Our Vision

To break the stigma around menstrual hygiene and redefine femininity for modern times.

Our Mission

To impact our customers’ lives positively by solving unaddressed Intimate & Menstrual Hygiene issues with our innovative & sustainable products. With this, we aim to grow 3x by 2022.

About Us

We are an award-winning product innovation brand, committed to solving those intimate and menstrual hygiene issues for women, which are not adequately addressed in the country.

We craft products which are pioneers in their respective categories. Some of these are:

  • Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patches - India’s 1st herbal pain patches for menstrual cramps 
  • Sirona Oxo-Degradable Disposal Bags - India’s 1st sanitary disposal bags for clean & hygienic disposal of sanitary products 
  • Sirona Anti-Chafing Rash Cream - India’s 1st natural anti-chafing cream for inner thigh rashes
  • PeeBuddy - India’s 1st female urination device for women to give them the freedom to Stand & Pee in unfriendly toilets 
  • PeeBuddy PregRX - World's 1st HCG integrated FUD funnel for testing pregnancy at home  
  • Sirona Ultra-Thin & Natural Black Sanitary Pads - India's 1st natural coloured pads (starting with black, more colours to follow!)

We are also among the first ones to advocate and introduce:
  • Sirona Menstrual Cups, Tampons and Panty Liners (Modern Menstrual Hygiene) 
  • Sirona Underarm Sweat Pads, Maternity Breast Pads & Intimate Wet Wipes 
  • Sirona Intimate Wash (pH balanced - Natural - No Chemical Actives)
  • Sirona Therapeutic Body Wash
  • BodyGuard range by Sirona (Anti-pollution / Mosquito products)

Our Soul

While we are committed to solving feminine hygiene issues for our customers, at heart - Sirona stands for healing social, class and gender disparities that have divided the world sharply into the haves and the have-nots. Drawing inspiration from the struggle the marginalised undergo, Sirona collaborates with different social groups and NGOs to empower lives and spread happiness across the world. Hence, we keep aside certain amount from every product sale to fund unique pay-it-forward campaigns. 

Our Values

1) Our Motto - Wow Our Customers & Embrace Feedback - 24x7

We understand the importance of people’s trust and their safety, and are thus a customer-driven company | We strive for people to appreciate our products and services. For this, we actively solicit feedback to improve our offerings constantly | We are highly receptive to customers’ concerns/ queries and don’t stop until we address them to their satisfaction. 

2) Our Guiding Philosophy – Innovation, Positivity & Integrity

We enjoy solving issues faced by customers by working on new solutions. Staying transparent and supportive of each other, we ensure to create a happy environment for all. We don’t pull each other down like crabs but help one another prosper. 

3) Our Working Style - Treat everyone with respect 

  • Team Members - We are always helpful, thoughtful and respectful | We believe in identifying and nurturing talent, at all costs.
  • Self - No subservient attitude | Complete equality for all. Customers - We listen | We help and resolve issues - We know it’s not over till it’s OVER
  • Vendors - We value vendors as our “partners in progress” | We don't make them wait
  • Company - We generate returns and long-term value | We shun wastage
  • Environment & Society - We believe in sustainable practices | We pay it forward
  • Shareholders - We believe in value and profit maximization for our investors

4) Our Commitment to Ourselves - Believe in Ethical Business Growth

  • We under commit and over deliver
  • No Malpractices
  • Trust. Transparency. Respect
  • No Unethical Growth Practices

Awards & Recognitions