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Blades And Razor For Women

Blades And Razor For Women

Buy Body Hair Removal Razors & Shaving Blade for Women Online in India

If you are someone used to getting a ton of disposable shaving razors for hair removal, then you need to make plans to switch to Sirona’s hair removal razor for ladies. With these 4 blade cartridge razors, shaving off body hair leaves you with a smooth experience. Body hair removal is made so easy that when the blades wear out, you just need to replace the shaving blade  and keep using the razor! With added aloe vera and vitamin lubrication, these shaving razors are what your skin demands. 

Best Features of Body Razors for Women

When it comes to shaving off your body hair, razors have become the new normal for women. We’re here to reveal why you should switch from using wax strips to body razors for women:


  • Razors for women ensure pain-free and hassle-free removal of body hair.

  • Body razors for women give a clean and smooth shave.

  • Stainless steel blades in shaving razors remove even the tiniest of hair.

  • Good quality hair removal razors with ingredients like Aloe Vera don’t leave your skin dry instead keep it moisturised.

  • Using a shaving blade is a quick and time-saving way to get rid of your body hair.

  • Ladies' razors are travel-friendly and portable.

How to Choose Body Shaving Razors for Women 

Maybe you're a first-time user or a frequent user of body razors. But choosing the best razor for women should be considered an instrument you use on your skin, so be wise about the brand you choose! When it comes to choosing body razors for women, features such as anti-grip handles and the ability to remove hair from any part of the body are a must. You’d be making a wise choice with Sirona’s razor blades, being one of the best brands available online.

How to Use Body Razors 

Shaving off body hair is simple with these female razors. Here’s a detailed explanation on how to use Sirona’s shaving razor for women. 

Step 1: Lather the area with soap and water before you start shaving. 

Step 2: Glide the women razor in the direction opposite to the hair growth. 

Step 3: Wash the area and pat it dry. 

Step 4: Soothe your skin with Sirona’s post wax and shave gel to the newly shaved area. 

Shaving Myths and Facts

Ever since women started using hair removal razors for body hair removal, there have been quite a lot of myths surrounding this painless procedure. Well, Sirona busts those myths so you can have a smooth shave, whenever you want it! 

Myth 1 - Your hair grows back thicker and faster. 

Sirona begs to differ! The use of shaving blades for women does not affect hair growth. It is entirely dependent on your hormones and heredity.

Myth 2 - You need to press hard on the razor to get the best results.

Well, if you press harder you’ll end up with a cut! A good razor for women like Sirona’s body razor will not require that ‘strength’ to shave. A smooth glide with gentle pressure will work! 

Myth 3 - Switching to a new razor will give you cuts on the skin. 

In fact, using an old body razor will give you cuts and an unevenly shaved area. As long as  you use a sharp razor with gentle strokes, your skin is not prone to cuts. 

Types of Razors for Women

Being a convenient form of body hair removal, women's shaving razors have gained so much popularity. For many, using a women’s body razor is introduced as a form of hair removal method. To that, your skin needs to thank you for letting in a razor that suits you! 

Disposable Razor

With its aloe vera strip and Swedish stainless steel, Sirona’s aloe boost twin blade disposable razor provides a smooth, hassle-free shave with hydrated skin. It is suitable for use on the arms, legs, bikini line, and underarms. 

Reusable Razor

These high-quality, reusable razors for women provide a smooth shave with added moisturisation. The Swedish stainless steel promotes an effortless shave, while the aloe vera strip hydrates your skin for a long time. The flexible head conforms over tough-to-reach areas and protects your skin from nicks and cuts, providing you with a flawless shaving experience!

Best-Selling Hair Removal Razor for Women & Blades Price List

When choosing a body razor for hair removal, always consider your skin first! Give yourself an unblemished shaving experience with Sirona’s hair removal razors and cartridges for women. Shop for the best shaving razor in India, only at Sirona!


Last Updated: 20th May 2024

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Think no further when you need a solution for body hair removal. Think wise, think Sirona. This brand offers the best shaving razors for women available online, that too at the most reasonable rates you can find in India. Flaunt your smoothly shaved skin with these high-quality body shaving razors for women. 

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Q: Which women razor is best for body shaving?

Sirona’s body razors are the best for body hair removal.

Q: Is it good to remove body hair with a razor?

As long as you are comfortable with body razors, there is no problem in using them. It is a safe and painless way to remove excess body hair.

Q: Will shaving make my skin rough or dark?

When razors for women are used gently on the skin, it does not cause roughness or dark patches. But with the aggressive nature of repeated hair removal in one area, the skin can turn dark over time. Using Sirona’s post-wax and shave gel can soothe and heal your skin.

Q: Can I use this women's razor around the bikini area?

Although it is safe to use these razors for women around the bikini line, Sirona advises you to use the bikini line razors engineered exclusively for this area.

Q: Which shaving gel will be useful to use with this razor?

Sirona’s post-wax and shave gel can be used to soothe and heal newly shaved/waxed skin.