The Sirona Menstrual Cup Steriliser: A Great Choice for Cleaner Health

Not sure how to clean or sterilise your menstrual cup? Don’t want to risk damaging your cup with improper cleaning methods? That’s where menstrual cup sterilisers come in! Menstrual cup sterilisers are a convenient way to thoroughly wash and boil your menstrual cup, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria clinging on. Cleaning and storing your menstrual cup effectively is super important to keep it safe to use all month long. Sterilising, when done correctly, eliminates any bacteria and allows you to store your period cup safely, without concerns of harmful chemicals or toxins staying on the silicone. They are an essential part of having a healthy and quality menstrual product. The Sirona period cup steriliser cleans safely and effectively in just a few minutes so that when you use your menstrual cup next, you can be sure of a clean, hygienic cycle.

Sirona Menstrual Sterilizer Can Help Make Periods More Pleasant.

A clean cup will make life easier for you during your period. Switching to a menstrual cup is a great choice – but you shouldn’t struggle because of it!

Buy Sirona Best Menstrual  Cup Sterilizer Online

Sirona menstrual cup steam steriliser is a hassle-free and perfect solution to disinfect the menstrual cup. It can be used to store the menstrual cup after use too. Sanitising the cup makes it safe during menstruation, providing 100% safety during use. It kills up to 99% of germs and bacteria in 3 minutes; It leaves the cup perfectly clean and ready to be stored safely till the next cycle.

Get Yourself Sirona Collapsible SIilicone Cup Foldable Sterilizing Container For Menstrual Cups

Sirona Sterilizing Container is a microwave sterilising container that helps you sterilise your Sirona menstrual cup in the microwave. It's made with 100 % food-grade silicone, so it's non-toxic and BPA-free, which means it's safe to use. Plus, it's collapsible/foldable, which makes it easy to carry and use on the go. It works well also to sterilise any of the three sizes of Sirona Menstrual Cup.

Get the Menstrual Cup Life Combo

The Sirona Cup Life Combo will help you live your periods comfortably, economically, and sustainably. It enables you to do this through three products:

  • The Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup-  It is made of high-quality medical-grade silicone. It is reusable for up to 10 years and is eco-friendly.

  • The Sirona Menstrual Cup Wash- It is formulated with mild surfactants.

  • The Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer is a hassle-free and perfect solution to disinfect the menstrual cup.


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1. How do you sterilise a menstrual cup?

To sterilise the cup, boil it in water for five to ten minutes and cool. Washing your hands with warm water and mild, antibacterial soap and washing the cup with a mild, water-based soap can help prevent contamination. After this, dry the menstrual cup with a clean towel.

2. How do you sterilise a menstrual cup without boiling?

You can follow the following steps for sterilising a menstrual cup without boiling:

  • Put the cup in a microwave-safe bowl. 

  • Make sure that the steriliser entirely covers it.

  • Do not cover the menstrual container with any lid. 

  • Set your microwave at a high temperature for 3-5 minutes.

3. How often should I sterilise my menstrual cup?

After each menstrual cycle, we recommend boiling your cup for 20 minutes.