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Menstrual Cup Sterilizer and Cleanser

Menstrual Cup Sterilizer and Cleanser

Buy Menstrual Cup Sterilizers and Cleansers online in India

When people switch to a menstrual cup, the main concern is how to maintain it for up to 10 years in a hygienic manner. It is important to choose a menstrual cup cleanser that is safe for the human body as well as for the cup. Prevent damage and kill germs effectively with a combination of the menstrual cup cleanser wash and menstrual cup sterilizer, both available online. 

Keep your menstrual cup clean with the best menstrual cup wash and menstrual cup sterilizer from Sirona. A simple rinse helps keep the period cup cleaner to wash and reuse during a cycle while the menstrual cup steam sterilizer is ideal to kill 99.9% of germs in between two menstrual cycles. 

There are several variants of sterilizing equipment suitable for menstrual cups available online today. The most popular are microwave sterilizing containers, electric menstrual cup sterilizers, and UV sterilizers. 

Menstrual cup sterilizers are a convenient way to thoroughly wash and boil your menstrual cup, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria clinging on. Cleaning and storing your menstrual cup effectively is super important to keep it safe to use all month long. Sterilizing, when done correctly, eliminates any bacteria and allows you to store your period cup safely, without concerns of harmful chemicals or toxins staying on the silicone. They are an essential part of having a healthy menstrual product and maintaining its quality in the long run. The Sirona period cup sterilizer cleans safely and effectively in just a few minutes so that when you use your menstrual cup next, you can be sure of a clean, hygienic cycle.

Welcome convenience into your period hygiene routine. Sanitizing the menstrual cup cannot get easier than this. It’ll make your periods even more pleasant and makes the process of switching to a menstrual cup far less cumbersome. 

Benefits of Menstrual Cup Sterilizer and Cleanser

There are several benefits of using a menstrual cup washer as well as the Sirona menstrual cup sterilizer, individually as well as together. Let’s take a closer look into why investing in the best period cup wash and menstrual cup sterilizer can make your life a whole lot easier. 

Benefits of a Menstrual Cup Wash

The Sirona menstrual cup wash is made of natural ingredients with a pleasant fragrance to keep the menstrual cup or disc clean.

Maintains menstrual cup hygiene 

The menstrual cup washer plays a significant role in ensuring the hygiene of the cup, making it clean and ready for subsequent use. It fights bacteria with its natural ingredients. 

Removes blood stains 

The Sirona menstrual cup wash gets rid of blood stains from a used cup so that they don’t remain and dull the cup.

Removes odour

The menstrual cup sterilizing wash gets rid of any odour that remains on the cup, replacing it with a fragrant scent.

Benefits of Menstrual Cup Sterilizers

The Sirona menstrual cup sterilizer is an innovation that is used to facilitate the easy and quick steam sterilization process of the menstrual cup. It is recommended to use the electric menstrual cup sterilizer before using the cup for the first time, before every period cycle and at the end of a period cycle. 

Hospital-grade menstrual cup sterilization at home  

The menstrual cup steam sterilizer ensures that 99.99% of the germs and bacteria are killed so that the menstrual cup or disc can be used without worry. 


With the Sirona menstrual cup sterilizer, one does not need to boil water in the kitchen. Either plug it in your room, microwave the microwave sterilizing container, or pour hot water in. 


The menstrual cup sterilizer does its job within a short span of 3 minutes-quicker than boiling water on the stove which takes around 10 to 15 minutes. 

How to Use Menstrual Cup Wash & Sterilizer

Looking for simplicity in your menstrual cup management? All you need to do is get yourself a Sirona menstrual cup cleanser and electronic sterilizer. Here’s how to use both these handy additions to the menstrual cup routine. 

Menstrual Cup Wash

Here’s how to use a menstrual cup wash.

Dispense - Put a few drops of menstrual cup wash on a wet menstrual cup. 

Lather - Gently work up a lather by agitating the liquid against all surfaces of the cup. Ensure that you clean both the inside and outside of your cup

Rinse - Wash it off thoroughly with plain water. 

Menstrual Cup Electronic Sterilizer

Here’s how to use a menstrual cup electronic sterilizer.

Add water - Pour 5 ml of water into the water holding area of the sterilizer. Feel free to use the cover as a measuring cup. 

Place cup - Place your menstrual cup upside down over the water holding area and place the cover.

Power up - Plug in the sterilizer and push the power button for turning it on. The indicator light will switch on. 

Wait - The steam sterilization process will take approximately 2 to 3 minutes. The power will auto cut off once done. 

Cool down and use - Let the cup cool down, then take it out with clean hands and use it. 

Menstrual Cup Microwave Sterilizer

Here’s how to use a menstrual cup microwave sterilizer.

Add water- Fill the container with water up to 1 cm below the top rim.

Place cup - Place your menstrual cup into the microwave sterilizer and place the cover loosely over it. 

Microwave - Place the sterilizer with the cup inside the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. 

Cool down and use - Let the cup cool down to room temperature, then take it out with clean hands and use it. 

Best-Selling Menstrual Cup Sterilizer and Cleanser Price List

Sirona has the best menstrual cup wash and menstrual cup sterilizer in India- and it may come as a surprise to you how much value for money they bring. The menstrual cup wash and microwave sterilizer prices are extremely affordable and the menstrual cup electronic sterilizer price is a reflection of a one-time investment towards easier period hygiene management in the long run. 

Below are the prices of the menstrual cup wash and menstrual cup sterilizer.

Last Updated: 20th May 2024

Shop for Best Menstrual Cup Sterilizer and Cleanser Online at Sirona

If you are a menstrual cup user and you’re looking for quick and easy ways to maintain cup hygiene, look no further than Sirona. The menstrual cup cleansers and sterilizers available on Sirona are of top-notch quality. In addition to this, all the products come at extremely affordable prices. 

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Q: How to wash a menstrual cup?

Simply dispense 2-3 drops of the Sirona menstrual cup wash. Agitate it until you get a lather, remembering to clean the internal as well as external surfaces of the cup thoroughly. Rinse off with water and the cup is now clean

Q: How long does it take to sterilize?

If you’re using a microwave sterilizer or an electric sterilizer, the menstrual cup sterilization process takes up to 3 minutes

Q: Can I wash my menstrual cup with soap?

No, it is not recommended to wash the menstrual cup with soap as it may not guarantee an effective clean and it may not be pH balanced to the vaginal area.

Q: How many menstrual cups can be sterilized in one go?

It is recommended to place just one menstrual cup or menstrual disc within the sterilizing container at a time.