test side, the result is invalid. 

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