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Buy Sexual Lubricants Online in India

Within the intimate care umbrella, comes the conversation of sexual lubricants - an absolute essential for solo or couple sexual encounters. Personal sex lubricant helps reduce friction during any sexual activity while also helping to reduce irritation. Intimate lube can be used by people of all genders, for easier sexual activity.

Searching for the best lubricant for sex? When searching for an intimate lube online, the Sirona intimate lubricant is sure to be the best intimate lube out there. Make your fantasies come to life- use the Sirona lubricant for anal sex or penetrative or solo or oral! When choosing an intimate lubricant for oral sex, be careful that it is recommended and safe for oral use. The Chocolate and Strawberry flavoured Lube Tubes are the best lubricant gels in India to be used for oral sex. This lubricant is even suitable for use with latex and sex toys. 

Another use of a Sexual lubricant is for the easier insertion of a menstrual cup or menstrual disc, especially for first-time or underconfident users. Just a little bit of water-based vaginal lubricant can help the menstrual cup to glide up the canal and sit into the right position while minimising pain and discomfort for the user. 

No matter what it is that one may buy lubricant for, it is important to choose the best lubricant for men and women that casts no more dry spells on your happy times or when you need to reduce friction. When picking out the best sexual lubricant, look for one that is glycerin-free, water-based and made of natural ingredients- much like the lube tubes from Sirona. 

Buy the Sirona lubricant gel in India for a trusted and highly reviewed lube, loved by many. 

Benefits of Using Sexual Lubricant Gel 

Wondering how you can use the best sexual lubricant gel available in the market to meet your needs? Here are a few ways how the use of a water lubricant helps. 

Complements the body's natural lubrication

The only way to determine if you have picked out the right lubricant in India for you is to see if it complements the natural lubrication of your body. It should feel comfortable to use and slippery, without any friction or pain. 

Enhances pleasure

Get the best lubricant in India to enhance your or/and your partner’s pleasure- no matter what form of sexual activity you indulge in! 

Lubricates for better sex

Feel the difference with a more pleasurable and pain-free sensual encounter by using the best Sexual lubricants. It can be helpful especially for masturbation, penetrative sex or anal sex.

Relieves dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common problem encountered for a plethora of reasons extending from hormonal fluctuations, stress to even menopause. Don’t let vaginal dryness put a dry spell on your sexual plans- just buy lubricant instead. 

Provides moisturisation 

Use the Sirona sex lubricant India especally since it provides added moisturisation as it prevents friction. While most sexual lubricants can leave the skin leaving dry once the job is done and the lube has dried up, this keeps the area of use well-moisturised. 


For those who feel unsure about using lube due to its unfamiliar texture, it may come as a relief that this is non-sticky to the touch. It is the best water based lube which does not stain and washes off easily once done. 

Buy your Sirona water based lubricant lube tube in India right here!

How to Use Sexual Lubricants?

Using lubricant is easy- it is just a matter of how much and when- especially in the heat of the moment! It is recommended to get a little practice and experience the texture to get comfortable with how an intimate lube feels. Here’s a walkthrough on how to use lube, especially for first-time users.

Dispense: Make sure that your hands are washed and cleaned. Squeeze out the desired amount of the water based vaginal lubricant onto your hand. Remember, less is more!

Apply: Apply the lubricant gel onto the area that you desire more lubrication on. 

Reapply, if needed: If you feel like it is not enough, squeeze out more and reapply. 

If you plan on using the lube for oral sex, be sure to check the sexual lubricant tube before you begin. Sirona has two flavoured variants compatible for oral sex while the moisturising lube tube is unfit for oral use. 

Best-Selling Sexual Lubricants Price List

If you’re wondering what the lube price is, here’s all the details you need on sexual lubricant price. The water based lubricant price is extremely economical considering its many benefits, making it a must-have in the life of a sexually active individual. However, given the application of a lube for easier menstrual cup insertion, the water based lube price can have further reductions when purchased as part of a combo! 

Listed below are the prices of bestselling sexual lubricants on Sirona:

Shop for Best Sexual Lubricants Online at Sirona

Sirona is the one-stop shop for all your intimate care & sexual wellness needs. Until a few years ago, there was a lot of taboo related to the conversation surrounding sex, discomfort during intercourse and vaginal dryness. However, Sirona recognised the need to fill this gap with innovative products like lube to make the experience pleasurable for all. 

The intimate lubes are affordable and available on the Sirona website for the best prices. They are of high quality and are safe to use internally for vaginal or anal sex. Two of the three variants of lubricants from Sirona are even suitable for oral use during fellatio or cunnilingus. 

Buy Sexual Lubricant and Other Intimate Care Products at Sirona

Like the innovative lube tubes among other intimate care products, Sirona has an extensive range of other products to solve problems for vulva owners available online. We have created an ecosystem of useful products across segments to make people feel comfortable and empowered. 

In addition to Sirona’s range of innovative products including the menstrual cup, sanitary disposal bags and many other solutions for menstruators, we also have services to make menstruators feel more confident in their choices. The intimate care range helps our users feel more confident and clean- in the personal pockets of their daily lives. 

The Feminine Hygiene app is a space where users can shop from our e-commerce platform, interact with the Sisterhood community and read informative blogs on the Intimately Yours blog page. Sirona’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information on various topics pertinent to the lives of people of all ages. 

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Q: What lube is best for pleasure?

This varies based on personal needs, preferences, and experience. Generally, using a water-based lubricant is highly recommended. 

Q: What is the purpose of Sexual lubricant gel?

Sexual lubricant helps eliminate friction and reduce pain or irritation during sexual encounters

Q: Which is better water-based or silicone-based lubricant?

Using a water-based lubricant is preferred over a silicone lubricant as they feel more natural, wash off easily and do not leave behind any residue. If using a condom or sex toys, one should only use a water-based lubricant as the use of silicone-based lubes is incompatible

Q: Can water-based lube cause yeast infections?

No. Sirona water-based lubricants are made in a glycerin-free formulation which reduces the likelihood of causing yeast infections.

Q: How to use lubricant for anal sex?

Dispense the amount of lubricant needed both onto the anal opening as well as onto the toy or appendage to be inserted. Feel free to add more lubricant if there is still any friction.