Check Pregnancy At Home With Innovative PeeBuddy PregRx!

A pregnancy test kit doesn’t work immediately when going to the restroom. Usually, it would help if you waited for a few minutes before seeing the results. But what if you have a pregnancy kit that serves the purpose within a few seconds? Many women are looking for fast solutions to check their pregnancy at home, in a fun and non-invasive way, solutions that don't require any visits to uncomfortable doctors' offices or submitting urine samples at laboratories. Sirona’s PeeBuddy PregRx is designed for this need – to help expecting mothers check their pregnancy status at home in an utterly fuss-free manner. In addition, our best pregnancy early test relieves the mental stress of wondering whether you're pregnant while being easy to use and offering accurate results within 90 seconds.

The PeeBuddy PregRx hCG integrated funnel has got innovative pregnancy test strips that measures the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine of pregnant women. This easy-to-use personal test kit uses only a small urine sample for testing and gives results within 90 seconds.

Buy Sirona’s PeeBuddy PregRx  Online– The Best Solution To Check Your Pregnancy At Home

The next generation of home pregnancy tests is here! You can check for pregnancy in the comfort and privacy of your own home with our PeeBuddy Pregx test kit. We believe in a better way to do everything, and now we present the world's first hCG integrated funnel - pee buddy PregRX.  It’s a kind of product that is extensively researched by our expert medical panel.  Now no more dropping of pee on sticks, no more errors, no more fooling around for precise testing. Simply open the funnel and, place it at a right angle & pee down there. The magic starts instantly with color-changing indicating pregnancy in 90 seconds. Discard away and enjoy a sigh of relief. Our best pregnancy test kit doesn't require any voluminous cups, droppers, or complicated cassettes. All you need to do is,  use the funnel and check the color change on the strip instantly.


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1. How does a pregnancy test kit work?

Pregnancy tests detect the human chorionic gonadotrophin produced by the placenta around 6 days after fertilization.

2. How early can a home pregnancy test kit detect pregnancy?

Pregnancy tests vary in their ability to detect a pregnancy. However, most at-home tests will give you a positive result 10 days after conception.

3. Which pregnancy test kit is best?

Sirona PeeBuddy PregRx that comes with pregnancy strips is the best pregnancy test kit as it is the world’s first hCG integrated funnel for detecting your pregnancy within 90 seconds.