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Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

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How would you like to be your own guardian protecting yourself from ‘all’ that seems dangerous? You may have had instances where you ran away from certain people fearing a threatening scenario. This is why Sirona did the unthinkable. The launch of a pepper spray to empower the warrior in you!

Sirona Impower pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defence weapon that is curated for everyone, particularly women, when they need to step out of their homes without fear. In a bold move that Sirona came up with, getting a pepper spray online is never a weak choice for you to make.

How to use Self Defence Pepper Spray

No one told you this, but here’s what you need to do when you suspect an unsafe situation. Firstly, be bold. Then do the rest! 

Hold: Hold the pepper spray in your hand with the nozzle facing the assailant. Make sure the nozzle faces towards that direction. 

Protect: Don’t forget to close your eyes, cover your nose and mouth when you need to spray the contents of the bottle.  

Spray: Stretch your arm to the maximum and press the button to spray for 2-3 seconds. 

Run: Once you’ve used the spray, run to a safe space till you get help. 

Benefits of Using Pepper Spray for Personal Safety

From being a guardian on-the-go to leaving no permanent injury, Sirona Impower pepper spray is beyond amazing when it comes to self defence. Take control with this pocket sized life saver!  

Pocket Friendly

These self defence pepper sprays are easy to carry around. It ensures quick accessibility at the time of need. 

One Hand Use

This pocket friendly pepper spray has a good grip and can be used with one hand when you need to use it. 

12 feet range

Ensuring no permanent damage, this pepper spray can work up to 12 feet range. A single spray of this pocket-sized device induces an intense burning sensation in the eyes, teary eyes, breathing difficulty, extreme coughing, and runny nose for 45 minutes, allowing ample time to run for safety.

Handy Design

This pepper spray comes with a handy design, making it convenient for quick actions, without having to worry about losing control. 

Long Nozzle

The long and sleek nozzle of this aerosol bottle releases a perfect stream with effective range of action. 

Shop Different Types of Pepper Spray

Live fearless with Sirona’s Impower pepper sprays designed for self defence. With a pocket sized spray bottle with the effect that covers up to 12 feet, this is the protection you need to step out in peace. 

Pepper Spray

Women’s personal safety being a top priority all over the world, a self-defence aid like Sirona’s Impower pepper spray is just what a woman needs to keep herself safe. 

Green Chilli Spray

The green chilli variant of Sirona’s Impower pepper spray is a handy bottle that can be carried with grip and ease. With up to 12 feet of releasing range, green chilli pepper spray is a must-have in hand bags.

Shop for Best Pepper Spray Online at Sirona

Being one of the most advanced innovations at Sirona, this pepper spray is the best choice you can probably find online in India. Sirona prioritises safety in all manners, hence this product proves to be so! Feel the freedom with Impower pepper spray and get ahead with bold safety moves. 

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Q: How long does a pepper spray last?

Sirona’s pepper spray can last about 45 minutes with severe burning sensation in eyes, excessive tearing, breathing exertion, extreme coughing and a runny nose.

Q: Can pepper spray be used for self-defence?

Yes, Sirona’s Impower pepper spray can be used for self-defence and it is legal in India.

Q: How far can pepper spray reach?

The long nozzle of the spray bottle can release contents up to 12 feet away.

Q: Can pepper spray do permanent damage?

No, Sirona’s pepper spray does not do any permanent damage but can cause high levels of discomfort for the assailant for a period of 45 minutes.

Q: Should I carry pepper spray with me?

If you are a person who feels threatened by certain people, the choice is yours to make. Unfortunately, women fall into the most susceptible group who feels the need to carry this little warrior for guarding themselves.