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Periodic Care Pack

Periodic Care Pack

Instant Relief from Menstrual Cramps | Cool Patches with No Chemical Actives |For Chafing Due to Sanitary Pads, Heavy Thighs, Sports Activities, Waxing and Gymming

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Periodic Care Pack

Periodic Care Pack ₹515₹644


Monthly cycle brings more problems than just heavy blood flow. Two major ones being period cramps and pad rashes in intimate areas. That’s why Sirona brings you a Periodic Care Pack that ensures that these two problems do not bring your down. This pack contains:

  • Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch (Pack of 5): This pain relief patch is a 100% herbal formulation for menstrual and muscular pain. Enriched with the goodness of natural pain relievers: Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil, the patch relaxes your muscles within minutes of application, providing cooling relief from cramps. It is discreet, long-lasting and non-messy. Thus, it can be used at work, home or outdoors.
    A single patch works for 8-12 hours and helps you stay active day and night without depending on pills or hot water bag. It is also recommended for pain in the lower abdomen, back spasms and other muscular pain.
  • Sirona Anti-Chafing Rash Cream: This is India's 1st natural rash cream to safely treat rashes and soreness in intimate areas due to sanitary pads, excessive sweat or rubbing of the skin. It contains Tasmanian Pepper Fruit extracts, Vegetable Squalane and Agarwood oil, which together heal the damaged skin of the inner thighs.
    A 100% natural product with all its ingredients derived from plant sources, it is devoid of any toxic chemicals, has no side effects and is suitable for all skin types as well as for people of all ages.

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RATINGS & REVIEWS (285 Reviews)

The anti chafing cream is extremely good and worth buying

7th Jun, 2023

I just love this product 🤩🤩

Tamasha Shee
16th Sep, 2022

This products works wonders on rashes.. This is my saviour.. Also safe for skin no side effects..

17th Dec, 2021

Very good product. It reduces rashes..and soothes the skin. Just Loved it

12th Dec, 2021

Highly effective remedy does as described

15th Oct, 2021


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