BodyGuard Baby Diaper Disposal Bags - 90 Bags

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BodyGuard Baby Diaper Disposal Bags

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Disposing your baby’s diapers carelessly in polybags or newspaper has many implications on the environment. BodyGurad by Sirona brings to you these disposable bags, which are oxo-biodegradable as well as tamper-proof. These keep the garbage out of reach of stray animals and help maintain a protective barrier against the spread of disease-causing micro-organisms. This in turn saves the environment and thousands of lives, particularly those of rag-pickers from catching infection, who have to separate out soiled napkins from recyclable items by hand on a daily basis. Thus they are a sustainable disposal option. 

Easy to Carry 

With a baby on board, one has to carry a big bag of baby stuff everywhere one goes. For Diaper Disposal Bags, there is no need to save extra space as these are easy to carry, come in a very compact size and can fit in any side pocket of your bag. 

No More Black Plastic Bags or Newspapers 

These bags solve the problem of finding a newspaper or black plastic poly bags which are super harmful to the environment. This protects the waste pickers from any chances of catching a disease. 


Diaper Disposal Bags are made with oxo-biodegradable material, which gets degraded biologically into bits and powdered form. Once decomposed, it doesn’t leave any fragments behind. 


These bags come with in-built glue strip to effectively secure the trash inside. Moreover, its material is entirely leak-proof and spill-proof and gives you complete surety while disposing of anything. 

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