Because nothing should make you compromise on your hygiene.

At Sirona we are committed towards an exclusive objective, i.e. creating products and driving conversations around the feminine hygiene problems. Simply put, our existence, innovations and solutions begin with your issues and end at your overall wellbeing.

Yes, we solve all your unaddressed problems from Puberty to Menopause.



We are trying to cover it all.


To break the stigma around menstrual hygiene and redefine femininity for modern times.


To impact the lives of women positively, by offering products that solve unaddressed feminine hygiene issues and share 'unbiased' information that empowers them to take the right decision.


In 2014, Deep Bajaj, co-founder of Sirona, went on a road trip with friends. While en route, the women searched relentlessly for a clean toilet. Only 1 in 5 met the hygiene standards.

One of the ladies reflected on the fact that how in Europe a plastic device is used to urinate in dirty toilets and thus, PeeBuddy was born. Between then and now, the urination funnel has sold over 30,00,000 units. A feat we are humbly proud of!

Soon Deep also started identifying other unaddressed hygiene problems faced by women. And that’s how Sirona came into being.

What makes us different:

Community & Education: We drive conversations that question the cultural construct around feminine hygiene, to ensure women make informed decisions for their holistic wellbeing.

Social Responsibility: The Sirona Hygiene Foundation provides the underprivileged with products and education regarding menstrual health and hygiene, thereby empowering women at the grassroot level.

Environmental Responsibility: We are aware of the problems plaguing the planet, and therefore make continued efforts to ensure our products and packaging have minimum impact on the environment.

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Menstrual cups Sold


PeeBuddy funnels sold


Menstrual cups donated


Pads saved from going into landfills



If you are at it, you will crack it!

What started as a task to solve problems faced by women in my family, has turned into my life's mission— to solve unaddressed intimate, menstrual and toilet hygiene issues faced by over 400 million women in our country. Today, our innovative products are making a difference in customers' lives in India as well as globally. We have sold over 600,000 Sirona Menstrual Cups and over 30,00,000 PeeBuddy Urination Device, and it is an extremely humbling experience for us as a team.

Moreover, we are acutely aware of our position of privilege, and thus are equally committed towards the goal of ending period poverty. We contribute Re 1 per product sold towards social initiatives towards that improve menstrual health of underprivileged women across India.

Every single day, we strive to be an organization which is driven by right set of values, loves its customers, inspires its team-members, delivers value to stakeholders, and cares for the society and the environment.

For this and much more, I am eternally grateful to you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Deep Bajaj

CEO & Co-Founder, Sirona Hygiene


Sirona contributes ₹1 per product sold towards initiatives that improve
menstrual health of underprivileged women across India.



Economic Times 'Startup of the year' 2019 (Social Inclusion)

Limca Book
of Records 2015

Deep & Mohit Bajaj Fortune 40 Under 40 List

ET Innovation Award Inclusive Growth 2019

Winner ET Now Lufthansa Runway to Success - Season 5

Deep Bajaj ET 40 under 40 List (Economic Times)

National Entrepreneurship Award 2019 Winner

Tie, Spirits of manufacturing Awards 2019


“Employing the best ingredients in its innovative products, it focuses on preventive hygiene policy”.

Sirona has women’s hygiene at its core.

“Sirona aims to break the stigma around menstrual hygiene with innovative products”

Sirona’s free cup distribution drives have helped rural women in India, Nepal and Malawi to switch to cups.

“Sirona has been solving these issues through innovative products that bridge the gap," Neelesh Bhatnagar, chairman, NB Ventures, Dubai

“In terms of performance, Sirona stands out as one of the few profitable start-ups”

Sirona’s CSR initiative for Sex workers of Garstin Bastion road, covered by Sunday Guardian.

“One of the first Indian companies to have introduced a more modern & sustainable approach towards menstrual hygiene”