Sirona Aloe Boost 4 Blade Reusable Razor

Aloe Boost for Smooth Arms, Legs, Underarms & Bikini Line | Women Razor

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Problem: Using ordinary razors can cause cuts, nicks and uneven hair removal.

Solution: These top-of-the-line razors consist of an Aloe Vera strip for extra smoothness and stainless steel blades for a closer shave.

Sirona Aloe Boost 4 Blade Razor (Reusable)

● Aloe Vera Strip for extra smoothness
● 4 blade razor for a hair-free skin
● Swedish stainless steel for a closer shave

Sirona’s Aloe-Boost 4 blade razor:

This is a top-of-the line, reusable razor, especially engineered for Indian women, for a
smooth, hassle-free shave. The Swedish Stainless Steel ensures a closer and smoother
shave, while the Aloe Vera strip provides your skin with long-lasting moisturization. Its
flexible head contours over tricky areas effortlessly and helps protect your skin from nicks and cuts, giving you a comfortable and flawless shaving experience!

Arms | Legs | Bikini line | Underarms

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