Say Goodbye To Painful Periods With Sirona’s Pain Relief Patch

All women are aware of awful period cramps that stop you in your tracks and make you binge eat a tub of ice cream. But you can’t afford to stay in bed when you have loads of work to do. Try Sirona’s herbal Pain Patch that is made with 100% natural ingredients and makes your period cramps vanish. It is enriched with the goodness of natural pain relievers like menthol and eucalyptus oil that relax your muscles and ease menstrual pain. These cooling patches for pain can be used even if you experience pain in the lower abdomen, back spasms and other forms of muscular pain. Once you apply the patch on the area of pain, the oils start releasing in a controlled manner and provide you relief for up to 10 hours. Sirona’s pain relief patch online is made with all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful side effects. It is also chemical-free so you can continue with your regular chores without any changes in your metabolism. If you are new to period cramps and have never used a period pain patch before, you can use these patches by Sirona that relax your muscles without any mess. It is easy to carry and you can even wear it outdoors as it sticks nicely to your body under your clothes. Sirona’s cooling patches for period pain are a 100% herbal formulation that is sure to provide you relief during your monthly cycles. 

Pick Sirona For Easy-To-Use Feminine Hygiene Products

Apart from the best pain relief patch for periods, Sirona also offers amazing Period Care Products to make managing your menstrual cycles a whole lot easier. Check out the Sirona Menstrual Cup that efficiently collects blood without leaks or stains. You can get a medium and large cup as per your flow. Skip the constant dampness, rashes and chance of infection with a more hygienic and sustainable way to handle periods. These reusable menstrual cups last for about 10 years and can be easily cleaned by heating or using our Menstrual Cup Sterilizer. If you are new to the concept of menstrual cups, you can start by using our super absorbent Tampons that are biodegradable and easy to insert into the vagina. These highly discreet tampons fit easily into your pocket and save you from the uncomfortable wet sensation. 

Take care of your intimate area with Sirona’s range of Intimate Products Online including refreshing intimate washes, wet wipes for the road, anti-chafing cream, underarm sweat pads and many more. The Intimate Care Combo takes care of all your intimate hygiene problems in a jiffy! You can also find useful Personal Care Products to manage dry or excessively oily skin with our naturally sourced face wash, body wash, lotion and other products suitable for all skin types. 

Why Shop From Sirona?

Sirona is India’s top feminine hygiene brand that is committed to making womxn’s lives easier. We are known and trusted by our customers to formulate 100% natural and sustainably sourced products free of chemicals for your safety. Sirona aims to spread awareness about all kinds of hygiene issues faced by women and dismiss the taboos regarding periods. Through our products, we ensure all women can comfortably manage their menstrual cycles and all the problems that come with them, from puberty to menopause. Made with high-quality premium materials, our products will never fail to impress you and make you come back for more!


Are pain patches anti-inflammatory?

Menthol extracts present in the period patches have anti-inflammatory properties that provide a cooling sensation while eucalyptus oil relieves pain.

What to Know About Prescription Pain-Relief Patches?

Prescription pain relief patches must be taken only with the advice of a doctor. These come with some side effects which you need to keep in mind. Otherwise, you can go for herbal pain relief patches to avoid side effects. 

How do you use period pain relief patches?

All you need to do is pull the patch out of the packet and apply it to the area of pain.