Pick These Facial Razors Online From Sirona and Shave Effortlessly

If you have dreaded those god-awful salon trips that include threading and painful hair removal, we have got your back. The Sirona Blink and Glow Facial Razor are ideal for removing hair from the eyebrows, forehead, upper lip and light facial hair. Remove hair on your face effortlessly and in a jiffy with this reusable face razor for women online. It has a stainless steel blade with a fine-tooth protection guard to avoid cuts and give glowing hairless skin without any hassle. All you need to do is clean and moisturise the area to be shaved and carefully the blade against the direction of hair growth. After use, wash it, let it dry and put it back for next time. You can also purchase this Aloe Boost Twin Blade Disposable Razor to use on your arms, legs, bikini line and underarms. It comes with an aloe vera strip for extra smoothness and a Swedish stainless steel blade for a closer shave. Check out the Tip-To-Toe Shaving Kit that consists of reusable razors online, including the Blink and Glow Razor and Aloe Boost Disposable Razor for overall smoother skin. If you are looking to get rid of your facial hair, try the Facial 3-in-1 Hair Removal Kit with a tweezer to pluck the hair, an eyebrow razor to shape brows and a face razor for women to eliminate peach fuzz.

Sirona Has The Best Feminine Hygiene Products Online

Apart from razors for women, Sirona’s Hair Removal range also includes a talc-free Hair Removal Cream to remove hair from the bikini area, underarms, legs and arms by dissolving them and giving you hair-free skin for a longer time. Our Personal Care Products collection includes Maternity Breast Pads for a hassle-free breastfeeding experience. It provides discreet protection from continuous dampness. You can also have a look at our Intimate Care Products that include a pH balanced Intimate Wash to keep your vaginal area clean and odour-free at all times. Made from all-natural ingredients, this natural wash prevents infection and irritation of the skin. Sirona’s collection of Period Care consists of some best selling Menstrual Cups that are leak-proof and collect blood for up to 8 hours. The best part is, these reusable menstrual cups last for 10 years, which make them truly sustainable and user-friendly. Choose Sirona for the most convenient and long-lasting feminine hygiene products made from sustainable materials!

Why Shop From Sirona?

Sirona is an Indian brand that makes easy-to-use and innovative female hygiene products. We offer a wide range of products pertaining to specific situations such as Period Care, Toilet Hygiene, Personal Care and Intimate Care. our range of products caters to the needs of womxn from the beginning of puberty to the end of menopause and everything in between! You can rely on our sustainable approach to making these environmentally conscious products using premium ingredients for your safety. Our goal to make feminine hygiene a normally discussed topic in conversation can be seen by our awareness programs and social efforts.


Which shaving razor is the best for ladies?

When it comes to shaving the hair in your face, you need to go with a premium stainless steel facial razor such as the one available on Sirona’s website. For full body hair removal, you can go for an Aloe Boost Twin Blade Razor for effortless shaving. It ensures minimum cuts and a clean shave to make sure even the smallest of hair is removed. 

Does face razor increase hair growth?

Shaving doesn’t increase the growth, thickness or even the colour. It is a common myth that shaving causes hair to become coarser and darker, which is just not true.

Which razor is best for ladies' facial hair?

The Sirona Facial Razor is made from stainless steel for reducing cuts and hassles while shaving. It has a sleek anti-grip handle made from wheat straw and ABS plastic. Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for removing hair from your face.